Spoiling Myself in Paradise (or What I Did on Koh Lanta)

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At some point, every traveler needs a break.

A break from hostel dorm rooms. A break from the heat. A break from travel partners. Just a break.

I, too, have hit the wall on more than one occasion while traveling. I get to a point where I just can't stand the thought of another bus ride, another uncomfortable bed, another sweaty day of sightseeing. This isn't strange, though — in fact, I think it's NORMAL for most frequent travelers.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

After exploring Bangkok, volunteering with elephants, hanging out in Chiang Mai, and doing some heavy sightseeing in Ao Nang, I was ready for a break in Thailand.

So when I began looking at accommodation options on the island of Koh Lanta (my last stop in Thailand), I decided to throw any concept of a budget out the window. I decided that, instead of a cheap bungalow or crowded hostel on the beach, I would treat myself to something a little more fancy.

And that's when I came across Sri Lanta.

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Located at the end of quiet Klongnin Beach, this resort promised a beachside infinity pool, bungalows in the jungle, and a ton of relaxation. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

And the price? About $130 per night.

This is ridiculously expensive for accommodation in Thailand; I knew someone staying in a hostel on the same island for less than 1/10 this price. But, sometimes you just need to splurge.

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Now, before you start thinking that this is a hotel review, let me disclose that I did NOT receive a free room or anything from Sri Lanta. I found them on booking.com, paid for my room, and enjoyed 3 blissful nights here on my own.

It was JUST what I needed.

Sunset at Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Originally, I had figured that I would do a day trip or two while on Koh Lanta. There's a popular four islands tour here, as well as opportunities to go kayaking, rent motorbikes, and hang out at beach bars.

But here's what I ACTUALLY ended up doing:

Hanging out at the quiet beach.

Klongnin Beach on Koh Lanta

Klongnin Beach on Koh Lanta

Reading in the comfy beach chairs.

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Taking dips in the infinity pool.

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Eating seafood and Thai dishes at the restaurants that line the beach with new friends.

Klongnin Beach on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Enjoying my wifi-free jungle bungalow.

Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

And just taking time to really appreciate where I was.

Sunset at Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Too often I know I get wrapped up in taking photos and tweeting and Instagramming; I get too caught up in sharing what I'm doing with other people that I sometimes forget to take time to just appreciate things for myself. I LOVE being a blogger. But sometimes I need to step back and take a break.

And that's exactly what I did on Koh Lanta.

Sunset at Sri Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

It was the perfect way to end my time in Thailand.


Check out the Sri Lanta Resort for yourself here.

Would YOU splurge on a place like this on your travels?


Sri Lanta Resort in Thailand


"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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49 Comments on “Spoiling Myself in Paradise (or What I Did on Koh Lanta)

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  1. Looks so beautiful. And totally has to be done sometimes!

      I kind of love splurging like this every now and then. It makes it extra special!

    Looks beautiful. Sometimes a splurge is worth it.

      In this case, it definitely was! And, in reality, the hotel was a great deal by Western standards!

    Your photos are so calming. In our hyperactive world sometimes the beauty of just being quiet can be lost. Taking time to rejuvenate ourselves is a luxury we desperately need. I find it hard to help others if I am feeling spent. For me sitting outside listening to all the sounds of birds, frogs, etc. is deeply restoravtive. Do you have other techniques you recommend? (meditation, yoga, etc)

      It’s difficult to find silence and peace these days; we’re too connected, and our attention spans are so short. My go-to is to disconnect (turn off phone, TV, etc.) and just read a book. Reading is my therapy some days (and bonus if I can do it on a beach!).

    looks like you had an amazing time

      Definitely! It was so relaxing.

    I was in Koh Lanta 2 weeks ago…sadly I did not get to enjoy the beautiful beaches as it rained the whole 3 days we were there 🙁 such bad luck! Your photos look amazing!

      Aww what a bummer! Hopefully you were able to enjoy other parts of Thailand.

    That place looks amazing! I recently took a holiday from my holiday too although I didn’t quite spend as much it just involved a decent private room, lots of western food and guilt-free days of doing nothing!
    P.s. What did you use to make the map in your sidebar?

      Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break (and the permission to enjoy little comforts you miss form home).

      (The map is just a screenshot from the map on my Destinations page. THAT map is interactive and is made through a plugin that I have.)

    This place looks perfectly splurge-worthy! Beautiful photos.

      Thanks! It’s definitely a place I would return to.

    What a gorgeous place. After a few weeks in hostels I start pining for my own room and space this must’ve been lovely-especially in Koh Lanta, which sounds like a relaxing peaceful retreat in general! Love it 🙂

      The older I get and the more I travel, the more I shy away from hostel dorm rooms. And, in Asia, you can totally splurge on nicer hotels like this without spending a ton! If this place was in Europe or Hawaii or somewhere like that, you would for sure spend 4 or 5 times as much!

    That place looks so awesome! I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I get to Koh Lanta:)

      Yes, keep it in mind! It was such a great place to just hang out and relax.

    This looks absolutely divine. I really need to check out Koh Lanta finally!

