Canada Travel Guide

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, made up of ten unique provinces and three territories. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and variety of cultures, Canada is an incredible destination with so much to offer.

Canada quick facts

  • Population: 37.6 million
  • Language: English and French (mainly in Quebec)
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Capital city: Ottawa
  • Country size: 3.8 million square miles
  • High season: Summer

Top 10 things to do in Canada

  1. Take a stunning road trip through Alberta
  2. Get the best of city life and nature in Vancouver, BC
  3. Visit Niagara Falls in Ontario
  4. Try traditional cuisine like poutine in Quebec
  5. Get your cowboy on at the Calgary Stampede
  6. Visit Ottawa during the International Tulip Festival
  7. Enjoy fresh lobster rolls in Nova Scotia
  8. Hike the incredible West Coast Trail in British Columbia
  9. See polar bears in the wild in Manitoba
  10. Hunt for the the Northern Lights

Getting around

One of the best ways to see Canada is by car. Canada is perfect for road trips, with routes like the Icefields Parkway and Cabot Trail that highlight the country’s natural beauty. (Search for a rental car here.)

Trains are another good way to get around, with many scenic routes around the country. VIA Rail offers the most options.

Since Canada is so large, flying is your best bet if you plan to visit more than one region of the country. (For example, Vancouver to Toronto is a 4.5 hour flight.)

And within major cities, public transit is the easiest and most economical way to get around. However, public transit infrastructure is lacking in smaller towns and rural areas.

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  1. How many weeks do you think you need in order to see the whole country?

      I’m sure you could travel around Canada for several months and still not see it all. It’s a really big place!

    Thanks for an insightful travel blog. The West Coast Trail was amazing! We stayed in a hip backpackers hostel in Victoria before starting our trek. The ladders and pull carts across the rivers added fun most other backpacking trips do not offer.

    It seems like you haven’t been to Quebec. Well… That’s a must, especially in the fall when leaves are changing their colors, it’s magnificent!!

    I’m so happy that you loved Margaree Harbour! Margaree has always been my happy place, my heaven on earth, the place where I am most at peace and relaxed. I have been going there almost every year since my son, now 40, was a baby. The place has me by the heart. The rest of the Island is beautiful as well and I get how Alexander Graham Bell felt. I still live in Nova Scotia, though not in Cape Breton, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I so hope that you will one day have an opportunity to return there without time constraints so you can soak it all in, in detail. I guarantee you will go back again and again.