3-Day Trip Itineraries

While it would be lovely if we could all travel for weeks or even months at a time to fully immerse ourselves in new cities and countries, that's simply not realistic for most people. I understand the struggle of balancing the desire to go everywhere with limited vacation time.

I fully believe you can fit travel into whatever lifestyle your currently have – even if that lifestyle only gives you a couple weeks of vacation time each year. (Read my tips for how to make the most of limited vacation time, too.)

I'm a big fan of long weekend trips and even short weekend breaks that you can still pack a lot into. And that has lead me to writing a lot of 3-day guides (AKA long weekend getaway guides) for destinations all around the world.

Whether it's a weekend getaway or mid-week vacation, I've got you covered with city breaks and other short holiday itineraries and ideas.

Weekend getaway itineraries

(Note: While most of these are 3-day itineraries, you may also find some 2-day and 5-day posts thrown in, too.)

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