Dublin Details: 10 Photos From Dublin

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When you think of Dublin, what do you picture? Pubs? Guinness? Rain?

All of these things DO of course exist in Ireland's capital — in abundance, actually. But Dublin is much more than all the stereotypes you probably associate with it.

I spent about a week in Ireland's capital back in October, and here are 10 of my favorite photos from there, focusing on the details in Dublin that make the city really cool.

Dublin doors
Colorful doors on Georgian-style buildings
River Liffey, Dublin
The Four Courts looking impressive beside the River Liffey
Dublin pub
A really cool-looking pub
Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin
Inside the Old Library at Trinity College
Autumn colors in the city
Some pretty cool architecture
Trinity College, Dublin
Bikes along the green at Trinity College
Temple Bar, Dublin
An obligatory shot of the eye-catching Temple Bar
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
A stone bridge at Christ Church Cathedral
Dublin Sunset
And, lastly, sunset over the River Liffey

If you ever get the chance to visit Dublin, I highly recommend it. I promise that it's more than just a giant Guinness factory!!


Which Dublin photo is your favorite?



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29 Comments on “Dublin Details: 10 Photos From Dublin

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  1. I love your pictures! The autumn colors one is especially romantic. I had a great time when I visited Dublin last year.

      Thanks, Alinka! It seems that quite a few people like that one with the leaves.

    The Old Library at Trinity College is my favourite place in the whole world. Seriously. Whenever I need to becalm myself I imagine that I’m there. You’ve captured it beautifully.

      It’s such an amazing place! So many books, and such beautiful architecture.

    I love Dublin and I loved all of your photos! My favorite two are the fall leaves and the stone bridge at Christ Church Cathedral, both are very lovely.

    I love the reflection of the sunset in the water! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it!

      Glad to hear it, Suguna! I love that photo, too – catching that sunset was such luck, as it had been cloudy and rainy all day!

    Dublin is one of my favorite European towns, and I find it to be incredibly photogenic. I created a list on my travel photo blog showcasing some of my favorite spots there: http://nomadicpursuits.com/top-photo-spots-in-dublin/ – thanks for sharing your view of it! Lovely work!

      Dublin recently made it into my list of top 10 favorite European capitals – so I’m with you!

    I was not able to spend too much time in Dublin. However, the time I did spend there was nice. I did enjoy the Guinness Storehouse, which was one highlight of my trip.

      Ah yes, the Guinness Storehouse! A fun place. Though, since I don’t really drink, my favorite part was the floor dedicated to old Guinness advertising! Haha.

    Some really cool pictures there! I’ve never been to Ireland but your photos sure make it look interesting 🙂

      It IS interesting – and an easy place to travel, too. You should go sometime!

    So jealous that you got to take a photo of the library! The security guards had me under intense scrutiny when I showed up with my big DSLR and they wouldn’t let me take any photos. 🙁 Gorgeous photo essay!

      Aww really?? That’s lame!! I thought the only rule was against using tripods in the library! I saw other people in there with DSLRs…

    Like you I spent about a week in Dublin and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I think it’s too often overlooked by some travelers altogether or only given a passing glance by the rest even though it still is a capital city complete with centuries of history and culture and an amazing culinary and nightlife scene.

    Ironically I had no rain while in Dublin, only when I went south to the Glendalough area!

      Lucky you to escape the rain in Dublin! I totally agree with you, though – people tend to overlook Dublin when it’s actually an amazing city.

    All the pictures are charming. It’s hard to pick one favorite!

    I always enjoy your photos. It’s hard to choose, but I do love the photo of the leaves.

      Thanks, Patti! The colors in that leaf photo are nice, aren’t they?

        Oh my! They sure are–plus I love how colors have been added to basic archtecture ;

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