Tieks: A Must-Have Shoe for Female Travelers?

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This is part of a new series on my blog all about my favorite travel accessories for the wanna-be-stylish female traveler. Also check out my reviews of Aroamas travel perfume sticksSpeakeasy hidden pocket scarves, and El Camino bracelets.

Travel accessories

I often get asked (mostly by my female friends) about my “staples” when I travel. And, to be honest, up until the past year, I didn't have very many of them. I didn't have one pair of pants or pair of shoes or favorite sweater that always made every trip abroad with me. I just didn't CARE all that much about how I looked — at least, not when I was traveling.

At home, things like cute dresses and far too many pairs of shoes populate my closet. (I'm a woman, after all; I think it would actually be more surprising if they DIDN'T.) But it always seemed quite freeing to travel abroad without worrying about color coordinating or fretting about which shoes would best match my jewelry.

Until I went to Florence last summer.


Now, I may sometimes travel like a backpacker, but that doesn't mean I always spend like one. I've long since been over hostel dorm rooms, and I'm not averse to splurging every now and then, be it on accommodation or experiences. And, in Florence, I wanted to buy a leather handbag. The city is known for its leather, and I spied a shop selling bags with vintage map prints on them while sightseeing around the Duomo.

I went into the shop the next day — decked out in a slightly-wrinkled skirt, droopy tank top, and hiking sandals — and immediately was aware of how out of place I looked. I was actually afraid that they wouldn't sell me anything. (They did, though, don't worry; I bought a beautiful bag and use it nearly every day.)

Since then (and especially when I travel in Europe), I've found myself more aware of my outward experience when I'm traveling. I don't want to spend hours agonizing over my outfit every morning, of course, but I DO at least want to make sure I can make myself look presentable on the road if I need to. There's nothing worse than getting dirty looks from locals because of what you're wearing.

Teva sandals
My go-to outfit for a day out in Europe.

And thus the “add nicer pieces to my travel wardrobe” project commenced. The first thing I bought was a little black dress — a cotton one from Old Navy that doesn't wrinkle too much when folded and is really comfy, but can be dressed up with a nice necklace. I also bought a decent pair of very dark-washed jeans, a few comfortable-yet-cute drapey balck tops, and some chunky, colorful jewelry.

Then came the shoes.

I will probably never completely abandon my hiking sandals (pictured above) on my travels, but I admitted that I needed at least one pair of go-to shoes that I could wear both casually and to dress an outfit up. And my sandals were not those shoes.

I turned to Tieks by Gavrieli, which refer to themselves as “the ballet flat, reinvented.” Made of soft Italian leather, Tieks are designer flats that are all at once fashionable, wearable, and versatile — they fold right up to fit in a purse!


I've been coveting these shoes for years, and finally gave in and ordered myself a pair earlier this year.

What I love about my Tieks:

The quality. These shoes are STURDY. Which is crazy, considering you can fold them up and put them into a teeny tiny pouch. But nevertheless, they are high-quality shoes. I especially love the trademark Tieks-blue non-skid bottoms, which add both a solid feel and a grippy surface to the shoes.

The material and color. I went with the chestnut-colored shoes in Tieks' beautiful signature leather. I knew they would be good in all weather (and, in fact, I've even gone on an impromptu hike through a muddy forest in them), and also that the color would match everything — important for go-to shoes.


The lightness. Tieks weigh almost NOTHING, which is brilliant when you're trying to pack light.

The look. My Tieks make my feet look long and lean — in an attractive way. They also just look classy; I wouldn't feel self-conscious wearing these to a fancy dinner or upscale hotel (you know, if I actually went to those places).

What I don't love:

The breaking-in. When I first put them on, my Tieks were quite tight across the top of my feet. After wearing them for a while, though, this has completely gone away and they now fit my feet like a glove. (And, BONUS, they don't rub the back of my heel AT ALL like some other flats I own do because of the cushioned backs.) But you MAY have to wear them for a while before they fit correctly.


The arch support. I don't really expect a whole lot of arch support from ballet flats, so this isn't really a deal-breaker. While Tieks DO offer more support than most of the ballet flats I own, it's still not enough for me. I have terrible feet, so I could personally never wear Tieks as my full-time shoes.

Are they worth it?

