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We all learned about Ancient Egypt in school – and if you're anything like me, at one point you dreamed of growing up to be an Egyptologist. The good news is that you can still visit all those ancient sites in Egypt, from the pyramids to the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Egypt had a rough few years after the Arab Spring in 2011, but the country is safe again for tourists and definitely open for business.

Egypt quick facts

  • Population: 96 million
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)
  • Capital city: Cairo
  • Country size: 386,662 sq. miles
  • High season: Winter, when it's not so hot

Top 10 things to do in Egypt

  1. See the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza
  2. Visit the Abu Simbel temples
  3. Shop in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili Bazaar
  4. Learn about Egyptian culture at the Egyptian Museum
  5. View tombs at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor
  6. Check out the Philae Temple in Aswan
  7. See the Temple of Hatshepsut
  8. Explore the Karnak Temple Complex
  9. Take a Nile River cruise
  10. Go scuba diving in Sharm el-Sheikh

Getting around

Egypt has some huge cities, and within them you'll find every mode of transport from taxis to buses. For traveling between cities, you can fly or sometimes take a train. Just note that if you're taking the train from Cairo to Aswan, you'll have to take the overnight “tourist” sleeper train – they will only sell tickets for the other trains to native Egyptians.

I took a guided tour in Egypt, which I really enjoyed. It helped me feel comfortable as a solo female traveler in Egypt, and it was great that our guide handled all the logistics!

Where to stay in Egypt

Hotels in Egypt are incredibly affordable. Just note that “5-star” in Egypt isn't quite the same as 5-star elsewhere in the world.


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  1. Amanda,
    I love your tips for Egypt! I am going in a few weeks and bought several items you suggested, even the Delsey spinner suitcase. My question is: you used this suitcase as a carryon to Egypt. Did you fly EgyptAir? Their carryon policy only allows a little over 17 pounds (weight) and 19″ high.

    Julia Bailey

      I did not fly EgyptAir! I was in the Seychelles before Egypt, and I believe I flew Emirates for that whole trip, which has more lenient carry on size rules. But thank you for asking that! I should make a note on typical carry on sizes.