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Who am I?

I'm Amanda, a blogger, adventure-seeker, and influencer from northeast Ohio. With degrees in journalism and tourism management and more than 10 years of blogging and social media experience under my belt, I offer a unique skill set to brands and destinations interested in reaching an engaged audience of travel enthusiasts.

A Dangerous Business is an established brand that frequently makes lists of top travel blogs in the world. In 2021, A Dangerous Business was awarded the Gold Award for Best Travel Blog in the 2020-21 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition, which is hosted annually by the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

Amanda in Cleveland

I'm also a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)
  • Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

Who is my audience?

A Dangerous Business produces content to appeal to a Millennial and Gen X audience who live “normal” lifestyles (with careers and mortgages), but who want to see the world and maximize their vacation time.

My audience comes from the following regions:

My audience is roughly 70% female, and the age breakdown is as follows:

In a recent survey of ADB readers, 55% travel 2-4 times per year, and 88% take trips that range from 1-14 days on average. 60% of readers surveyed reported that they travel on an “average/moderate budget.”


Current site stats as of October 25, 2022:

Average monthly visitors: 150,000+
Average monthly page views: 200,000+
DA: 54
Facebook fans: 36,000+
Instagram followers: 33,000+
Twitter followers: 29,000+
Pinterest followers: 18,000+ (with more than 1.5M monthly views)
Newsletter subscribers: 6,000+

Readers of A Dangerous Business are purchasers, too. Every month (in pre-pandemic times), A Dangerous Business helps drive more than $30,000 in sales to its affiliate partners. 

To learn more about my readers and website stats, please download a copy of my media kit.


A Dangerous Business has partnered with dozens of destinations and travel brands since 2011. Content produced from these campaigns has reached millions of interested readers.

Notable campaigns (along with an example post from each partnership) have included:

I'm also open to social media-only campaigns and partnerships, and can provide examples of those upon request.

Selected case studies

Here are some more details on a few of the partnerships listed above. This should give a realistic expectation of what kind of coverage and reach you can expect from a partnership with A Dangerous Business. (Note: The pageview number is updated over time to reflect lifetime pageviews.)

Scottsdale blogger campaign

December 2019

St. George and Zion trip

December, 2017

Seychelles trip

November, 2017

What I Can Offer During Partnerships

If we partner up, here are some of the things I can offer as part of my coverage:

  • Social media coverage during trip/experience (including mentions on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram photos, stories, Reels, etc., and use of a hashtag if appropriate)
  • An agreed-upon number of blog posts after the trip/experience, complete with photos
  • Photo and video content (at an extra cost)

Want to learn more? Please contact me to see examples or discuss possible partnership opportunities with A Dangerous Business at [email protected].

Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on A Dangerous Business in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation somewhere in the post. I will not talk badly about your competitors in any review, post, or discussion under any circumstance, and I do not guarantee positive coverage

Please also refer to my Environmental Disclosure for my personal pledges about sustainable travel. From 2020 onward, I will be donating at least 1% of all paid marketing campaign fees to organizations and projects helping to fight climate change around the world.

2022-23 Travel Plans

If you represent a destination or travel-related company in any of the areas listed above (or even any others!), please get in touch to discuss possible partnerships.

Note: I do NOT accept sponsored posts written by third parties. Please do not send me pitches for guest posts.

The Fine Print

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in line with FTC guidelines.

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18 Comments on “Work With Me

  1. Hi Amanda! I just found your blog (I wish I had found it sooner) and am an American living in Leeds, England right now. I see that you are coming to the UK next month, and then Europe afterwards. We are moving to Bucharest, Romania at the end of September and then planning to travel the world in February. I’m not sure where this could go, but I would really love to connect with you. I had my own company when I lived in the states teaching grown ups how to play like kids again, We Play Everywhere….which then morphed into a lot of corporate gigs and coaching. You can check me out here:

    I’m sure you are very busy, but I really hope that we can connect virtually soon? Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Hi Amanda, I just came across your site and it’s a good one. Like us, you’re a world traveler. New Zealand we call our paradise and have spent the last 9 years going there for six to nine months at a time. We call it our personal paradise. We’ll be going to Ireland on a planned tour in August and then proceed to Scotland and drive around that country for 10 days. We will be fortunate enough to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. In November, we’ll be doing a Safari in the Serengeti. This will be our third trip to Africa, the first two to South Africa (Bostwana, Zimbabwe, Kruger Park). In May of next year (2017), we’re return to New Zealand and I’ll go to Australia for three weeks. I have a friend there that wants to take me on the back-roads of the outback. Can’t wait for that. I have a web site with our travels too. Not quite as extensive as yours but hopefully you’ll find the time to take a look at it.
    Good luck in your travels and I’ll be reading over your extensive web site. Kind regards

