Poland Travel Guide

Poland is a country in Central Europe. With one of the fastest growing economies on the continent, Poland has seen a lot of growth in tourism in recent years. From cool cities like Warsaw and Krakow to the stunning natural beauty of the Tatra Mountains, Poland is a great affordable destination with a lot to offer.

Poland quick facts

  • Population: 38 million
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • Capital city: Warsaw
  • Country size: 120,726 square miles
  • High season: Summer (June through August)

Top 10 things to do in Poland

  1. Explore the beautiful Old Town of Krakow
  2. Go hiking in the Tatra Mountains
  3. Stroll through Warsaw’s Old Town, reconstructed after WWII
  4. Get back to nature in Bialowieza Forest, the last primeval wood in Europe
  5. Visit Gdansk, a city with a blend of German, Baltic, Scandinavian and Slavic culture
  6. Explore the medieval Malbork Castle
  7. Visit the somber Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum
  8. Take a walk through Wroclaw’s elegant Old Town
  9. Visit the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine in southern Poland
  10. Try pierogi, savory dumplings filled with potato, onion, and cheese

Getting around

Traveling by train is the easiest way to get around Poland. The national train line in Poland is the Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (PKP.) PKP has fast trains (Intercity and Eurocity) that connect major cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk. Slower regional trains stop in smaller towns.

For traveling in more rural areas like the Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Lake District, public buses are your best bet for transportation.

Within larger cities, you can easily get around via public transportation or walking.

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  1. Any plans to visit Poland in the near future again? How about Poznan?
    Let me know!

    Great blog!

      Not any plans currently, but Poland is most definitely a country I want to return to! Maybe next year!