That's the big question. Starting at $175, Tieks are NOT cheap shoes. But that's kind of the point. You can keep buying cheap flats over and over, or you can buy one pair of really good-quality shoes that will be appropriate for just about any trip you could want to take.

Before my Tieks, I would buy multiple pairs of flats each spring. I would get them from places like Old Navy and Target, and spend between $20 and $45 on each pair. How many pairs of those flats lasted me until the autumn? Very few, especially if I wore them a lot. They would get dirty and stinky and in some cases would just start to fall apart.

So far, I have had none of these issues with my Tieks. No scuffs, no smell. In fact, no real signs of wear even though I throw them on frequently.

And I haven't bought another pair of flats.


So, are Tieks the must-have travel shoe for women? Well, they could be. Ask me again in a year to be sure, but so far, after a few months, these chestnut beauties have worked wonderfully for me. They've been to the Canadian Rockies, to Niagara Falls, and on an Alaskan cruise so far (not to mention many, many walks around the neighborhood). And they have many more adventures ahead!

So what do you think? Would you get a pair of Tieks?


"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. I definitely agree about dressing nice while traveling. You can be comfortable AND cute, they’re not mutually exclusive. When you’re in a city with super-fashionable people, walking around in grungy pants and T-shirts just makes you feel out of place.

      YES. I agree – cute and comfortable can definitely go together. In Southeast Asia, I didn’t feel so weird in sandals and wrinkled tops. But in Europe? I felt SO out of place 75% of the time.

    I’d love a pair of durable, stylish ballet flats, but I do worry that Tieks wouldn’t be a good investment for me. Like you, I need a lot of arch support (and heel cushioning) in my footwear, and so I’ve personally found that crocs ballet styles work well for me. They’re nowhere near as durable and not perfect, but I can walk all day in them for weeks on end and not feel pain. I’d be willing to give Tieks a shot (they are certainly nicer than Crocs!), but the $175 is definitely a deterrent for me.

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. I finally caved because I wanted a dressier pair of shoes to take with me on my travels, the idea being that I won’t be wearing them 24/7 anyway (I can wear them for a couple hours and my feet are fine). So, for me, they seemed like a decent investment!

        I bought the ruby red ones and they are really snug on my feet and they hurt..I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve already taken them to shoe repair place to have them stretched but no luck!!! So disappointed I really like them and need a good pair for Europe!!!


          I’m pretty sure Tieks lets you return them for free if you haven’t really worn them yet – maybe you need to go up a size!

            I’m a 9.5 narrow and the 9s would have been painful. I just got my second pair this week. The Wild Copper in size 10 and they’re perfect. My 3-year-old, worn to death, lavender snake pair are still going strong, but they did stretch and I needed to put a heel grip in them.

    I love mine and especially love their return and exchange policy. I got a size 7 because I was told they would stretch a bit, but my feet have developed bunions from years of dance, running, etc. My Tieks stopped fitting, but I was able to exchange them nearly 6 months later for a size bigger. They’re total rockstars.

      Oh that is awesome to hear! I didn’t know that bit about their policy!

      This is *not* their typical policy. They accept UNWORN returns. You got very lucky.

    I lived in my Toms on our six-month trip.

    At home I live in flats, though I’ve not found that the more expensive ones (like $80) are much better than the cheapies $10/20). I can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on flats!

      I have some Toms but I don’t think I got the sizing right on them. Even though everyone told me they would stretch out, mine really haven’t and are still really tight on my feet!

      As for spending so much on flats… yeah, fair enough. Though, I spent almost $200 on a backpack that will probably only last me a year or two, so…. Haha. I guess it’s all perspective!

    I’ve been considering shelling out some money for a pair for a while now. I go through about two pairs of ballet flats a year because I wear them constantly in the fall, spring and summer. While I don’t have to worry about looking too nice since I live in China, it would be great to have a pretty pair of shoes that are comfortable and don’t take up too much space.

      Tikes might be a good option for you!

      I think you should consider the condition of the sidewalks of the city you live in. When I lived in China my flats and sandals got destroyed in two months. The sidewalks were horrible, very broken up. If you are in area that doesn’t have decent walkways you might be throwing away almost two hundred dollars on shoes that only last a couple of months. That being said, I just ordered a pair to test out their durability before I go back next year. Their is a possibility I might return to the same city but, I might end up in Shanghai or Beijing, so I am hoping the walking situation will be better. 🙂 Good luck!

