8 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Wales

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When most people (and especially most Americans) plan their first trip to the UK, a handful of destinations usually end up on their itinerary: London, Stonehenge, maybe Oxford, Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, and perhaps a hop over to Dublin since it's so close.

I don't know of very many people who add Wales to their first UK itinerary.

In fact, it took me more than five visits to Britain before I finally spent any mentionable amount of time in Wales. Everyone knows about London, and Scotland does a great job of marketing itself to tourists. Wales, on the other hand, largely gets overlooked.

But I get it. Because there are so many reasons why you should never go to Wales.

First, watch this video from Wales:

Why you should never visit Wales*

Reasons why you should probably never plan a trip to Wales include…

1. Castles, castles, castles

Caernarfon Castle and harbour at sunset
Caernarfon Castle at sunset

Wales has a ridiculous number of castles – over 600 of them, in fact, which leads many people to call the country the “castle capital of the world.” That seems a bit excessive, doesn't it? I mean, does a small country like Wales really need THAT many castles?

Many of them are in ruins now, and a few are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Seems like a lot of upkeep, if you ask me.

Conwy, Wales at dusk
An adorable street with a castle at the end? Are you for real, Wales??

And, really, who wants to drive around and see a castle on nearly every hilltop? Doesn't that get old after a while?

2. All the legends

Wales has a lot of legends associated with it and its history, from dragons to magic swords to holy drinking vessels.

The legend of Merlin, for example, was based on the Welsh legends of the wizard Myrddin Wyllt, and many historians argue that King Arthur isn't a myth at all, but instead a real figure from Welsh history (though perhaps not actually a king). There's the mystery surrounding the Nanteos Cup, too, which many believe to be THE Holy Grail.

But c'mon, Wales. No need to be putting fairy tales in peoples heads.

Bridge in Betws-y-Coed, Wales
Yet another fairytale-like spot in Wales.

3. Old language

Go home, Wales: your language is drunk.

The Welsh language is an old one – it dates back thousands of years, in fact, and is likely the oldest language in Britain. And yet the language has changed little despite so many millennia passing. It's still ridiculously difficult to speak (well, for us non-Welsh, at least), and don't even bother trying to read signs in Welsh. It's just futile.

This is seriously a place name in Wales:

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch train station

It means “The Church of Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the fierce whirlpool and the Church of Tysilio by the red cave.”

Yes. For real. It's one of the longest place names in the world.

If the place names aren't silly enough, Tolkien also based one of his versions of the Elvish language (Sindarin) on Old Welsh. So yes, it's so strange-sounding and old that it was actually the basis for a made-up fantasy language.

4. The scenery

Conwy harbour at sunset
Conwy harbour at sunset
Lake Vyrnwy at twilight
Lake Vyrnwy

Wales has all sorts of scenery, from rolling hills (that they call mountains) to crashing coastlines. The roads through some of this scenery are twisting and so narrow that two cars literally can't pass one another. And they're often littered with sheep.

The combination of these two things will probably mean that you'll stop a lot when driving and you'll be late to everything.

Welsh countryside
Welsh roads

And then there are the beaches, which are far too empty and clean compared to ones you'll find elsewhere in Europe. Some have even won awards and stuff, which kind of just makes it feel like Wales is showing off.

Ynys Llanddwyn in Wales
Ynys Llanddwyn
Ynys Llanddwyn beach
Ynys Llanddwyn

5. Adventure sports

People in Wales are a little crazy.

Not only do they do things like surfing and whitewater rafting in frigid mountain water, but they also like to fly down mountainsides on bikes, hurtle over old quarries on zip lines, and even invented a sport that combines swimming, coastal hiking, and cliff jumping in a sport the Welsh have dubbed “coasteering.”

Zip lining at Zip World Titan in Wales
Zip lining in Wales
Gorge hiking in Wales
Gorge hiking in Wales

I know of New Zealand as an adventure-crazy country, but Wales may be just as insane when it comes to inventive (and abundant) ways to hurt yourself.

RELATED: 7 Epic Adventures to Have in North Wales

6. Adorable towns

Little Welsh towns – like the ones you'll find in Snowdonia – are unbearably cute. With old stone buildings and cozy low-ceilinged cafes and pubs, it's just too much.

Dolgellau town center in Wales
Dolgellau town center

Dial back on the quaintness, Wales. Seriously. You're going to leave people very disappointed when they visit other villages after these.

Betws-y-Coed train staion
Betws-y-Coed train staion
Caernarfon, Wales
Street in Caernarfon

7. Welsh humbleness

People in wales are far too humble. Whereas in Scotland they are quick to tell you what a town or loch or island is famous for, in Wales you almost have to force it out of the locals.

They also don't like to brag about their famous Welsh residents (like Tom Jones and Roald Dahl) or about cool accomplishments (they built the first traffic suspension bridge) or fun facts (Wales is home to a 4,000 year old tree!).

Smallest house in Great Britain in Conwy, Wales
For example, the smallest house in Great Britain is in Conwy, Wales!

Stop being so darn sheepish, Wales! (I mean, I know you HAVE lots of sheep, but you don't need to act like them.) A little bragging every once in a while will do you good.

8. Not a lot of tourists

Lastly, since most tourist to the UK go to places like London and Edinburgh, you'll find many parts of Wales virtually devoid of any tourists. You can walk into a pub in many small cities and find only locals speaking Welsh (who will give you a strange look when you start speaking English).

Even the touristy places still feel very quiet.

Caernarfon, Wales at sunset

It's a real shock after visiting so many other parts of the UK where you just find busloads and busloads of tourists.

Seaside resort town of Llandudno, Wales
Even the seaside resort town of Llandudno was quiet.

*I don't hate Wales, folks

To address all the angry people leaving comments on this post… of course I don't actually hate Wales!

In case my snarkiness didn't come through, let me state it plainly: this entire post is written tongue-in-cheek.

These are all reasons why you SHOULD visit Wales. I think Wales is an amazing part of the UK, and I'm frankly baffled over why more people don't visit.

With all the castles, beautiful scenery, outdoor adventure, and the fact that there aren't a ton of tourists, there's really no denying that Wales is a great destination.

