Speakeasy Travel Scarves: My New Favorite Travel Accessory

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This is part of a new series on my blog all about my favorite travel accessories for the wanna-be-stylish female traveler. Also check out my reviews of Tieks ballet flats, Allett travel walletsand El Camino bracelets.

Travel accessories

I'm a big fan of scarves.

Like, a BIG fan. At current count, I have nearly 30 in my closet in all sorts of colors, patterns, and fabrics.

When I pack my bag for any trip, I always make sure to have at least one scarf with me. Along with the obvious job of keeping my neck warm in cool climates (or on extra-air-conditioned buses), scarves can also serve to dress up a casual outfit, and can be used as a cover-up in a pinch (like when visiting churches in Europe or temples in Thailand). I've even used some of my bigger ones as beach sarongs on a few occasions.

Scarves are also easy to pack and generally can go with just about any outfit — meaning they are absolutely a travel staple for me.

Meteora monastery
Here's me using a scarf to cover my shoulders at a monastery in Meteora, Greece.

But what if your scarf could not only serve as an outfit accessory, but also as a safe place to keep your valuables?

We all know people who use necklace-style passport holders, money belts, and maybe even pickpocket-proof pants with extra zippers and secret pockets when they travel. But, let's face it, money belts and passport holders are annoying (especially when you actually need to GET to your money or passport), and pickpocket-proof pants are usually not very attractive.

Enter Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves.

Speakeasy Supply Co. Hidden Pocket Travel Scarf

Begun by a fellow travel blogger on Etsy, I first heard of the Speakeasy Supply Co. last year. Right away, I thought that the idea of a scarf with a hidden zipper pocket was brilliant. It offered an easy way to hide your valuables on your body that nobody would notice!

I checked out the Speakeasy store again a couple months ago, and sent founder Beth a message asking for fabric samples (they have a LOT to choose from). After getting a quick reply and photos of about two dozen different fabrics, I eventually settled on an infinity scarf in a jersey material with a colorful geometric pattern.

I had my new scarf within a week. It came wrapped and tied up with string, and included a personal note inside the zippered pocket.

Speakeasy travel scarf

The scarf itself looks like any normal infinity scarf. The pocket is well-hidden and big enough to fit my passport, credit cards, and money. You could also easily throw in a cell phone, assuming you wear the pocket up by your neck so that the scarf doesn't hang any differently.

I love that this scarf will serve a specific function when I'm traveling, but that I'll be able to wear it like a normal scarf the rest of the time.

Truly a great new travel accessory to own!

Speakeasy hidden pocket travel scarf

Want your own Speakeasy travel scarf?

If you'd like to order one of these scarves yourself (and you should — they've even been featured on Buzzfeed!), head over to the Speakeasy Travel Supply. You can choose a pattern already listed, or contact them about a custom order.

They also have discounts when you buy more than one scarf. For example: save $20 when you order 4 scarves!

And, to get 10% off, use the promo code DANGEROUSBUSINESS.

Is this a travel accessory YOU would use?



*Note: I did receive a free scarf from Speakeasy, but that was after I had contacted them about placing a custom order of my own. This is absolutely a travel staple that I would buy more of!

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. I have just discovered these scarves and they seem pretty cool. I seem to be all fingers and thumbs so something that is easy to get at is defiantly a bonus for me. Plus I wear scarves all the time. Just wondering does the scarf pull down when it has things in it. It also looks pretty low. I like to have scarves up around my neck for warmth. Can you wrap it around more than the two loops

      I love these! They do hang a bit lower, but depending on the scarf and the size of your head/neck, you might be able to do an extra loop. (And the trick for using the pocket is to arrange it so the pocket is up near your neck/shoulder so the items don’t weigh the scarf down at all.)

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