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If you want to get in touch with me, that's great! I love hearing from readers. Just please keep in mind that I receive hundreds of emails per week, and therefore would appreciate it if you would respect The Inbox.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means only emailing me with actual messages or questions.

Before sending me an email, please first:

  • Read my About Me page or FAQ page if you have questions about me or this blog.
  • Read my Work With Me page if you're interested in hiring me.
  • Check out my Destinations page or do a quick site search using the box in the top right of every page to see if I've already written something to answer your question.

And please take note of the following before filling out a contact form:

  • I do not publish guest posts.
  • I do not publish sponsored posts written by third parties.
  • I do not participate in link swaps or exchanges, and do not sell link placements.
  • I do not write reviews of apps, websites, products, or any other kind of travel startups.
  • I do not want free product in return for an Instagram post.
  • I don't usually meet up with strangers for coffee so they can “pick my brain” about blogging – this is why I speak at conferences instead!

If you contact me about guest posts, sponsored posts, or link placements/swaps, your email will most likely be deleted without a response.

For all relevant emails/messages, I do try to reply to them all, but note that this can take some time. Please bear with me.

You can email me at adangerousbusiness[at]gmail[dot]com, or fill in the contact form below.