Harbor in Conwy, Wales

I only spent a handful of days in northern Wales, but it was long enough for me to conclude that Wales is very special (and I'm definitely not saying that just because I have a Welsh surname…).

In fact, I think my next trip to the UK might be JUST a trip to Wales!

Who's ready to plan a trip to Wales?

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*Note: I was a guest of Visit Wales and Visit Britain on this trip, but all opinions – along with replies to all nasty comments left by people who haven't actually read this post – as always, are 100% my own.

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. Well this post convinced me to never go to Wales. I mean, who wants to see castles and learn about fairy tales? Not me, ew.. 😉

    I cannot wait to go one day!!!!!

      I know, right? What a truly awful place! 😉

      I LOVED it!

        That’s WME for you. It is completely obvious that this article is portraying a sarcastic image of our non independent Principality of wales. Yet this village idiot is unable to sense this. Your too easily offended. All of you Welsh natz.

          I been to Wales one i want go back 2021 spend time there suppose big festival around July 4 like spend couple weeks i didnt like London love a pkace called Snowdonia would love help places to go my name Gary Lewellyn my family came from Walesm

          I am lucky enough to live in this beautiful country.

      What the h*ck people these are stupid reasons. Castles and fairy tales are part of welsh culture and you are insulting it.

        … It’s called sarcasm. Wales is of course an amazing place!

          I have said this before and I will say it again, what you write is not sarcasm, sarcasm is nasty, the lowest form of wit though sometimes very clever. What you write is called tongue in cheek, not nasty but jokey.

      I don’t understand… Was this a joke? These almost all seem like reasons to go to Wales?

        Did you read “the caveat” where I say this whole post is tongue-in-cheek (i.e. a sarcastic way of saying Wales is awesome)?

          I read it all Amanda and picked up very quickly you meant the opposite to what you were saying! Very cleverly written! 🙂
          Visit the breathtaking Brecon Beacons one day! 🙂

        True, its very pretty in wales

      I hated you so much until the last paragraph 🙂

    I want to go just to see that place name sign! Crazy.

      Haha yes it’s definitely an attraction all it’s own!

    I DID go do Wales on my first trip to the UK. I was staying nearby in Northwest England and went to Wales nearly every weekend. The hiking there is amazing and so is the scenery.

      That’s awesome to hear! And yes, great hiking there too!

      I hate it when English people say “they stop speaking when they hear you speaking English” that’s an old myth that needs to die. It just doesn’t happen. I’ve lived all over Wales and I speak Welsh but I’ve never heard of this happening (English is my first language)

      Wales is very awesome though.

    Hmm, finally something worth reading about Wales! I’m a bloke who likes things simple and the quaintness of Wales is great for me. Plus, I don’t think I’ll have any problems with cars, as I go about my trips in a bicycle. I’ll enjoy Wales very much…can’t wait!

      If you like quiet and great scenery, you’ll love Wales! (And I saw lots of cycling groups there, too! Just be careful on those crazy roads…)

    I know a (non-Welsh) guy who can say that name and uses that to impress people whenever he can 😀
    Apart from that, you are absolutely right. Wales looks like such a dull place and I desperately want to go..!

      Mad props to that guy – I certainly would be impressed!

    Sshhh, Wales is meant to be a secret.

      Exactly why I’m telling people they should never go there! 😉

    I wouldn’t be able to give you a sensible reason for not visiting Wales yet. Even while I lived in Edinburgh for three years, it didn’t even cross my mind. How foolish I was! I make a solemn promise to Wales not to skip it next time I visit the UK!

      A very wise promise to make, I think! 😉

    I have a picture of the lengthy name at the train station too! 🙂

    Speaking of castles in Wales, Cardiff’s famous Castle is worth visiting too. You can easily spend a few hours there as well as exploring the city center.

      I didn’t visit Cardiff on my first trip, but it’s definitely on the list for next time!

    I spent a few days in Wales back in ’09 and really loved it! It’s certainly underrated as a destination with such a gorgeous landscape, and of course, all of the castles! Definitely can’t wait to return to the Land of Dragons again. Thanks for sharing!

      “Underrated” is definitely the word! I loved it a lot, and see many more trips to Wales in my future.

    This post makes me want to go to Wales even more! We had it on our UK list (first time) this past summer, but due to a air traffic control strike our flight was delayed and later cancelled. I guess this means we will just have to go back and spend our entire vacation time in Wales! 😉

      I’d say that sounds like a pretty good plan!

    I am only 5″1′ tall, I think that red small house is just perfect for me! 🙂

      You know what’s funny? The guy who originally lived there was a fisherman who was over 6 feet tall!

    Now I want to go to Wales! I have no idea how it’s not insanely popular if it’s as awesome as your posts make it seem. Like Wales was never on my bucket list before but after reading about it it may have jumped nearly to the top 🙂 And I would actually consider planning an entire trip around Wales, and taking side trips to the rest of the UK, cause it really seems like my kind of place!

      It’s such an underrated and overlooked destination, but I really do think it’s amazing!

    This was hilarious! I was thinking you’d be writing about bad weather and sheep but this was even better!

      Haha, glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it. 🙂

    what a cute post!!! made me laugh a lot. just love your sense of humor. and yes, definitely avoiding wales now…not 🙂

      It was a fun post to write – sometimes you just need to mix it up a little bit!

    Wales is so special. I actually went on my first trip to Britain 16 years ago, but I haven’t been back since and that’s just a sad oversight on my part. Got to go back now!

      It really is special – I hope to return soon!

    ‘Love your post.

    I’m a British person, and I’ve been to Wales a few times. It really is quite lovely, and you’re right, not even English people tend to visit ‘cos it’s in our backyard type of thing lol! I actually visited Wales more, now that I actually live in Germany!!

    However, the seaside is amazing, the hills roll, the people are humble, and the national parks are fantastic!

      Wales definitely has a lot going for it, and I was really happy to discover just how lovely it is!

    This is a great blog post. Love the reverse psychology thing you’ve got going on.

    Been to Wales a few times and have to agree that it’s a pretty special place.

      It’s fun to write things from a slightly different perspective sometimes – glad you enjoyed the post!

