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Because people seem to love packing lists (and since I love lists in general), you can find all my travel-related posts and specific packing lists here.


Amanda and Pacsafe in the Faroe Islands

Travel Essentials: The Top 12 Things I Can’t Travel Without

These are the things I ALWAYS pack, no matter where I'm going or how long I'm traveling.

Amanda with a camera

A Peek Inside My Camera Bag: My Favorite Travel Photography Gear

A look at all the gear I use to take the photos you see on this site.

Amanda in rain gear in Ireland

What NOT to Pack: 12 Things You Probably Never Need to Pack

Here are 12 things that you likely don't ever need to pack for travel.

The Best Luggage and Bags for Travel

My picks for the best bags to travel with, from backpacks to rolling luggage and everything else in between.

The best travel shoes

The Quest to Find the Perfect Travel Shoe

A look at all my favorite travel-friendly footwear (for women). These are all shoes I personally own and travel with!

In-Flight Essentials to Make Long Flights Suck Less

These items should hopefully help make your next long flight a little less awful.


These destination-specific packing lists should help you prepare for any trip!

North America

USA Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack for a US Road Trip

All the essentials you'll want to take with you on a road trip around the United States. I road trip in the US a lot, and this list includes all my must-haves.

South America

What to Pack for a Galapagos Cruise (+ Full Galapagos Packing List)

Going on a Galapagos cruise? Here's what you definitely do (and don't) need to pack, whether you're going for just a couple days or a week or more!


What to Pack for a River Cruise in Europe

After my first river cruise down the Danube, I put together this packing list for anyone going on a similar vacation. This is perfect for any sort of river cruise in Europe, and can be tweaked for any season.

Packing for a Trip to Iceland (in Winter or Summer)

I've now visited Iceland twice in the winter, so this is the ultimate guide for what to pack for the Land of Fire and Ice if you're visiting during the winter months!

What to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

This sample packing list should cover you for just about any season in Ireland.

Packing for a Trip to Northern Norway (in Winter)

Going to Tromso or Alta to try to see the Northern Lights? Here's everything you'll need to stay warm and comfortable in Northern Norway in winter.

What to Pack for Backpacking Around Europe

I headed to Europe for 8 weeks in summer 2012, hitting up Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the UK — meaning lots of different types of weather! Here's what to pack.


What to Wear in Morocco: A Complete Morocco Packing Guide for Women

Planning a trip to Morocco and want to know how to dress respectfully but still be comfortable and cute? Then this Morocco packing guide is for you!

Can I Wear Capris in Egypt? (Or a Complete Egypt Packing Guide for Women)

Yes, Egypt is safe to visit right now. And yes, it's a more conservative country, meaning that if you're visiting (and especially if you're visiting as a woman), you want to be mindful of what you wear. This packing lists covers all the dos and don'ts.

What to Pack for an Overland Trip in Southern Africa

Overlanding is, in my opinion, the best way to see and experience much of Africa. This post details what to pack for an overland trip in Southern Africa.


Packing for a Trip to New Zealand

This list is for a spring trip, but could easily be tweaked to apply to any time of year in New Zealand. (Hint: take lots of layers. And a rain coat.)


Packing for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia seems like it would be easy to pack for: hot temperatures and plenty of beaches. But don't forget that many countries in this part of the world are slightly more conservative. Check out what I packed for 6 weeks in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.


Packing for Summer and Winter in One Trip

It's bound to happen eventually if you travel often — the dreaded multi-season trip, where you have to pack for more than one climate in just one bag. Here's how I fared packing for a trip to both Scotland (in winter) and tropical Belize in one go!

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  1. I am going to Italy in September and plan to be walking A LOT! I really need some shoes that will be comfortable wearing all day and are also cute! Do you have any recommendations? I plan on taking some casual dresses and will try to stick to clothes that would match black shoes. I would love some suggestions!

      All of my shoe suggestions are listed on this page, and in this post: I guess it depends if you’re looking for a sandal, a boot, a flat, etc. Maybe the Naturalizer boots I mention in my “best travel shoes” blog post would be worth checking out – I wore those in Europe last autumn!

    Enjoyed your blog, amazing pictures. You must be living the dreams of many around the globe

    Great list, thanks for sharing. I especially like the pack back selection.

    Thank you for SUCH a helpful list! I bought quite a few things off this list. I’m going my first solo trip this May (I’m cheating a little though, since I’m spending most of the trip with Intrepid) and I’m trying to figure out what I’ll need. Anyway, I trust your opinion and this list saved me a lot of work. Thanks again!!

      My pleasure, Ying! I hope you have a great time! (And Intrepid is great!)

    Amanda, you also recommended the ZeroLemon recharger. Does that and ones like it, the myBlock power charger above, survive in NZ under dual voltage? If I recharge the ZeroLemon for example in my hotel room instead of the sun, will it make it under NZ’s higher voltage?

      Most electronics these days can handle worldwide voltages, so both of the power banks I’ve mentioned will work anywhere in the world. These days, the only items that you still have to be careful of with voltage are things like hair dryers and curling irons.

    Did you use the Kelty Redwing 44 backpack when you did the Haggis “Highland Fling” adventure tour? I’ve booked the 10-day tour and am figuring out what size of backpack or rollaboard to take with me. I’m so excited to visit Scotland! What worked for you?

      For that trip I used a 60-liter REI bag (my very first backpack!), though I was traveling for 8 weeks total on that trip. If you’re only going for 10 days, the Kelty would be perfect! (Though I should point out that I also used my Kelty for a 6-week trip in Asia – when you pack light and re-wear outfits, you can fit a LOT in a relatively tiny space!)

    Looks like we have similar tastes – I love that Osprey Farpoint 40L!

      Osprey makes some really, really great bags!