30 Photos That Prove Norway is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Norway in photos
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The country of Norway appears on a LOT of bucket lists. And for good reason: it's got Viking history, Northern Lights, beautiful fjords, and great cities. And that's not even taking into account the excellent food and tourism infrastructure.

Norway isn't known for being a cheap destination, though, and that scares away many people who might otherwise want to check it off their list.

But here's the thing: Norway is SO WORTH IT.

I've visited Norway twice in the past two years: once in the early summer, and once in mid-winter. And let me tell you that this place is well worth spending your money on.

To convince you that it's time to book that trip to Norway, here are 30 photos to prove just how magical this Nordic country really is.

Alesund, Norway

The city of Ålesund is best viewed from above at the Mount Aksla lookout. From there, it looks like a town made of Legos!

Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta, Norway

Nothing quite like a cozy lavvo tent covered in snow with the Northern Lights dancing overhead. This is at the Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta.

Geirangerfjord in Norway

Norway's fjords are magical. This one is Geirangerfjord, one of the most famous in the country.

Frozen waterfall in Northern Norway

In the winter, snow and ice cover Arctic Norway, making for roadside attractions like this frozen waterfall near Kåfjord.

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim doesn't appear on every Norway itinerary, but I think it should! These old wooden buildings are so photogenic.

Trollstigen in Norway

Did you know that Norway is full of trolls? This is Trollstigen, or Troll's Road, which winds down the mountain in 11 hairpin turns.

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is the Gateway to the Arctic and is beautiful under a layer of snow in the winter.

Gripholmen, Norway

The old fishing cottages on Gripholmen island are now picture-perfect summer homes.

Landscape in Northern Norway

Are you even real, Norway?

Northern Lights Church in Alta, Norway

The Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta is especially impressive at dusk. It's meant to resemble the “curtains” of light you can often see in the aurora borealis.

Camp Tamok in Northern Norway

Is there anything more magical than a snowy forest? This is Camp Tamok in the Lyngen Alps.

Geirangerfjord, Norway, from the Eagle's Bend

Looking down on Geirangerfjord from Eagle's Bend gives you a whole new appreciation for how big this fjord is.

Stave church at the Oslo folk museum

Even the old churches in Norway look like something straight out of a storybook. This is a stave church at the folk museum in Oslo.

Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway

The mighty Northern Lights!

Alnes, Norway

The small village of Alnes is beautiful on a sunny day.

Sunset in Kristiansund, Norway

The Northern Lights are great, but sunsets in Norway can be beautiful, too. This one was captured in Kristiansund.

Boat in a snowstorm in Alta, Norway.

Storseisundet Bridge on the Atlantic Ocean Road

Driving over the Storseisundet Bridge on the Atlantic Ocean Road must go on your Norway bucket list.

Oslo, Norway

Even Oslo is colorful, especially along Karl Johans Gate.

Alnes Lighthouse

These clouds add a bit of magic to this photo of the Alnes lighthouse.

Tromsø, Norway

During the winter, the light during golden hour makes everything look special.

Geirangerfjord in Norway

Queen of the Fjord high above Geirangerfjord – would you dare?

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway

In the winter, head to Alta for an overnight stay at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – and keep an eye out for Elsa!

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø at sunset under a blanket of snow is the stuff postcards are made of.

Norway fjord

The fjords in Norway will take your breath away.

Alnes, Norway

The coastline, too, is something to write home about.

Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway

The Northern Lights are extra magical because no two “shows” are ever the same.

Alta, Northern Norway

Winter in northern Norway is stark, yet still beautiful.

Sailing Geirangerfjord in Norway

Sailing on a fjord is also a must.

Reindeer at Lyngsfjord Adventures in Northern Norway

And no good fairy tale would be complete without some furry friends. In Norway, you'll find plenty of reindeer!

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Which photo makes you want to visit Norway the most?


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