    I didn’t make it to Wales until my *third* visit to the UK. We took a train from London to spend the day in Cardiff, including a visit to the Doctor Who Experience, which was great fun.

    You’re completely right, though- Wales is less flooded with tourists than the other places I went within the UK, and it’s all quite pretty. Great post!

      I still haven’t been to Cardiff – definitely on my “next time” list!

    Love this post.

    I have lived in Wales for 15 years now and lucky to have some beautiful places just up the road. Brecon Beacons is a must. If you come to Wales you can not leave without walking up Pen Y Fan and going up Snowdonia.

    There are so many quaint places to visit as you can see from the pictures. From Tenby to Saint David@s soooo many.

    There is so much to see and as an English person living in Wales after all this time I can still not pronounce half of the street names.

    Also never ever had chips and cheese until I came here. Now I am addicted. 🙂

      There are definitely lots of places that I’d love to visit next time!


    I came across your site while researching Southeast Asia as myself and my girlfriend are travelling there soon. I then stumbled this post and loved it, plus being welsh made it an ever better read for me. It’s really nice to see wales being recognised by fellow travellers. Thank you, and also your information on Southeast Asia have been very helpful.

      Happy to be able to help, Callum – and even happier that you enjoyed this post! I had fun writing it, and had even more fun in Wales!

    Great article about Wales Amanda. Looks like you missed out on the south western part – you should definitely add it to your itinerary for your next visit.

      Yes, I was mostly in the north during this trip – but I definitely plan to return!

    I am going to be in the UK in September. Unfortunately, most of our time is already scheduled, but we want to take a day trip from London to Wales. We won’t have a car, so will have to take a train and walk or find transport once we are there. Do you have a suggestion for where we should spend our so very short time in Wales?

      To be very honest, a day trip to Wales from London using public transport isn’t going to allow you much time in Wales at all! If you’re going to do it, I would probably take the train to Cardiff. It’s about 2 hours one-way, which would allow you about half a day to explore Cardiff.

    To be 100% percent honest Wales is a shit holiday destination. But a amazing place to live , I can only think of 3 places better to live and that’s Canada , North Usa and New Zealand. We have some beautiful county side , we are bilingual since we speak welsh and English ( English south and welsh in the valleys/north )

    But tbh we have nothing to do what so ever.

    Great place though.

    I’m only a year late reading this, but I spent two weeks in Wales last month on my first UK trip – intentionally! It was not enough time. One week in Snowdonia and another just south of Brecon Breacons. Each time I stayed in one of those stone houses in a quaint, small town like you mentioned. I was surprised Welsh was spoken so much since I’d just come from Belfast and Gaelic is not commonly heard there. People keep telling me to start a travel blog and I’m too nervous to do it. It’s such a passion of mine.

      I really loved Wales, too, and can’t wait to go back and explore a lot more next time!

    I myself have 1 quarter welsh blood in me. I would love to see all the castles and definitely for an American it is a culture shock for those coming from big cities to explore a more quiet rural setting. From the sound of it the preservation of their language, culture and landscape makes it impressive for those who want a holiday that’s different to your typical tourist swamped experience. The fact that its so medieval is impressive. It has been shadowed by England for so long!

      Despite my tongue-in-cheek approach to this post, I really loved Wales and agree with you – it’s special and impressive!

    I’m sorry but I believe that as a person from wales that this is an absolute outrage. You’re telling people not to come to wales, wales gets so much of its money from tourism and this will cause a lot of people not to come. You’re complaining about wales being good, and if it were bad you would you would pick on that and be bullying towards that to. Personally I believe that this could be classed as racist as you are making us feel ashamed of our heritage and country!

      Ummm… did you even read this post, or did you just see the title and leave this comment? If you read the post, you’ll know it was written tongue-in-cheek and is actually a love letter to Wales! I love Wales and think it’s a great destination!

        if you think that this is a great destination then why didn’t you entitle it with something that was actually to do with the piece? and as a fluent welsh speaker we do take pride in our language and calling it ‘drunk’ is really offensive. how would you feel if someone wrote this about where you live, a place you take pride in and a place you love

          Well, this is my blog and I’m allowed to take creative license with my content and have fun with it, like I did here. I’m from the US, so I’m quite used to reading negative things about my own country. (Though, again, this post isn’t actually negative! It’s written with sarcasm and is meant to be humorous – I’m sorry that you don’t get it, but I won’t be changing the post.)

      Cerys, “I’m sorry but I believe that as a person from Wales that this is an absolute outrage.” You are making it seem like the Welsh are stupid and humourless.

      Enjoyed the article. Next time you must visit the beaches of Gower!


      Christ Carys get a bloody grip! Its obviously written in good humour and your being chopsy is more likely to put people off visiting Wales than this article is! Wales is literally one of the friendliest nations on earth and you’ve just done a right job on us there with your whinging!

        I’m Welsh and found the article charming and funny. I could definitely tell it was tongue in cheek from the first paragraph, but calling the Welsh language “drunk” is kinda offensive. Perhaps people from the South don’t get as offended and aggressive as people from the North do when someone mocks the language, idk, but in the North we learn Welsh as babies and are raised to respect and be proud of the language and we’re taught the despicable things that happened to Welsh people who spoke Welsh not even 80 years ago.
        We’re already told that our language is shit, makes no sense, looks like someone ran across the keyboards, looks like a drunk person wrote it, and to have someone (even jokingly) shit all over such a beautiful language that has endured centuries of the English government trying to eradicate it, is disgraceful.

    I’m not expecting you to change the post, or cause you to be less ‘creative’ or ‘fun’ however I just believe that when your mocking or joking about a whole country (and a very patriotic one at that!) that you should be more empathetic and careful with your selection of words and topics. I understand that you probably went through a lot of trouble to do this, but on the contrary I still think that some of the things were unnecessary and therefor a bit far.

      Please, be quiet. From a proud Welshman.
      Great article, you need to visit the south. Waterfall country, the Gower, and the Pembrokeshire coastal path

    Hi, I live in Wales in Cardiff and i wanted to see what others saw when they visited Wales! also next time you go to Wales be sure to go to Cardiff and there is one magnificent castle right in the centre. And i totally agree, people here can be quite crazy!!!.

