23 Awesome Photos of the United Kingdom

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This is a post in my new “Awesome Photos” series. Also check out 22 Awesome Photos of Italy!

Awesome photos

I've got a confession to make, guys:

I'm kinda, sorta, maybe just a little bit obsessed with the UK. British accents and Scottish brogues. Old buildings. Fish and chips. Shakespeare and Tolkien and Lewis. Dry humor. The Beatles. Red double-decker buses and phone boxes. Sherlock Holmes. Kilts and bagpipes. And Harry Potter (because we definitely cannot forget Harry Potter).

Yes, there's just something about the United Kingdom that has always been fascinating to me. (And, for those curious, the UK includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.)

Since I started traveling a lot in Europe 2 years ago, I've easily spent the most time in the United Kingdom. Which is saying something, considering it's roughly the size of the state of Oregon.

Below are some of my favorite (and what I deem to be most awesome) photos I've taken throughout the UK:


Is it possible to visit England without stopping at the mysterious circle of standing stones known as Stonehenge? (The answer, for most people, is no.) It's not really worth a trip of its own in my opinion, but if you're already in the area, it makes for a nice photo.


Victoria Street in Edinburgh

Both the Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. This photo was taken on my favorite street in the Old Town: curving Victoria Street.

Victoria Street in Edinburgh

London icons

Big Ben and a red phone box — it doesn't really get much more quintessentially “London” than this (unless you also get a double-decker bus in the shot).

London icons

The Isle of Skye

The Scottish Highlands are just as brooding and beautiful as you've heard. My favorite part of Scotland, scenery-wise, has to be the Isle of Skye, pictured here.

Isle of Skye


The ancient Roman baths in the city of Bath are well worth a visit for the architecture alone (just don't fall in… water that green can't be healthy!).

Roman baths in Bath, England

Changing of the guard

Even though the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace is the most well-known in the Queen's realm, this photo was actually taken at Windsor Castle — one of the many royal residences in the UK.

Changing of the guard at Windsor Castle


The Beatles fan in me couldn't go to England and NOT visit Liverpool. And you know what? It's a much cooler city than it usually gets credit for.


Scottish Highlands

A typical scene in the Highlands: cloudy skies, green mountains, and some wildflowers (including a purple Scottish thistle!). The landscapes are just one of the many things to love about Scotland.

Scottish Highlands

Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is a series of weirdly-shaped rocks that kind of resemble hexagonally-shaped steps. It's a work made 100% by Mother Nature and is definitely one of the coolest places I've visited in the UK.

Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

The London Eye

I've actually never been on the London Eye — but that doesn't stop me from taking photos of it every time I'm walking along the Thames in London.

London Eye

Inside St. Giles

Named after the patron saint of Edinburgh, St. Giles Cathedral is unmissable as you walk the Royal Mile. It's worth going inside, too — this is what the ceiling looks like!

St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh


Oxford and its colleges have served as inspiration for many of my favorite fantasy writers — Tolkien, Rowling, Pullman… And I think this photo perfectly captures the kind of magical atmosphere that you can find there.

Oxford, England


My most memorable New Year's Eve EVER happened in Edinburgh, Scotland — and here's the midnight moment, with fireworks exploding above Edinburgh Castle.


London row houses

These East End homes drew my eye — the symmetry makes for a really striking photo.


South Bank busker

My absolute favorite part of London has to be the South Bank of the Thames. On a sunny summer day (yes, I promise they DO happen!), the South Bank comes alive with locals and tourists and buskers — it's a great place to people-watch.

Busker on London's South Bank


Located close to the English border with Wales, the city of Chester is well worth a visit. The city's Roman past is still evident here, and I LOVE the buildings downtown.

Chester HDR

Calton Hill

Many people who visit Edinburgh hike up to Arthur's Seat to get great views out over the city. But you know what? You can also get some pretty awesome views from Calton Hill.

Calton Hill in Edinburgh

Tower Bridge

Many people think this iconic bridge in London is the London Bridge. But it's not! It's actually the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge in London

Tea and scones

I spied this bike advert in Oxford and fell in love with it. It's not necessarily a fantastic photo, but I think it captures the essence of Oxford quite well.

