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In August 2012, my sister and I flew up to Anchorage, Alaska, for a weekend of outdoor fun and adventure as guests of the Hilton Garden Inn Anchorage. We went glacier hiking, dog carting, and even kissed a moose. And then we snuggled into bed each night at the HGI.

Before this trip, I didn't know much about Hilton's Gardin Inn brand — I just assumed all Hiltons were up-scale and expensive. Well, it turns out I was wrong.

HGI Anchorage

While the Garden Inn brand (with more than 500 properties worldwide) is used primarily by business travelers at the moment, it is also an ideal hotel chain for leisure travelers of all sorts — families, girlfriends looking for a getaway, young Gen Y travelers… the Garden Inn is suitable for all of these audiences.

Why? Because the Hilton Garden Inn chain is affordable. Rooms at these mid-range hotels can be half as expensive as rooms at Big Brother Hilton. And yet you still get a lot of the Hilton amenities.

Here's what I thought of my stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Anchorage:

The Pros:


The hotel had an amazing cook-to-order breakfast bar, along with the standard continental breakfast fare. You can wake up, grab a coffee, and then order a reindeer sausage omelette to get your morning started.

Rustic lobby

I loved the lobby of this hotel. There's a fireplace, a giant elk head, native artwork, and a stuffed bear that everyone calls Reggie. There are also comfy couches and a flat-screen TV, which my sister and I put to use while we waited for our room to be ready when we arrived. We hardly even minded the wait.

HGI Anchorage

Free shuttles

Need a ride to the airport or to downtown Anchorage? The hotel has a free shuttle that runs frequently throughout the day.

Big rooms

The double room my sister and I had was huge and comfortable. It had two heavenly beds, a chair, a big TV, and a really nice desk. (I'm all about the nice desk when I'm traveling and have work to get done.) The bathroom was even massive!

HGI Anchorage

HGI Anchorage

Comfy beds

As noted above, the beds were amazing. Soft but not too soft, and with an ample amount of pillows. If you get a room with a King-sized bed, you are even able to control the firmness of it.

Pool/hot tub

The hotel has the standard fitness room, pool, and hot tub — perfect for relaxing after a long day of outdoor adventure.

Free wifi

This is one of the biggest selling points for me when I'm considering booking a room at a hotel. And yes, the HGI Anchorage offers FREE wifi in both the rooms and the lobby. Better yet, the wifi is fast and responsive.

Friendly staff

Another important aspect of any hotel is the staff. The staff members at this hotel were friendly, helpful, and just generally nice people from what we could tell.

HGI Anchorage

The Cons


While breakfast s delicious, it isn't free. In fact, the cook-to-order breakfast is downright pricey, at roughly $15 per person.


I wished that the HGI Anchorage had been closer to the city center. It is located roughly 2 miles away, so you pretty much have to take the hotel shuttle (which only runs until 10 p.m.) or call a cab if you want to go downtown to explore.

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All in all, though, the HGI Anchorage is a clean, comfortable hotel at an affordable price. I would definitely stay again if my travels ever take me back to Anchorage.


*Note: My stay at the HGI Anchorage was sponsored by the hotel. However, I was not asked to write this review, and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.



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  1. I haven’t read a lot of travel blogs, but I did enjoy yours. I live in Alaska, so that is the only reason I read it. You are open, genuine & non-bias, thank you. Looking forward to more.

    We are traveling there in a few weeks. Is there a moderately priced hotel you would recommend in downtown?

      I’m not from Anchorage and have not visited in many years, so I’m afraid I don’t have any personal recommendations for you. But I did a quick search, and it looks like the Hotel Captain Cook and the Voyager Inn are both downtown, moderately priced, and have pretty good reviews from others.

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