      Yes I definitely need to get to Cardiff!

    Replies to this lovely article show how uneducated and lazy these people are. How would you believe that someone is wasting her time on a long article with charming pictures in order to say bad things about a country? SMFH!

    Thank you so much for all these information. I am planning a UK+Ireland trip(a month) and thinking about Wales even though this is going to be my first time 🙂

    Perhaps you can spend a week easily but I need to figure out how to organize Wales part(what to do, how many days) properly.

    What would you do?(I know the question is not fair)

    Thank you

      A month sounds like a long time, but you could easily spend two weeks in Ireland and two weeks in Scotland alone! I mean, I guess you could do a week each in Ireland/NI, Scotland, England, and Wales if you wanted to divide it up that way, but it would probably mean only getting to see a couple highlights in each country!

    Go to Isle of Man and you can see ireland England Scotland and wales from there, was up on the Dublin mountains during the week and could see welsh mountains Isle of Man and mourne mountains in Northern Ireland. All so close together so you can easily spend a few days in each country and see a lot of stuff

    What are you saying!? Wales is an amazing place! All of these reasons are garbage! Castles are cool, and myths and fairy tales are just stories and shouldn’t be a reason not to go there. Besides the castles, Wales is just like any other country, only a lot more interesting. What if I said I was from there? What if I said I can pronounce llanfairpwllg
    wyngyllgogerychwrndobwyllllantysiliogogogoch? (and I can!) Also, this is WAY more than 8 reasons. >:(

      It’s exactly 8 reasons, and clearly you didn’t read to the end because I very clearly point out that this post was written with loving sarcasm. I love Wales and think everyone should go there!

      While Welsh’s are known for thier humble and friendliness….they aren’t very cultured outside of thier country, OR they are a bit serious. Explains why I am called weird growing up in USA but have mostly DNA from people of Wales. I’m sarcastic likes it’s my job. £¥©× formality and stiff personality…but, seriously I want to go to Wales to feel it. It’s amazing to go anywhere I’ve never been and learn while there for the first time, what history in it’s geography is like.

    I do like Wales itself but obviously like Welsh less, especially after I read those comments. Fantastic article Amanda, thank you! Welsh should be proud to have you as their tourist ambassador 🙂

    Best regards from Croatia – come to visit us as well one day!

      Hey Gala. Don’t hate all of us just because of a few humourless idiots. Every country has idiots, and the internet has a special way of finding them!

    Oh I know! It’s a bloody awful place! Can’t go anywhere without tripping over a castle or a legend. <3 😉

    Thanks for all the reasons not to go, surely gonna strike Wales trip off from my bucket list ; )

      Yup, definitely don’t wanna go there! 😉

    Are people really that stupid?? Clearly, the title and whole article was a joke. “3 reasons to not like puppies 1) Adorable 2) Fun 3) Loving”

    …..”Oh my God, how dare you say something mean about puppies!!!!!!”

    These are no reasons not to visit Wales. Wales is one of the most beautiful countries ever. And the language is great. By the way, castles are really fun to climb on! (Yup, I’m that kind of kiddo). Ans what’s wrong whit legendes? And I’m learning Welsh now. I have to say that it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s fun to learn. And yes, Welsh is an old language, but why is that a reason for not going to Wales. I don’t try to be mean, but I just don’t think these are good reasons. And I’m sorry when my English Sucks, I’m Dutch.

      Clearly you didn’t read to the end of the post – this post is written to be sarcastic, and I do explain at the end that these are all reasons why you SHOULD go to Wales!

    Hey Amanda. Herby from South Germany visited Scotland and Ireland 10 times or more. But never had planed to go to Wales. This year i decided to plan a Trip to Wales in 2019 – May-June. I will be alone and travel with a rental car through Wales for two weeks. My wife and a lot of my friends looked very astonished about my plan… Why Wales… what´s there ? So i have seen a report in the german tv about Wales, and i knew for one moment, i must visit this country ! So i found today your Internet- report and i will say: Thank you for the informations there…

      If you like Scotland and Ireland, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t also like Wales!

    I would love to travel to Wales I always thought I’d enjoy Wales now I’m convinced I’d hate Wales and must make plans to visit

    Maureen Floyd (that’s taken from the Welsh name for Lloyd)


      Haha! Thanks for embracing my sarcastic humor. 😉 Wales is great and you should definitely visit!

    so do they like really have a different language? that seems so weird when they are right next to england which has like an amazing language with shakespear and stuff is it like english?

      The English were not the first people to settle in Wales – or Scotland or Ireland. All of those places have native languages (often a version of Gaelic), and the same is true in Wales! It looks and sounds nothing like English.

      Yes we do have our own language, but most people can speak English.
      There are still many areas where people speak Welsh as their first language, particularly in the north.
      It’s not a bit like English – It’s a Celtic language. The Welsh are possibly the last enclave of the original British.

    I was soooooo angry reading this because I am Welsh and it was quite offensive, no one that I have gone up to has ever said anything like this. I know your joking and all but Wales isn’t all what you just said we have beautiful landscapes, amazing schools and also the Welsh language is actually quite beautiful as I am half-Fluent. This comment is not meant for any hate I just wanted to get my point across thank you ?

      I guess Wales just doesn’t use sarcasm in the way the rest of the UK does? These are all actually reason why Wales is AMAZING, which I explain if you read all the way to the end of the post!

        They do…just there appears to have been a load of dozys reading this article wrongly!

    You just insulted wales by calling it an amazing place? How stupid can one man get? You said that adorable towns and not a lot of tourist are reasons you should not go to wales. But man, come on bro. You should of thought this through

      And you should perhaps read the entire post before commenting, bro. This is all sarcasm – these are reasons why people SHOULD go to Wales, and I explicitly explain that at the end because apparently lots of people have been confused by this. And as for how stupid one man can get… well I dunno because I’m not a man. 😉

    I love Wales… It looks mature, stony, chilly, a bit spooky, but positively beautiful. Send me some information about Wales, brochures, info-mails, pictures… cannot get enough of it.

      I don’t have any info to send you I’m afraid, but you’re welcome to enjoy the content on Wales that’s on this site!

