Germany Travel Guide

Germany is a country with a lot to offer. Celebrations like Oktoberfest in September and the Christmas markets in December are extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Vibrant cities like Berlin offer tons of art and culture, in spite of a painful past. Away from the cities, you’ll find fairytale villages and picturesque views along Germany’s famous Romantic Road and in the Black Forest.

Germany quick facts

  • Population: 82.8 million
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Capital city: Berlin
  • Country size: Approximately 138,000 square miles
  • High season: Summer (June-August), and December

Top 10 things to do in Germany

  1. Explore the artsy, eccentric capital of Berlin
  2. Visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall
  3. Live out your fairytale dreams at Neuschwanstein Castle
  4. Take a road trip along the scenic Romantic Road route
  5. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich
  6. Visit German Christmas markets in December
  7. See the impressive Cologne Cathedral
  8. Enjoy a true German pretzel in Bavaria
  9. Take a cruise down the Rhine River
  10. Explore the picturesque countryside of the Black Forest

Getting around

Germany has a very well-connected rail system operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB.) InterCity Express trains are high-speed trains that connect most major cities in Germany, while InterCity trains cover the same routes at a slower speed.

Renting a car is another way to get around Germany, especially if you want to explore smaller towns along scenic routes like the Romantic Road. The high speed autobahn is a great way to get to your destination fast, but driving on it is not for the faint of heart! (Search for rental cars here.)

Buses are an economical way to get around Germany, with many affordable yet comfortable bus companies like FlixBus and Eurolines offering dozens of routes around the country.

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  1. Go to Bavaria. Munich is nice for 2-3 days. Do the Romantic Road, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a must and maybe Dibkehlsbuhl. Stay the night in Ettal in Southern Bavaria while doing Linderhof, Neushwanstein, and Hohenschwangan castles (AWESOME PLACES). And check out Landsberg am Lech. Also GO TO MITTENWALD, AWESOME PLACE IN THE BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS. Pls Google every site I put down in chronological order, these are beautiful places

      Thanks for the suggestions! Many of these are definitely on my list!