Tea and scones in Oxford

The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye

I know I've already shared one photo with you from the Isle of Skye, but I think this spot (known as the Quiraing) is definitely deserving of two photos.

Isle of Skye

Edinburgh Castle

While I'm still of the opinion that Edinburgh Castle is way too expensive to visit, there's no denying that it makes for a pretty sweet photo at night.

Edinburgh Castle at night

Camden Lock

Camden Town is always a favorite stop of mine when I'm in London. The market and funky shops are always fun for a browse. But did you know that Camden is also located along one of London's many lock-filled waterways?

Camden Locks


Lastly, I'll leave you with another iconic photo subject — Parliament in London. This is a slightly different vantage point, though; can you see the London Eye in the background?

Parliament in London



Which photo makes you want to go to the UK the most?


"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. Great photos! I think the London Eye makes for a cool photo from afar, but it’s totally not worth paying to go up.

      That’s what I’ve decided to. I may eventually go up the London Eye if I’m traveling with someone, but I haven’t been able to justify it so far!

    OMG, Chester! I was there years and years ago and I LOVED it! The history, the architecture, the vibe – I was just so cool. People rarely seem familiar with it though! Glad to see it highlighted here. Great photos!

      I’m glad I made it to Chester – such a gorgeous city!

    Well I live here (by the way if you really love the accent we should just Skype instead of e-mail 😉 haha), but I really love Bath! I usually head up there after a trip when I’m in the midst of post- trip blues to soak in the spa & chill out. Oxford is really pretty, but you only need a day there, really. York- have you been, at all?- is gorgeous! I really want to go back there again.

    In London, I’m totally obsessed with The Tower of London & Tower Bridge, it’s expensive but I absolutely would recommend paying to go into the Tower of London, especially if you catch a Yeoman tour. I really want to go again now the poppies are being displayed for the Centenary of WWI.

    Reading the comments about Brits hating to live in London- it’s overpriced (my friends flat is just behind Tower Bridge & costs £1,400 RENT ONLY), it’s polluted, and it’s Full On all of the time. I love it, to visit, but to live there, it’s not for me. I’m a country girl, I’d live in Bath any day, tho’ 😉

      I have NOT been to York yet – it’s just never worked out. But it’s certainly on my list! I’ve heard great things.

      And I totally agree that the Tower of London is well worth a visit!

    Great photos! I have been to most of the places and cannot believe I actually have to leave London in three weeks. Haven’t had time to see the Isle of Skye but it sure looks somewhat magical.

      The Isle of Skye is amaaaaazing! Highly recommended!

    I love the UK! my bf is english and I told him I wouldn’t mind for a second living in London! He hates it though :/

      Haha so many people from the UK hate London. I don’t get it – I would kill to be able to get a work visa there!

    United Kingdom is my dream destination too, so seeing these pictures is a sheer delight for me! I loved that afternoon tea-cycle photo the most!

      I’m glad you liked that photo, Renuka! I almost didn’t include it, but I really like it, too.

    I love the UK too – I ended up living there for 6 years! I miss the Markets and Parks of London so much and of course the Pubs.

      It’s my dream to one day live in London – at least for a couple of years!

    The street scenes in Edinburgh and Oxford are my favourites 🙂 What effect have you used on the photos? They almost look like paintings – stunningly beautiful.

      I just did a little bit of HDR on some of them using Photomatix Essentials. I don’t like heavily editing my photos most of the time, but a lot of these just asked for it! (HDR is great to use when you have cloudy skies!)

    Did you take all those fabulous photos? If so, you are a fantastic photographer — and your camera does a pretty good job too! (What camera do you use?)


      Yes, I took every one of these! Thanks for the kind words!

      Right now I use an Olympus EP-2 – great camera, but not super expensive.

    Awesome Photos! And yes they do make me want to visit the UK … again 🙂

      Good to hear! They definitely have me aching for the UK again!

    awww these really take me back! I love the UK

      Me too! Makes me want to book a trip back ASAP.

    After seeing the pictures I can see why you’re kinda in love with the place, I would be too1

      Not gonna lie – it’s pretty awesome! I always find myself drawn back to the UK any time I’m in Europe.

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