    Hi Amanda,
    I would love to hook up Walkapocket w/ a traveler like you! Walkapocket is light weight, breathable, worn over or under shirts & jackets, carries your essentials, fits all phone sizes, comes w/ a Paper Pocket to keep your ID, cash, credit cards separate, all-in-all a great travel accessory. I have many happy travel customers including myself. Please check out my Made in San Diego CA products: Walkapocket also has a FB page.
    I am a small biz, sell thru my website and by word of mouth.
    Hope to hear from you and everyone else that follows you!!! Thanks, Cathy

    I wanna be ur partner, helper, or a guard on ur travels around the world. It’s always been my dream to do what you’ve been doing for work! You’re very lucky 😉

      I’m flattered! Unfortunately I already have a boyfriend who often does those things for me! 🙂 But if travel is what you want to do, you should get out there and do it!

    Please feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]), as that’s really the best way to chat about this sort of thing!

    Hi, I would love to work with you,am fond of travelling and adventure too.The only barrier is writing on latop,that too in English,ahhh. If there is any thing to do in Hindi,count me in.

    Dear Amanda,

    I am fascinated by your blog. I am currently in the organizing phase of a visual arts project called “around the world in 80 skydives”. We seek to travel to 80 of the world’s most well known natural and constructed sites and skydive over them. We want to create a documentary, a photojournal, and other visual art works such as paintings. I seek to put together a team of diverse skill-sets. Among the skillsets I’m trying to put together is a group of hardy travellers who can act as consultant in our travel and help us figure out some of the travel logistics of our journey. If you have any interest in such a project don’t hesitate to reply and I would love to chat more with you.

    How about visiting India sometime !!!
    Inspirational stuff on your blog…..worth reading
    keep it up 🙂

      One of these days hopefully I will!

    Hi Amanda,

    My name is Joe Calderon and I’m in the process of launching a new travel service called PAQCITY.

    We’re planning on launching our service next month and I wanted to get some quick feedback from you about my toiletry delivery service. Just wanted to get your thoughts about our service and see if there might be a way we could partner up in the future.

    Feel free to check out our launch page at:

    Thank you 🙂



      Hi Joe. I just tried sending an e-mail to the address you listed with this comment, but it bounced back to me! Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] if you’d like.

    Your website has so many engaging travel stories and reviews, it really is an incredible resource for travelers! People traveling to/through New York City could find a site like dangerously useful with its “book online” button under various unique food tours (such as the Ahoy! food tour you went on) and other adventurous activities in NYC.

    I found your website after trying to get ready for a summer in Germany. It’s a shame ill miss you or get your tips. I leave July 1st and come back the 6th of September. I’ll defiantly share my little finds with you. I’m not traveling with itinerary so I could end up in Paris for the weekend or go to Austria the following weekend. Although I’m going to a small town for a month to live with family I won’t hold back in traveling. You also inspired me to share my trip in a bigger way than just a Facebook photo album ;). Hope you have an amazing time in Western Europe ( I already went to Italy for 10 days and Germany for 18 days!) I hope to plan more! Happy Traveling!!!

      Have a great time! And good luck sharing your adventure.

    I have just completed a book of poems, all of them set on Inis Mor, Galway. I need some photos for between each poem. I like your shot of the cliffs by Dun Angus. I am a published author (sounds a bit pompous as I’m relatively unknown!) and I run workshops on how one finds one’s purpose, passion and calling in life. I live in Australia with my Balinese wife, and we are currently focusing on trying to reduce suicide among young people. First here then hopefully, back in Ireland. I’m currently planning on putting better videos up on Youtube and my website. I’m hopeless at promoting myself and need help!!! Why do I contact you? Because you are clearly following your heart. That is what I teach, that is the solution for a million suicidal people of all ages, find and follow your calling. I won’t rave. Good Luck. Brian O’Raleigh.

      It definitely sounds like you are following your own passion, too, Brian! Good on you. Your message is a very important one.

      If you want to chat more (either about using one of my photos, or some help/coaching on promoting yourself), feel free to drop me an e-mail – [email protected] .

      Yes..I was always told if you follow your passion in will always work out.