      Yes you really should! (Also, they totally offered massages on the beach here. 😉 )

    What a nice little piece of heaven. A perfect place to splurge a few dollars and relax. Hostels are for sure the best on a tight budget, but when you see pictures of this Hotel, WOW! my jaw drops. Thanks for adding one more item in my bucket list 🙂

      It was worth every penny. I would totally stay here again!

    I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you just get a little “travel weary” and need some downtime. Sometimes that means splurging for me, but more often, it’s just holing up in my hotel room and watching too much tv. I always feel so guilty about it; like I’m missing out on opportunities and wasting time when I could be exploring. But sometimes it’s necessary anyway, guilt be damned.

      Exactly. I totally know what you mean about feeling guilty about it – but sometimes you really do just need a day or two of being lazy and not being a tourist.

    Good for you!
    I often need to remind myself to enjoy the moment as well, constantly thinking about where I need to go next and wondering if the view I’m seeing if Facebook update-worthy.
    Sometimes you just have to chill.

      YES. It’s often tough to just enjoy a place when you’re thinking about bus schedules and the perfect Instagram angle. I think re-charging days like this should be built in to every travel itinerary!

    Love love your photos and they totally bring me back to that wonderful time in my travels. It was so great meeting you and I’m looking forward to the next time… because yes duh of course there will be next time! Oh, and to answer your question, absolutely we need to splurge and have a little luxury now and then before getting right back on that dirty overnight bus and sleeping in wooden beach huts 😉

      Yes I’m sure there will definitely be a next time somewhere else in the world! It was great hanging out with you in this paradise!

    Great pictures!.I Hope you enjoyed your me time. I think every traveller (not just bloggers) will know this feeling. Getting so caught up in taking pictures that you don’t even look at where you really are anymore.

      Definitely. Especially now with digital cameras and smartphones – it’s so easy to get caught up and spend most of your travels staring at a tiny screen.

    Looks positively blissful. It’s definitely nice to treat ourselves every now and then

      As far as I’m concerned, treating yourself every now and then is required!

    When I travel I love being on the go-and yet pictures like these reinforce why I also love stays like this. Sheer paradise! Sometimes you truly do need a break-mental and physical and treating oneself is key to that 🙂

    I love the fact that in SE Asia, $130 is considered pricey! Get me there asap!

      Haha, I know, right? Anywhere else in the world this place would cost SO much more.

    In less than 2 weeks I will be going away on my Big Summer Trip, and I have a night in Barcelona which I am spending in a 5* hotel. It’s just one night, it didn’t cost me a great deal of money. I’m getting to the city at around 2pm and just visiting one site. I plan on spending the rest of the day hidden in my hotel room, taking a bath and reading. I think out of 21 days, taking one night to myself is necessary. I love travelling, and I love meeting new people, but I definitely need a break! I am so looking forward to that night!

      I’m sure you will appreciate it even more once it rolls around! Enjoy!!

    Mid travel breaks are the best. I just spent some time in India and had a couple of splurges myself, it gets so hectic over there you need some relax time. Its amazing how cheap it is to stay like royalty in India.

      It’s very similar in Southeast Asia – it’s not difficult to to treat yourself, even if you are on a budget.

    Absolutely! I plan to do just that when we return from our travels. We will be going to Thailand and Indonesia and since I’ve already the $2.00 per night thing, we will be flashpacking with pre-teenager in tow LOL! I’ve found a lovely artistic enclave in the Chaing Mai hilltop for $35 per night for all three of us so you can be sure that when we get back to Bangkok, I’ll be looking for some cocktails and sushi LOL!

      Nothing wrong with any of that! Enjoy!

    That looks so good! I could so do with a few days on those beach loungers right now. There’s definitely a time and a place to budget and one to know when to splurge, the contrast always makes those times feel more special, I’m sure that if I ever ended up as a five-star traveller it would never feel as good as it does now!

      I agree, I think splurges feel more indulgent because they contrast with everyday travel. Sometimes a little relaxation helps me discover new insights and certainly gives me more resiliency for everyday life.

      It was such a great end to my trip! But yeah, if I stayed in this sort of place ALL the time, I’m sure I wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

    Hi Amanda!!
    I have been reading through your website about anything/everything to do with thailand. I absolutely love it! I have booked ENP for 2 weeks and I am super excited. But after I was trying to decide if I should do the beachy areas. I really want to I was just a tad apprehensive about doing the beach part alone- do you have tips for the the best beach/area I could stay as a single female?

    Did you every feel uncomfortable? There are so many beaches to choose from and I am just so confused right now with trying to decide with what I would want- so your website really helps!


      Awesome that you’re headed to ENP! You will love it.

      As for the beaches… I spent about a week on the Andaman Coast. I stayed in Krabi/Ao Nang for a few nights so I could do some day trips to some of the islands, and then I stayed on Koh Lanta for the last few nights of my trip. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all!

      Which beaches/islands you head to totally depends on what you’re looking for, though. Koh Lanta is really chilled out and perfect for relaxing. Whereas an island like Koh Phangan is made more for partying. I didn’t go to Phuket because I’ve heard not-so-great things, but lots of people go there.

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