        I am in Bangalore, India on travel often and these are fantastic shoes and they last…even with the uneven and torn up sidewalks. A cheaper pair I bought, because I thought $175 was a lot when I could get a pair for half that, were ruined just wearing them on the 36 hour trip over. Needless to say, the Tieks not only survived, but came back looking no worse for the three week trip. I know own four pairs and counting. LOVE them. Hope you had a better experience with your in China…Shanghai and Beijing are both great cities to explore.

    I just tossed my pair of pewter Tieks the other day because I literally wore them to shreds. I had pieces of leather coming out of the insides, and I swear that my toes were going to poke thru in the next month or so.

    As a full time traveler, I am admittedly very hard on the things I own because I wear them constantly, but I still expected these to hold up better with that price tag.

      Aww boo, that’s too bad! Sorry to hear they fell apart on you after heavy wear. How long did you have them?

        Just over a year. 🙁

          This is just the kind of comment I was looking for — namely, how long they’d last. I travel a lot, both in-country (India) and out of the country, and $175 shoes are… over a month’s wages. If they were more durable, I’d consider splurging on them, but we’re hard on our footwear here, too.

    My BFF just bought these for an upcoming trip to Europe. Prior to her telling me about them I had not heard of Tieks. Definitely a big price tag but I agree with you about investing in stuff that lasts.

    I am also not a big fan of Toms. They are so expensive for the quality they offer. I would much rather splurge on Tieks and not have to buy flats each new season.

      Another commenter just mentioned that her Tieks didn’t last as long as she would have liked. But I think it definitely depends on how often/long you are wearing them. I won’t ever wear my Tieks full-time, so I’m hoping they will last a while!

      (And yeah, agree on Toms!)

      Something to consider when buying Toms is that while the shoe you are getting is not the best quality, the shoes they are delivering to the orphanages are more like tennis shoes with very thick soles. You are actually paying for the quality of shoe you are giving not receiving.

      At the beginning of last summer (June 2015) I bought 3 pair of Tom’s: black, navy and red. Living in Southern California, they weren’t subjected to bad weather, but I wore them almost every day and while I will replace my navy pair (I wear those more than the other two colors) I will be able to get through this summer with the black and red Tom’s I bought in 2015. I pay $50 a pair and they are well worth it to me.

    I have the exact same sandals you have pictures as your “old” pair.

    I’ve heard such good things about Tieks, but I’m so hesitant because I’m not comfortable walking for long periods of time in anything other than sneakers. Even those sandals you and I have in common, I can’t handle them for too long before my feet start to hurt.

    I’ve basically just accepted the fact that I will always be under-dressed in Europe, and I don’t even notice it anymore. But if I ever decide I need something nicer and travel-friendly, I’ll probably give these a try before anything else.

      I feel your pain! My feet seem to get worse each year. Thankfully, I can still manage in my Tevas all day if I don’t want to bring sneakers along. But Tevas/sneakers definitely aren’t ideal if you want to look nice for a night out! That’s where my Tieks will definitely come in handy.


    I’m a guy but do travel with my partner. She wears heels quite a bit and it just seems too difficult walking around half the time I swear. I totally agree with buying quality shoes though. You can go around with your cheap shoes for a month or two before they start falling apart.. Or, invest in some higher quality ones which overall look better, feel better and of course, last longer!

      Wow, mad props to her – I can’t handle heels! And especially can’t imagine traveling with them!

    I’m always trying to find comfortable walking shoes for travel. These look nice, but I’d worry about the arch support. I actually liked the sandals you pictured yourself wearing first. 🙂

      Yeah, these definitely aren’t “walking shoes,” especially if you have bad feet. I’m using these as my “need-to-look-decent” shoes for dinners and going out at night and such.

      The sandals are Teva Tirras – they are really comfy and great for walking! Just not especially attractive (though better than some others I own! haha).

    Shoes, my second favourite subject! After my disaster in Europe last year (hence the name of my blog), got myself two pairs of Ezywalkins. Great sole, leather lining with comfortable arch support and super light. I got two pair, one a multi colour ballet pump and the other a nice caramel colour Mary Jane.

      Haha yeah I always wear my shoes until they have holes/are falling apart, too!

    I am not quite sure I agree with this. I haven’t used this particular brand (I don´t think they sell this in Europe), but there are plenty of others that are more affordable, comfortable and long-lasting.