        Wales is amazing but the welsh hate anyone apart from welsh and i dont blame them they want to keep it welsh just how England wanted to keep it English but failed miserably. Their keeping it a true welsh country and not a dumping ground for every nation on earth.

          This comment doesn’t really pertain to the content of this post at all, but I’m going to reply anyway. Yes, it’s true that “England wanted to keep it English,” but let’s not forget that England wanted to make most of the rest of the world English, too – they have a long history of colonization, including in Wales! And yet when people from some of those countries they colonized want to move to England, forget about it. People have always been bigoted and xenophobic; it’s just that we’re much more aware of it these days thanks to globalization and the internet.

            Very true, i have nothing against mixing cultures but if you were from the uk you would understand . And this post had nothing to do with what i was drolling about so excuse me from diversing the nature of it I was just stating the fact and telling how one of a very few western countries is trying its best to stay to its own even from its neighbours thats why so few tourists .

    Just came back after spending two days in Snowdonia and loved that train station at Betws-y-Coed along with most of Wales had to offer. I only spent couple of days but Welsh people were brilliant. Humble, helpful and respectful but finding specific food is a pain. Not a lot of south Asians so it was impossible to find Halal food. Wales is definitely underrated and i plan to visit again in summer. Loved your ‘reasons not to visit’ Wales. :p

      Isn’t Betws-y-Coed just so cute?? I really need to get back to Wales to see more of it!

    I enjoyed reading your post. I am going to Wales this June and am very excited. Both of my grandfather’s parents were born in Wales so I feel this trip will be extra special.

    I loved, loved, loved this post and the pictures and the sarcasm even though I am never sarcastic (said with sarcasm). According to my DNA I have some Welsh background and would love to visit there someday. You provided some very interesting starting places. Are there inns or bed and breakfast places available most places? Also loved your reference to Lord of the Rings. (I’m a fan!)

      I stayed in hotels when I was in Wales, but B&Bs are pretty common in the UK and Ireland, so I have no doubt you could find some great ones! Glad you enjoyed the post!

    I wouldn’t call it sarcasm at all, it’s called” tongue in cheek” to say it’s sarcastic leads to the misunderstanding that it’s hostile. Tongue in cheek is a form of joking. Oscar Wilde said” sarcasm is the lowest form of wit- but the highest form of intelligence.” Take from that what you will.

    Mmm…this honestly makes me feel a wee bit sad for Wales! Wales in an amazing place that deserves more attention than it’s given and I could even see myself living there and being happy! Though at the end of the day everyone has their own likes and dislikes I suppose :3

      Did you read the entire post? It’s all written tongue-in-cheek – these are all reasons you SHOULD go to Wales, as it’s amazing!

    As a 25 year old Indian (male), I just want to move to Wales with my future wife, and live a peaceful quite life. Love the post !

    Uhhhhhh……I’m Welsh…

      Awesome! Then you should enjoy this post! (If you actually read it all, you’ll see that this is all tongue-in-cheek; I love Wales!)

    That’s insulting, you have no real reason to hate such a beautiful country. Don’t post things like this. You could offend people and even worse, loose fans. Every time you visit a new country I would recommend noting the good things about it. After all at the end of the day you could have ended up with Welsh readers

      I would recommend reading the entire post before you leave a comment! I don’t hate Wales at all – these are all the reasons why I love the country, written completely tongue-in-cheek! (And this is explained very clearly at the end of the post.)

    Wales is awesome. I love it… Thinking about moving there.

    This Pretty much convinced me to visit Wales. And I want to know, Was this post sarcastic? I mean Wales looks really awesome.

      If you read the entire post, then yes you’d know it was written in jest! 😉

    What’s the best time of year to visit Wales?

      You can go any time of year, honestly! I visited in late September and it was quite lovely. I’d probably recommend July-August for the warmest weather, but it’s the UK so you could run into anything no matter when you go!

    I am American and just came back from Wales yesterday after spending a week there. I went to visit a childhood friend. Before I visited, I was so excited to see all the things you have mentioned, but my host refused to show me any place much beyond Cardiff. It turns out that many Welsh have never been to the places you have mentioned due to road way conditions…one lane to be specific. Weather is also a concern…while I was there two named stormed came through with 30pmh winds and cold temperatures. There is a high rate of depression among the Welsh. I also learned that with this depression comes lack of selfcontrol with the tongue and anger. The specific Welsh people that I visited were rude to strangers and muttered and grumbling about everyone and everything all the time…racial comments made. If I could do it over again, I would go in a time that is warmer (I visited in mid March) and not entangled myself with the person I visited. I wanted to sign up for a Meet Up hiking group, but was told by my host not to make those plans. If the people that I visited are a representation of Wales, then it would not be good. It’s strange but, just like in your article, the Welsh who pride themselves on sarcasm, don’t handle it well when sarcasm is use by Americans. They take why we say literally. I sensed that many may they have a chip on their shoulder (they are overly sensitive) and lash out before asking for clarification. It has been said that 1 in 6 people are taking antidepressants in Wales.

    I think my biggest takeaway was that even though this country speaks English, there is still a huge vocabulary difference. The person I visited would become highly frustrated with me because he claimed I wasn’t listening to him, but the truth was that when he needed me to use my navigation map app, he never called it that. Instead, his directive was to “get on the sati” (I guess this is short for the satilite?? or internet? ) …and when he asked me if I brought a rucksack (which sounded like ruh-suk), I wasn’t quite sure what he ment…and later when I didn’t show up with one he again lit into me for not listening. That is when I learned that he was referring to a backpack or bookbag as more commonly used in my area of U.S. When I wanted to go to a museum that cost money, I was told that “there’s nothing to really see of interest” and “not worth the money.” So, although I love my Welsh friend, our long awaited visit was encompassed with the air of depression and a lot of miscommunication problems. His Welsh accent was heavy and he left out consonants at the end of syllables and at the end of words. He was continually frustrated with me for not listening (understanding) what he was saying and the when he was angry he would not speak directly… he would use harsh sarcasm. So this posed another problem – interpreting his sarcasm funny or angry. Because his reactions were so big, I assumed that he was trying to be funny and would smile or laugh. I realize now that he was really being mean and so my reaction just frustrated him more. Ugh! I can only remember one time when there was a laugh between us. Although, I was encouraged by him to come a visit, he was embarrassed of his living conditions and that attitude prevailed during the entire visit. Well, It’s good to be home. I hope all Welsh people are not like this.

      Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience there! Winter is definitely not the best time to visit anywhere in the UK, so if you go back, I’d definitely recommend going in summer!

      Hi Disappointed,
      I’m so sorry your experience of Wales and it’s people didn’t live up to your expectations. I wish to say that I am stunned. I am Welsh and, in my 58 years experience of living in Wales, I can only apologise for your experience, and say that the majority of Welsh people are warm, welcoming, friendly and helpful. I love living in Wales, and cannot imagine living anywhere else. It is such a beautiful country, and always delightful to explore. When we travel to other countries there can be culture differences, which can be amusing, odd or outright disagreeable to us. A family visit to France a number of years ago resulted in us vowing never to visit the country again. We came across rude, arrogant and aggressive people, who showed us no kindness or tolerance. Even when we were lost, we asked numerous people for help. Even showing them a piece of paper with the place name of where we needed to go, and trying to explain we were lost, was met with disdain. We turned to the gendarmes for help and were told to go away! We haven’t given France or the French people the opportunity to show us that they are nice and worth visiting. I sincerely hope you will give Wales another chance. Wales is spectacularly beautiful. I recently spent a day in West Wales visiting Rhossili Bay, which is breathtakingly beautiful. Having some refreshments, we were delighted to chat with an American couple and then a Swedish couple. Both couples completely over-awed by Wales, looking forward to more exploring, and commenting on the friendliness of everyone they had met so far into their trip. My husband was born abroad but has made Wales his home for almost 40 years, and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!
      As for the silly negative comments about the article, I’m quite surprised that there are actually people out there who failed to recognise that the article was tongue-in-cheek, and promoting Wales! I thought it was great🙂

        I agree, I don’t believe you will ever be lonely in Wales. Its one of the friendliest nations on earth! There is also no problem with transport routes, the M4 motorway serves south Wales and trains and A road links are fine across the rest of the country! Weather can be blustery and wet like the rest of the UK…or scorching (its was mid 30’s today)…don’t let it put you off, its certainly not extreme! Only thing I would say is if you are going to ask for directions from the Welsh, take a seat…and put the kettle on!

    well, they’ve won the rugby now so they’re probably a lot happier , beating the English is a major part of the Welsh id.

    I loved your article. And, prior to reading the these comments, Wales was on our short list of places to visit in consideration of a move. Less interested now…. while you are a delightful writer, I am disheartened by the defensiveness displayed by the Welsh commenters! Read it before you react to it, people. The catchy title worked on you as it did for all those that “got” the article. Amanda, please remember, people that are not full of hate and discontent cannot spew hate and discontent. Not about you! Please, keep on!

      Thanks, Jane! And don’t worry, I don’t take the negative comments here seriously – they actually just kind of amuse me, because it proves that people don’t even read things before they leave their angry comments!

        My mother and I are heading to Oxford next month for graduation. I’m very much looking forward to visiting Wales. I have been a Tom Jones fan since a child and told my dad when I was 8 that I was gonna go there. I can wait to send him pics 30 years later. Thanks for the well written article.

    you obviously know hardly anything, Wales is absolutely beautiful yes it’s not your topical beach but I recommend people visit it all the time your points were so vague and hardly backed up anything you said

      Whoops i didn’t realise it was a joke I was about to get annoyed ???

        This is why it’s really important to read THE WHOLE THING (anything, whether it’s a news story or blog post or just an email from a friend) before leaving a comment! 🙂

    Tell me best way to go to Bordogan Castle Angelsey Wales from London or Ely England.

      I am not sure – but I’m sure Google Maps could give you some route options!

    My friend, whose family is from Wales, turns 77 this summer. She has never been there. I would like to take her there for one week in July. Where – oh – where should we stay? So many beautiful places to choose from!

      It’s definitely a tough choice! I loved the area around Snowdonia National Park!

    because you will never ever want to leave it–the best place in the world

    I will NEVER visit Wales — except every chance I get! So wonderful and wonder-filled!

    I’m Welsh. I loved reading this – it’s funny to see what visitors think of Wales because so few people visit it’s hard to know! And of course I knew you were being sarcastic from the very beginning. We British surly invented sarcasm! But I quite like having the mountains (yes they are mountains not hills!) to myself so yes, these are great reasons to never visit Wales 😉

      Haha, well some of your fellow Welshmen and women clearly need a little refresher in sarcasm, judging by the kinds of comments I usually get on this post! 😉

    Thank you for your analysis, just a taste of how wonderful Wales is !
    There is nowhere on earth I’d rather be !

    When this article came up in my news feed, I thought ‘what the f!’ who has the nerve to right reasons why you shouldn’t visit my beautiful country. Then I read the article and I love it, not only is it fantastically written but actually the sarcastic humour made it a joy to read.
    I know all of this about the place I live and tbh its why I love the place I live.
    The reality is, i can’t think of 1 reason you wouldn’t want to read this article.
    Diolch x

      Well I appreciate that you took the time to actually read the article! Plenty of people just get mad at the title and completely miss all the gushing love for Wales. 🙂

    I cant believe you have said that about my country me and my friends were disgusted amanda. Wales amazing the thing about castles was just low really low🤬😡 wales uniq and castles are a part of its history!!!
    and you now what we will take clean beaches as a compliment thank you very much amanda
    and we dont show and we dont tell tourists amazing fact because we do not like to brag .

      Before you tell me how disgusted you are, I invite you to read the WHOLE post. At the end I explain that this is written tongue-in-cheek and that these are of course all things that are great about Wales.

      I agree AMANDA!!! (I was one of the friends I was crying)

        And I’ll agree with my previous comment – read the WHOLE POST before you get mad.

          i did read the whole thing and i am still upset about the drunk language thing
          still a good article

        This is too funny! I’m wondering when the comments like these, end? I don’t know why you even respond after this far, Amanda. This is hilarious…. I think I know what I’m doing when I go….Making videos of locals’s reactions to Americans, “blasphamy of thier country” .

