Review: GoWithOh Apartment in Montmartre, Paris

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Let's just get something out in the open: Paris is NOT a cheap destination by any means. It's a tourist hot spot (I mean, come on, who doesn't have Paris on their travel wish list?) AND a member of the EU, meaning you won't find many budget-friendly deals here outside of hostels.

So I did what I've done a few times before in the past: I looked into booking an apartment.

GoWithOh Paris

I've rented apartments while traveling before, and always enjoy having my own little space to return to each evening after a long day of sightseeing. I knew I would especially appreciate this in Paris since there's SO MUCH to see and do.

After chatting with the folks at GoWithOh for a while, I settled on a small studio apartment in the Montmartre neighborhood, in Paris' 18th arrondissement.

Montmartre, Paris

Here's what I thought of my stay:

The Pros

The location

The apartment was located in a quiet complex with a lovely garden that was within a short walk from a Metro stop, cafes, shops, and bakeries. It also felt very safe, even when I was walking there alone at night.

The amenities

The apartment had just about everything I needed — free wifi, a comfortable mattress, and even a washing machine. Linens and big fluffy towels were also included, and there were some basics like salt and sugar in the cupboards, which was an added bonus.

GoWithOh Paris

The price

This little apartment rents out for around 45 Euros per night — a really great price for a place like this; you would pay almost as much for a hostel dorm bed in the city center.

The Cons

The size

The apartment IS tiny. The bed is actually just a glorified futon which you can fold up during the day (or not, if you're me). It was plenty of space for just me, but I think even 2 people might find it cramped if they were going to spend a lot of time indoors.

The heat

It was HOT when I was in Paris. This apartment is not air-conditioned, and there wasn't even a fan provided to help with air flow. And, since the apartment was on the ground floor, I didn't feel comfortable leaving my windows open when I wasn't there, or at night when I was sleeping. However, during any other time of year this would not have been an issue.

GoWithOh Paris
The garden

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed staying here. It was just what I was looking for, and allowed me to experience Paris a bit differently than your average tourist does.

Big thanks to GoWithOh for sponsoring this stay for me in Paris!


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  1. Hi, I just found you! how long did you rent the appartment for?
    great tips for solo-travellers like me ๐Ÿ™‚

      I rented it for four nights. ๐Ÿ™‚

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