    Besides, I’m not sure I’d like to visit the Canadian Rockies or the Niagara Falls in ballerinas – why not use more stable shoes with which you can explore around more comfortably? Ballerinas, for me, are just city shoes – no matter their brand.

      I’m not advocating for wearing ballerina flats everywhere! But even in places like the Rockies or Niagara Falls, there are going to be times when you want to dress up and not have to wear hiking shoes out to dinner. That’s when a nice pair of flats will come in handy!

    That’s pretty cool shoes I have never seen them before. So handy that you can fold it and save a lot of space in your luggage. Nice one! 🙂

      Yes, I love that you can fold them up and tuck them into a corner of your bag!

    I’m going to go against the grain, but I hate shoes…I’d go barefoot if possible, but I can’t. I usually do most of my traveling in fall/winter so cute shoes aren’t a huge priority for me. For city travel, I usually take Danskos. They are heavy [not great in a suitcase but I generally only take one pair of shoes anyway] and not everyone likes them, but they work for me. I figure if I can work a 12-13 hour shift at the hospital mostly on my feet, and my feet not hurt in them, they are good enough for walking around a city. I year and a half ago, I spend 6 weeks in Europe in winter and bought a pair of North Face suede waterproof ankle boots. They were great. I wore them with everything. Obviously they wouldn’t look good with a dress, but I’m not going to be wearing a dress in freezing weather. 🙂

      Fair enough, Michelle! To each her own. 🙂

    I really like this idea, but when a pair of shoes cost me more than a flight, I’m not so down with it. I know we can get a similar type of fold up shoe, but I actually am quite happy with my tan coloured leather thongs which are plain enough to go with any dresses & still look smart.

      Fair enough, Sammi! (Also, so jealous that you can get a flight that cheap to so many places… not so here in the US!)

    The problem I have with flats as that they can get a little icky on the inside after wearing them for a few weeks. Have you had this problem yet?

      Nope, so far so good! I know what you mean, though. I’m not sure you can really avoid that if you wear ANY shoes a ton.

    I’ve been eyeing these for months and when you said you brought them on your Alaskan cruise (I’m going on one in 3 weeks and was researching girls who travel with their Tieks) I was like, it’s a sign! I need them! Hahaha. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I don’t plan on wearing them for a glacier walk, but, like you said, when it’s time to look a little more presentable these will be clutch!

      I wore mine to dinner on the cruise ship every night! It was perfect, because they went with both my casual dinner clothes AND my more formal wear.

    I don’t really understand the appeal of these shoes? It seems like the intended selling point is ‘hard-wearing quality walking shoe that looks dressy too’, which sounds awesome but still pushing it with a $175+ price tag. But then you say that they’re not comfortable enough to wear everyday for walking, and Dalene said they fell apart after a year. Whereas when I was on my feet 40 hours a week working in a supermarket (walking around filthy warehouses and dirty, sodden pavements) I used to buy two or three pairs of $10 ballet pumps a year max.

    Love the blog, so please don’t think this a personal attack. But I really don’t see how these are practical travel shoes at all, especially when even people who aren’t “budget travellers” would raise an eyebrow at $175 for a pair of shoes that you can’t do proper hiking in :/

      I kind of want to write to the company and say “You want to show these are hard-wearing? Send me a pair, or assure me that if these fall apart in less than 12 months, you’ll either replace them or refund me the money.” I live in the Himalayas, where we get snow, monsoon rains, landslides, and the roads are questionably-well paved… and loads, and loads, of well-off foreign tourists (especially women) seeking to do the rounds of the things you see in India. If a pair of Tieks could survive a year of being worn up here, they would survive anything.

      I doubt they’d do that, though — and I’m in your boat. $175 is a lot to pay for shoes that aren’t going to last you more than a year.

    […] This is part of a series on my blog all about my favorite travel accessories for the wanna-be-stylish female traveler. Also check out my reviews of Aroamas travel perfume sticks, Speakeasy hidden pocket scarves, and Tieks ballet flats. […]

    I bought a pair based on your review, as you say everyone has different feet, and boy do mine look silly in these shoes! I have a high arch, so you can see my arch peeking above the sides of the shoe. Also I have killer toe cleavage in these shoes. They just look wrong. Sending em back immediately. Glad that they work for you though! I wanted so much to love them.