    Just so u know…..i lived in wales 2 years and had only seen 1 castle

      That’s almost impressive, considering how many castles there are!

    Lol, Just recently found ADB and read this today. Of course I knew it was “tongue in cheek”. Honestly I can’t believe anyone would think otherwise from the get go?! I thought it was a fun post and whereas I have been to England and Scotland several times, I have not yet ventured to Wales. Because of your amusing article, I am definitely moving it up on my travel list!

    Thanks so much!

      Wales is lovely, and I hope you’ll get to visit and discover all these (decidedly NOT awful) things about it for yourself!

    I see this is older blog post, but I would love to ask how are the prices? How much to spend in a day, in 2 weeks?
    I made myself a top 30 countries I want to visit and I got inspired by articles about most beautiful countries.

      It’s been quite a few years, so I can’t quote any exact prices for you. Wales is part of the UK, and uses the British Pound, so it’s not exactly a cheap destination. BUT, the Pound has fallen in value in recent years, and I do feel like Wales is slightly less expensive to visit than England or Scotland.

    These seem more like reasons that you should go to Wales haha. I’m confused on if the writer purposefully did that or if they genuinely think those are bad reasons. Wales sounds beautiful and I will certainly try to get there sometime.

      If you read the FULL post, you won’t have to speculate or be confused. 😉

    I apologise on behalf of my fellow countrymen who don’t seem to read before mindlessly commenting! Great post❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

      Haha, it’s okay. The mean comments from people who don’t read mostly just make me laugh!

    this is fucking ridiculous this has made me so angry! welsh is a beautiful language! how dare you say its ‘drunk’! castles are historical sites and are beneficial for historians and tourists who want to explore wales AND ITS ALRIGHT TO HAVE A FEW MYTHS AND LEGENDS! children love learning about folk tales and its alright to have a little imagination! our country is beautiful how dare you insult it!

    i agree with everything here apart from language Welsh is not a difficult language its a myth. if you can speak English the language of the verbally insane then Welsh is easey peasey

    We lived in England (Surrey) for 10 years, 1979-1988, and traveled constantly. We saw every bit of the Island. There is no questions North Wells was a major highlight. Yorkshire is another off the tourist track delight.

      I need to get back to Wales to see more – and I need to see more of England, too! I always spend too much time in Scotland whenever I’m in the UK.

    Wales, is of the same stock as it’s Celtic cousins, Scotland and Ireland. If it were a drink, for example, we would all be of the same type, but having different notes and flavours within that drink. England I would say, would be a completely different drink altogether.

    If I were to use Whisky for example, Scotland would have the boldest tastes, they have the highest, mountains. The most rugged landscapes and changeable, often harsh weather. The whiskey analogy becomes very apparent here, as Scotland would typically be a Scotch.

    The Irish, again, rich with mountains, emerald green lands, rolling hills and scenic beauty, have very similar tastes present to Scotland, but with some beautiful cultural additions, the singing and pub night life (known as the craic), beautifully eccentric locals etc. I did find in Ireland, however, that things were very tourist focused and particularly askewed towards the myriad American tourists flocking there. This detracted from the authenticity of Ireland for me.

    Settled between these two nations geographically, sharing a land border with England and maritime border with Ireland, just 2 hours drive away from London is Wales. Culturally very similar to it’s Celtic cousins, where the Irish have the craic, the Welsh have hwyl. A relaxed yet simultaneously energised (often drunk) passion for party and a sense of fun. This, Celtic cheer, in all three nations, spills over into the pubs and if you can find a folk band you will be in for a great night out. Where Wales differs is in it’s bardic traditions. For hundreds of years to be culturally hailed as a bard in Wales was a great honour and held much prestige. This still continues to this day. The Welsh have always been famous for their celebration of song, so if you can try to visit a male voice choir or folk festival then you will be in for a treat.


    As for the castles, which are indeed everywhere. It is well worth buying a CADW membership, which I believe can be purchased at most CADW run castles. This will then give you free access to all the castles run by them throughout Wales, saving you some “arian” (Welsh for money)


    As for whisky. If want to sample a Welsh whisky there is only one major distillery in Wales which offers tours and talks


    Oh and beware the Tylwyth Teg, the Gwyllgi and Arwan 😉

    Thanks. You’ve reminded me how much I miss visiting Wales during the lockdown. 🙁

    I think this is a horrible thing to post. I will never come back to this website. The pure disrespect.

      There aren’t enough face-palm emojis for me to fully respond to this. But it doesn’t matter if I point our that you clearly didn’t bother to read the full post before commenting, because you’re never coming back anyway!

    Brilliantly stated! The outrageous amount of charm, antiquity, natural beauty, history, lovely people, and freshly made bara brith in cozy tea houses should be illegal. I hope that when I return to Wales, this time for horse trekking, Wales has corrected all these issues.

    wales look like a great country I have never been there but I’ve heard it’s a great place so what if there are fairy tales and those sports look fun.

    The weather is really the only thing that deters me

    I watched a series on Amazon Prime yesterday called “Hidden”. Loved the series but loved even more the scenery of Wales. I got your humour right away. I’m old and worn out but would love to move to Wales. Have lived in north Florida since 1965 and have hated every summer here.

    Looks like I found a place to go…….Are their any air flights over to Dublin?
    Please advise!

      I’m sure there are! I haven’t traveled between Dublin and Wales personally, but I’m sure there are flights to Cardiff during more “normal” times.

    I have lived in Wales and was raised there and still do live there and it does get boring a bit but i love it

      I was born and raised in England Joseph – and god am I glad, I still live there – It never gets boring reading these comments

    We try to keep it our secret

    I lived in North Wales for several years and it was great to revisit them in your exellent photos. Can I add a couple of places to see? Gwidyr Castle in the Conwy Valley, Aberdaron on the Llyn Peninsula and St. Winefrid’s Well near Flint. I have also visited Ohio and had a great time. I met the Amish in Lancaster County and paddled down the Tuscarawas River in a canoe. Happy days!

