Allett: The Best Travel-Friendly Wallet

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This is part of a series on my blog all about my favorite travel accessories for the wanna-be-stylish female traveler. Also check out my reviews of Speakeasy hidden pocket scarvesTieks ballet flats, and El Camino bracelets.

Travel accessories

I know that, as far as travel accessories go, wallets aren't really that exciting.

They just kinda sit in your purse or pocket or backpack. They don't really have to be pretty — they just have to be functional.

But, what if you could have a wallet that was both pretty AND functional for your world travels?

Allett, maker of thin wallets for both men and women, approached me a while back about checking out some of their products. I wasn't super excited at first, to be honest — I mean, like a said, wallets can only be so exciting.

But once they sent me a set of their Slim Leather Women's Wallet, I found myself quickly changing my tune.

Allett women's leather wallet

Allett: The best travel wallet?

Not only are these wallets pretty (and SOFT, too), but they are also extremely functional — especially from a traveler's perspective.

The wallet I got is red leather on the outside and teal nylon on the inside. (But these also come fully in nylon if you don't want to buy leather.)

Features that I love about this travel wallet:

  • 4 pockets for credit cards that don't overlap — meaning you can fit quite a few cards in here (up to 24, reportedly) and the wallet will still close without feeling super bulky (I currently have about 12 cards in mine).
  • A zippered pocket on the outside for a bit of change.
  • TWO billfold pockets — perfect for keeping money and travel receipts separate, or great if you often find yourself with more than one currency in your wallet.

The divided bill pocket makes this Allett my ideal travel wallet — no more stuffing receipts in with my cash, or having to keep my pounds and Euros all in the same place!

Allett women's leather wallet

Allett also makes RFID secure wallets for both women and men (including a RFID wallet large enough to also hold a passport), as well as smaller billfold wallets in both leather and nylon.

The wallets are all made in America, too (in San Diego, to be exact), and I always like to buy local whenever I can.

Allett wallets

If you're looking for a stylish wallet that's also great for travel, an Allett is definitely worth considering.

Like I said, I have the slim leather women's wallet. Some other styles of Allett wallet you might like include:

How does an Allett hold up?

Updating this post in 2018, I'm STILL using the same leather Allett that I originally write about here in 2014. That's 4 years of traveling all around the world with the same wallet.

The leather is now showing some wear, but the wallet is still in excellent shape – AND I still get compliments on mine all the time!

When I eventually need to buy a new travel wallet, I'll be buying an Allett again.

Do YOU have a go-to travel wallet?


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  1. I will be going on my first backpacking trip to Europe in the beginning of next year! I just found your blog & love it, thanks for all of the good advice!

      That’s so exciting! Europe is such a great place to start. 🙂

    going to vietnam, hong kong, and laos in december!

      Ooo, sounds like an awesome trip!

    I lost my ‘travel’ wallet in the ocean in Costa Rica. This one looks perfect!

      Definitely a good replacement!

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