      Aww, I’m so sorry to hear they didn’t work for you!

    After saving for a long time I finally bought a pair…and loved them…until my big toe ripped through the soft leather after about a month of wearing. Apparently I walk with my toe up sometimes…although it has never been an issue with any other pair of shoes I have owned…tieks offered to give me a discount on a new pair of patents because they said apparently they hold up better for people with my type of feet…wish I had been told that before dropping nearly $200 on a pair of shoes…I really wish they had a better return policy. My sister has a pair in the same size as mine and hers are so much bigger than mine…so it seems sizing isn’t super consistent either…

    I love ballet flats and have had good luck with Aerosoles,,as well as some other chapter ones. I am so hard to fit and even tho Tieks has free shipping both ways, it’s still hard for me to buy shoes online. One thing I hate is to see the outline of my toes in a shoe and I am wondering if this has been an issue with you? I also have small bunions and do not want a shoe that accentuates those, and I think that Tieks would show the outline of those too. Not pretty. And lastly, even tho they go in a pouch, I would not want them in my purse. In a travel bag is one thing, but I am germ conscious and for me, that would bother me! But that’s just me. I enjoy reading reviews and wish I could try them on in a real store. 🙂

      I totally understand – I’m the same way with clothing; I hate to order anything without being able to try it on first. As for the toe outlines… it totally depends on the shape of your foot. You can’t really see mine, but other people have complained about having that issue.

    I am trying really hard not to hate you for convincing me I should try these shoes, haha.
    I found the many comments on here very helpful but no one mentions sizing. Did you find they were true to size? My feet are wide and my toes so long, i always have toe cleavage. Since it’s about the only cleavage I have, I wear it proudly, lol.
    They sound like the perfect travel shoe for me. I often leave my cold rainy home for sandal weather. It would nice to have closed toe shoes that I can pop into a bag. I find that having a small wardrobe with quality items serves me a lot better than the other way around.

      Haha! I found the sizing to be pretty true – maybe a tiiiiny bit small. They unfortunately don’t come in half sizes, but if you wear a half size I would definitely size up rather than down.

      I’ve heard a *few* complaints about the shoes not holding up well if you’re wearing them every single day, but I only wear mine occasionally and they still look brand new!

    Hi Amanda,

    How are you? I have a question for you – hope you can help 🙂 I am from Europe and would like to buy a pair of tieks. I have no idea what size to choose as I wear eu39 which is between a us8 and 9.
    8 is eu38,5 ( I was never 38), 9 is eu 39,5 (I am afraid they would be too big). As you have been to EU I bet you had tried on some shoes there too … Can you help me? Thanks a lot and many greetings, Ava

      Hi Ava! I would probably size up. If you’re in between sizes, I would go with the larger size.

    I’m on my 2nd pair of Tieks and I must say that I LOVE these shoes! After pregnancy, my foot was seriously a whole size bigger than before and DURING pregnancy, I couldn’t find a comfy shoe for the life of me. I spent $100’s trying to get something that didn’t rub and hurt after 10 minutes of wear. I had been eyeballing Tieks for a while so I decided to splurge on a pair of Black Matte ones. They had an initial wearing-in period (about 4 wears) but after that, they were HEAVEN. I seriously wore those shoes day in/day out for about 14 months – they saw A LOT of USE! They finally started tearing a bit on the outer edge (I have a wide foot so, the tear was on the stressed area). Other than that, they held up GREAT. This 2nd pair (Burgundy Matte) were bought at Christmas time and they still look amazing and had virtually no break-in period. I’m looking at getting my 3rd pair!

    I am going to order these for my week of traveling in Italy but what should I wear for 3 days of hiking in Cinque Terre?

      For hiking in the Cinque Terre I would definitely recommend a pair of hiking boots, or at least a really good pair of sneakers. I haven’t hiked there myself, but I’ve heard from others that the trails aren’t the easiest and that you definitely don’t want to do it in the wrong footwear! (I love Tieks, but they definitely would not be appropriate for this.)

    I was just curious how they are with wide feet? I have short wide feet and an arch. Love wearing flats or flip flops ..

      I really can’t say, as I only have experience wearing my own pair, and my feet are not that wide!

    I noticed you wrote this article in 2014 so you’ve had the Tieks about a year now. I am a teacher and just bought a pair today to have some simple flats I can wear often. How did yours hold up?