    It should be 190 reasons to come to Wales, sheep get in the way it’s called a farm track, perhaps he needs glasses to drive, police check him out, perhaps he drink and drugs when driving, note again police which makes me think he is one of the idiots on shorts so they go after road, sat have should be set on fastest no dirt tracks, if you treat the Welsh with respect they will give back.
    This person in my books is a Pollock and can only drive on motorways orA. Roads strangely we have these in Wales. Perhaps this why you have noticed the quite it is the same in Wales, Scotland N Ireland and the blessed virus which is stored in England, I am English live in Wales, we want less pilocks and people with Brains. Has the person noted UK IS THE SAME. THIS IS FROM AN ENLISH MAN

      I debated just deleting this slightly nonsensical comment, but it made me laugh, so here we are. First, Brian, I am a woman, not a man. Second, I’m not from the UK. Third, READ THE WHOLE POST you are commenting on before you go on punctuation-less tirades on the internet.

      Just out of curiosity Brian – Did you mention something about brains ?

    Reasons for not coming anywhere near the UK – Just read some of the comments – GOD HELP US

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit Amanda – any other asylums on your agenda ?

      Hahaha honestly, these comments mostly just make me laugh! (I delete the truly nasty ones.) I’ll be back to the UK – and even Wales! – one day.

    Everyone of our American friends, are always welcome to visit all parts of the United Kingdom. We will do our utmost to make you as welcome as we possibly can

    The mistake Amanda made, was posting ‘pictures’ – pretty pictures. Obviously someone must have mentioned, that the squiggly lines next to the pictures, was in fact writing, This encourages some people. like Brian – for example – to attempt to write too. A practise well beyond his capability. A few other sorry souls, made a very valiant attempt to ‘read’ those words, and write their own. A practise that shouldn’t be encouraged

    It is usually agreed, in English circles, that the people that named the Welsh towns were in fact dyslexic, and suffered from a stammer. We give them 110% for effort, and it mustn’t pass without noting, the tenacity of their fellow Welshman, for sticking with it. They are unique

    Amanda mentioned the free roaming sheep – I’ll leave you to look it up for yourself

    It would be futile to search for translation books, before your visit. they do not exist – When us English visit Wales, we only take with us a compass

    I genuinely hope you all enjoy your visit. it is a wonderous place, with some truly amazing, friendly people – although with a few asylum escapees, that are easily avoided. [see comments below Amanda’s review]

    Take care one and all, and have a safe journey

      I have to say this… People sick can be really thick!!! Great article. Sounds like my type of place. I just moved it up on my list, just below Reykjavík! Can’t wait to visit once this crazy virus takes a holiday!

    Loved it … My grandparents are from Wales, and I have been trying to get my wife to go for years, with no luck.
    I will send this to her EMAIL ….. she will read it, just so she can tell me why we should not go.
    That will teach her.


    Ok, I think you don’t realise how harmful these comments are to us. The language, the castles, the animals, the “fairy tales” as you call them are all apart of our culture and language. We can’t just dial back what makes wales, well wales. Wales doesn’t have a nice history. It’s full of betrayal, guts and gore. Well mostly what the English did to us. So please try to understand why we’re the way we are.

      Please try to read the entire article next time. Nothing about this is harmful, as it’s basically just a love letter to Wales.

    Amanda I enjoyed your article on Wales and caught your snarkiness early. It was good and an interesting manner in which to write. Thanks.

    Holy moly! My own ancestry is English, Scottish, Welsh, a tad Irish and Canada (and back from there is more English…) – all these areas. I feel I got lost somehow because I’ve longed to go since I was a small child. The beauty of Wales is astounding and as corny as it sounds, Wales calls to me.

    The US being totally uninhabitable now with its horrifying President and his cohorts, I’ve wondered how to go live in another country. I want to live in a new country!! Desperately.

      “uninhabitable”…LMAO! If you’re in Toronto look me up-stories that would make you “laugh”. Thanks for the smile!😂

    Funny! I had the pleasure of visiting in the 1980’s; one of the true highlights was to observe local rugby-town v town. I never saw athletes put as much passion into their game. Inspiring to this day! Great snapshots of the place, thanks!😉

    Wow! What is wrong with people??! They can’t understand a joke, sarcasm, tongue in cheek…whatever they’d like to call it! And/or they don’t finish reading before commenting?!

      Welcome to the internet. Haha. Thanks for reading all the way through!

    I think your post on why not to go to Wales is brilliant and funny. Nearly my entire ancestry is UK and Western Europe. Wales has been one of my favorites since I read the Merlin (yes, fictional but so much fun) trilogies years ago. Thank you so much for posting – and the pictures!!!

    which part of north wales did you visit? I live in Penllyn!

      I spent 5 days traveling around the northern part of Wales, so I went to quite a few places!

    I like visiting Wales as I used to live there before moving to England. I know most parts and like travelling along the railways and canals as well as the roads and taking a walk.

    The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is an amazing piece of engineering and there are stunning views across most parts.

    Whilst there is a handful of people who are anti-English, most of the time this doesn’t enter my mind. I have mixed accents and sound predominantly English in Wales but there is a trace of Welsh when I am in England. I can speak a little Welsh and when I do the look on some of their faces expressing shock is satisfying.

    Transport isn’t brilliant but I can get about and void narrow roads generally. Wales has its attractions and its beauty.

    Overall, I cannot not visit Wales as it has too much to enjoy.

    I have been wanting to go to Wales since I learned my Dad’s family was from there. When in the US they moved from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smokeys and my immediate family lived in the Ozarks.

    I seem to remember a tv show called “Torchwood” set in Wales. Great fun! Made me want to go. Wish it had been on my Scotland-Ireland driving tour my sister and I took in 2010. It was great fun, anyway. My mother was of Welsh extraction—“Powell”…

    I love this post about Wales! I giggled the whole way through — in addition to being riveted about the natural beauty, and unaltered historical value of the structures and culture overall! And please, PLEASE ignore any snippy comments from folks who seem to take life a bit too seriously…the fact that they didn’t get it is almost as humorous as your darling feature about this undoubtedly whimsical area of the UK. I’m SOLD! Next stop…WALES! 🥰

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