27 Photos from Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

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When it comes to modes of travel, I definitely have my favorites. Driving a car gives you the freedom to do and see what you want. Flying gets you places fast. Buses can be a good alternative to both driving and flying.

But my absolute favorite mode of transport? Definitely TRAINS.

I've traveled by train on four different continents – I've traveled through Eastern Europe by train, enjoyed scenic trains in New Zealand, taken overnight trains in Asia, and even rode the Harry Potter train in Scotland.

There's just something about train travel – maybe the rhythmic sound of wheels on track, or the gentle rocking that often lulls me to sleep, or the fact that railway tracks often take you through some of the best scenery. Whatever it is, I absolutely love this form of travel.

And in September, I got to experience the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer train into the Canadian Rockies.

Rocky Mountaineer train

The Rocky Mountaineer is one for bucket lists – it's a luxury train with glass-domed cars that chugs along at a leisurely pace through some of Canada's most striking scenery. You enjoy local wine, multi-course meals, entertaining commentary, and some outstanding service – if you can stay in your seat long enough (I myself was constantly up and down to take in the amazing view).

The Rocky Mountaineer is not the quickest way to see western Canada. And it's certainly not the cheapest, either. But damn, is it special.

Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

I did a modified 7-day itinerary in late September with Rocky Mountaineer. I took the Coastal Passage route from Seattle to Vancouver, had a couple days to explore Vancouver, and then spent two days on the Rocky Mountaineer's First Passage to the West route, with a free day in Lake Louise at the end.

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And all I can say is… WOW. What a unique way to experience Canada! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite photos from this trip.

My Rocky Mountaineer Adventure in Photos

View from aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
As we left Vancouver, we were met with lots of greenery and lakes.
View from the Rocky Mountaineer
The historic Kilby General Store, seen from the tracks.
The Rocky Mountaineer traveling through Fraser Canyon
The highlight of Day 1 of the First Passage to the West route was definitely chugging through Fraser Canyon, with great views and lots of short tunnels.
View from aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
The west coast of Canada has a very temperate climate, and is therefore really green.
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Inside one of the Rocky Mountaineer's Gold Leaf dome cars.
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Heading for a bridge in Fraser Canyon.
Rainbow Canyon
Rainbow Canyon! The landscape is starting to change.
Views from the Rocky Mountaineer
Not so green anymore the further east you go!
The Rocky Mountaineer alongside Kamloops Lake
Following the tracks along Kamloops Lake.
Kamloops Lake, British Columbia
Kamloops Lake
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
This part of British Columbia is almost desert-like in scenery!
Sunrise over the Rocky Mountaineer
Sunrise in Kamloops.
Views from aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Some more lake views from the train.
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer at Craigellachie
Passing through Craigellachie, the spot where the last spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Views from the Rocky Mountaineer train

Fall colors seen from aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Late September is the perfect time to be in this part of Canada to see fall colors!
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Finally starting to see mountains!
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer in British Columbia
These views – GUH!

Views from the Rocky Mountaineer

Scenery along the Rocky Mountaineer route
Getting ever closer to the Rockies…
The Rocky Mountaineer alongside the Kicking Horse River
Heading into another canyon alongside the Kicking Horse River.

Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Canadian Rockies as seen from the Rocky Mountaineer
In the Rocky Mountains at last!
Canadian Rockies as seen from the Rocky Mountaineer
The views just keep getting better.

Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer in the Canadian Rockies

Field, British Columbia
Passing through the tiny town of Field, BC.
Cathedral Mountain in Yoho National Park
A glimpse of Cathedral Mountain through the trees.


These photos sum up my trip in a way that words simply cannot. From the views out over the train from the bi-level, glass-domed car I rode in (the ones that make it look like I'm sitting on top of the train), to the vibrant yellows of autumn, to the lakes and mountains and quickly-changing landscapes of western Canada, it was a truly incredible journey.

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Is a train journey like this on YOUR bucket list?


Photos taken aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train


*Note: I was a guest of Rocky Mountaineer on this trip. But, as always, all opinions (and photos) are my own!

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m lucky that I live in Alberta now so I get to see this scenery quite often.

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