      Mine have held up really well, but I’ll admit that they aren’t my everyday shoes, so they’re not worn constantly or anything. Usually just when I’m dressing up and not doing a ton of walking.

    Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love my Tieks 🙂 super comfy, stylish, and great quality!

    I love my Tieks for traveling! I’ve worn them all over Europe, and I always get the best compliments. They’re so much more stylish than clunky gym shoes, but they’re just as comfortable! Really, what else can you ask for in a travel shoe?

    Just wondering how they are holding up now ? I just bought a pair to wear for my wedding and they are a little tight around the toe part I’ve been wearing them around the house some in hopes of breaking them in

      Sometimes they do take some breaking in – I wish they made them in half sizes! Mine are still holding up great after mild wear.

    I wear my black matte Tieks often to work in an office and the teal sole just became unstitched from the bottom of my right shoe. I’ve had them for 7 months, and other than the floppy sole they look pretty new so I’ve reached out to the company to find out about getting them fixed or replaced.

      did you get a new pair? similar situation just recently for me only I have had mine for a week :/

    I’m interested in buying the chestnut coloured Tieks. I’ve had the lavender snakeskin pair for three years now and they’ve held up to much wear and tear, summers, falls and rain too. I definitely feel as though I’ve gotten every penny out of them. Just wondered if yours scuffed easily. Since there are so many colour variations in the skake, scuffs don’t really show.

      I haven’t had any super noticeable scuffs!

    Is there a chance that Tieks might start being made in half sizes? The size I first ordered was too short (my toes were cramped and trying to punch holes in the toes of the shoes), and the next size up was too long (the shoes were on the verge of falling off with every step). A size in between those two would have been perfect.

      Unfortunately I can’t answer that since I have no connection to the company! It certainly would be nice, though.

    We are going to the UK this summer so I asked my husband if I could buy myself a Mother’s Day gift. He is thrilled to be off the hook! Ordered a poppy pair last night and am excited to try them! My fear is that I will love them, because there are so many colors to choose from! Great feedback on this blog!

    Great tips on clothing! I’m really gald I read these review. I have a bad low back (LOVE Danskos!) and the lack of support concerned me. With the whopping price tag I have decided to pass. And I am confused about why you need “break in” an almost $200. pair of shoes? I have read that elsewhere. Good to see an honest review on your experiences!

      The “breaking in” is because they’re leather. Leather that hasn’t been worn is always going to be stiffer, so they need time to mold to your feet. 🙂

    I have a pair of the Obsidian Black ones and a pair of the newish Bronze ones. They do not hold up well! I took the Bronze ones to Europe for a week right after I got them. They were massively scuffed up in the front. And I was very careful! I wasn’t hard on my shoes of smashing them up against things. I wrote Tieks and sent pictures and they were “this can happen with normal wear and tear.” Um, after a week? no. Also, now (8 months later) they have a huge “big toe” gap and the bronze has worn off that part. They are crap. And the Obsidian ones just tore (the blue part). I wrote Tieks and they said they would replace them for me “just this once.” Like i’m doing something bad by telling them! And also, like people have mentioned, they are NOT a walking shoe. They are not super comfortable. They are just ok. An hour here or there. But overall? nope.

    Anyone know of a thin arch support I could use in this brand? Love the shoes. I need arch support however.

    I am a pharmacist and commonly work 12 hour shifts. I used to wear Danskos to work, but I was looking for a lighter / more professional option since Danskos are so heavy. I got my first pair of Tieks in June 2017 and I love them! Even though the leather is super soft and supple, I did have to break them in. I wear a 7.5 usually, so I ordered a size 8 in these and I am so glad I did. My big toe tilts up at the end, so my toes were sore at first. I inserted rubber bouncy balls for a few days where my big toe tilts up in the shoe to stretch the shoes, and it worked great. I now wear these shoes to work every single day. They do get sweaty, and they do smell after a long day, so I try to wear tights or nylon shoe liners with them. I often also wear them on my days off all day, and I will find myself still wearing them even after I have been home for a while because I don’t even realize I still have them on. I am very hard on my shoes, so I have tiny scuff marks where my big toe sits in the shoe, but otherwise they are still flawless. I also love the non-skid rubber bottoms as I am running around the grocery store where I work.

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