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First of all, if this is your first visit to A Dangerous Business, WELCOME!

At ADB, you can find both practical travel advice (tips, tricks, guides, reviews) and personal travel stories, interspersed with travel photos, videos, interviews, and much more.

Yes, this site is all travel, all the time.

If you're not sure where to start, though, you've landed on the right page. Below are some quick links to some of my most useful and popular posts, as well as links to sections of the site you may find most interesting.

First, you should watch this video:

If you have further questions about me, check out my About Me page, or, better yet, get in touch!

Travel Philosophy

Here are the 5 posts that best represent my travel philosophy and the way in which I travel:

  1. You Don't Have to Ditch the 9-5 in Order to Travel
  2. The World is Not Safe – But You Should Explore it Anyway
  3. Why Traveling as a Female Rocks (and Why it Sucks)
  4. Why I'm NOT Afraid to Travel Alone
  5. Why I Won't Get Mad If You Call Me Lucky

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Travel + My Life

Here are my favoriteĀ posts about the ways travel has influenced and affected my life:

  1. How I Make Money As a Blogger
  2. Why I DIDN'T Quit My Job to Travel
  3. 26 Things Travel Has Taught Me
  4. 5 Ways Travel Has Made Me More Adventurous
  5. Top 9 Questions About Solo Travel Answered
  6. 8 Truths About Traveling as an Introvert
  7. Where It All Began: It's Carmen Sandiego's Fault
  8. 5 Things My 86-Year-Old Grandmother Taught Me About Travel
  9. My Travel Tattoos and Their Stories
  10. Behind the Scenes: What is Working Remotely Really Like?

Also check out my Packing Lists page to learn about my travel must-haves, as well as my Travel Resources page to learn about the sites I turn to when searching for flights or booking hotels.


If you're curious about where I've been, head over to the Destinations page.

Alternatively, check out some of my favorite posts, linked below:

Best Writing

Me trying to be funny:

Best Photo Essays

Coolest Experiences

Best Tips Posts

Closer to Home


Enjoy the site, and don't forget to use the social media buttons over in the sidebar to follow me on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



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  1. Kiaora Amanda. I am trying to start a blog with word press but I still not understanding much. I paid 99 bucks already but I need to learn how to upload and write stories etc. Any suggestions or that’s restricted? Thank you!!

      My best advice is to hop on YouTube and watch some videos about how to get started with WordPress! I don’t personally have any posts about using WordPress.

    Hi Amanda,

    We are from Sydney Australia and thinking of taking a road trip with our 15-year-old daughter from LA to Miami. We would really appreciate any advice on which states, cities, towns we should travel via. We would love to show our daughter some American history and that there is more to the USA than Hollywood & Disneyland which we enjoyed visiting.

    Thanks and regards,


    My husband and I are taking our first European River Cruise in September of this year (an “0 “birthday celebration). Amsterdam to Budapest so I was excited to find your blog. Since I am (some will say) a very organized sort of person I have already started to make list so you information was a good start. I am excited to learn more.

      Great to hear, Lee! You’ll have an amazing time!

    I just found your blog – you were a suggestion from twitter! I love what you have going on here! Can’t wait to read more articles! šŸ™‚

    Hi Amanda!
    I stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! As a former study abroad student and frequent traveler, I love reading about your adventures! I was wondering what you use to host your blog. Thank you!

      Hey Brittany! My blog runs on WordPress, and I host it with Web Synthesis (which is WordPress-specific hosting).

    Hi Amanda. This is my first time to your travel blog and I absolutely love it! But something I’ve always wondered about… for you and all those other travel bloggers out there who travel (primarily) alone… how do you get those wonderful photos of yourself? Do you always find someone standing nearby who will take the perfect photo or do you have some special camera equipment that you carry everywhere you go?

      Most of the time I just ask someone nearby to take a photo of me – I often look for other solo travelers with cameras, and then offer to return the favor. Every once in a while I use a tripod and/or the timer on my camera, too.