Road Trip Day 14 – Who Says You Can’t Enjoy a Ski Resort in the Summer?

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After having zipped around for many days without a break, we were both really looking forward to spending 2 nights in one place. And that one place happened to be beautiful Keystone, Colorado.


Keystone is up in the Rocky Mountains — probably not a destination most people would consider for a summer getaway. And, indeed, there was hardly anyone in this little ski resort town in August (the gas station didn't even have any gas!). But that may have made us love it even more.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

After a twisting drive through the mountains and through the small city of Dillon, we arrived in Keystone — the sleepy resort town tucked up in the mountains.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

The view from our condo balcony.

At first, the Rockies didn't seem all that impressive. Even though there were still traces of snow on some of the peaks, the mountains just seemed… small. But then I reminded myself that we were already up above 9,000 feet, and the Rockies reached much higher than that. … Yes, THESE are mountains.

Dillon, Colorado

But, being more than 9,000 feet above sea level, it meant that the 100-degree temperatures we had just suffered in Utah were long gone. In fact, as we roamed around the resort that night, Melissa and I were actually chilly in our jeans and longsleeves. Thankfully, we had decided to pack them.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

Our adventures in Keystone itself were not all that exciting. We had a very nice dinner at a fancy restaurant (where we ate things like buffalo and elk), then roamed around the lakeshore area. In the winter, this lake is an ice skating rink. During the warmer months, however, it becomes a place for ducks to float around and for eager fishermen to practice their fly fishing.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

Keystone Resort, Colorado

Most of the businesses here were quiet, but it was beautiful walking around, even under cloudy skies. I can only imagine how completely different the energy would be here during the winter months.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

Our final Keystone highlight was taking the chair lift up the mountain in front of our condo (yes, did I mention we cozied up in a condo for 2 nights?) for some great views of the surrounding mountains.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

Even though there's no snow this time of year, the chairlifts and gondolas still run — both for tourists like us, and for mountain bikers looking to tackle the trails that Keystone sets up in the mountains during the summer. It was strange to see people clad in knee pads and towing bicycles riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain. But it's actually a great idea.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

And the views from the top? Unbeatable.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

I'm already looking forward to going back to Keystone next summer for TBEX!


Each day, I’ll be cutting together a quick video to show you what we’ve been up to. Here’s Day 14:

Tomorrow, we're off on a ziplining and white water rafting adventure!

Disclaimer: Our stay in Keystone (including our condo rental, lift tickets and dinner) was provided to us on a complimentary basis by Keystone Resort. As always, though, all opinions are my own.


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