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  1. I was very disappointed to read that your visit to the UK encompassed England, Scotland and Ireland (although Ireland is not politically part of the UK) but that you missed out on visiting Wales – the location of Snowdonia National Park (home to the highest mountain in England and Wales), the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the rugged Brecon Beacons National Park where the world famous S.A.S. do their training.When you include the beautiful cities of Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and Newport, Dylan Thomas’s writing perch at Laugharne, the Preseli Mountains from whence came the Bluestones of Stonehenge, the Gower, the immense and numerous castles, the immaculate beaches and a culture full of song, poetry and the glorious language that is Welsh (the OLDEST continuously spoken language in Europe!) a visit to the UK without the Wales experience is an opportunity lost for understanding art, history and heritage.

      Not to fear, Jerry! I’m young and will surely be making many more trips to the UK – Wales is certainly on my list, since my last name is actually Welsh!