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  1. Hello Amanda,

    Im Alice from Romania. I read about your jorney in my country and i want recommand to you a very known place which i enjoy the most. Is about “Transfagarasean”, one of the the most beautiful and spectacular road in the world. I love so much mountains and if you feel the same, next time you came in Romania just try to get there and sleep even for one night at Balea Lake Chalet, near Balea Lake which is reaching the altitude of 2042m. You can get there by car and during winter by tele cabin.
    I love my country especially for the mountains which are here and the feeling you get when you are there in top.
    Wish you all the best and good luck in ur journey!

    Best Regards,

    Alice Mountainlover

      Thanks for the tip, Alice! I have indeed heard of that famous road, and would certainly love to drive it someday!

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