Located in the Balkans on the Adriatic Sea, the small country of Albania is not a top tourist destination in Europe. In fact, I would guess that most people haven't even heard of it. It has quite the interesting history, though, and I'm glad that I got a brief taste of it.

Location: Southeastern Europe

Year visited: 2012


I didn't spent all that much time in Albania, but here's what I wrote about my impressions of the place:

Albania is Weird








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  1. I recently did an overnighter in Albania as part of a Topdeck trip. We were taken on a guided bus tour by a local. The history of the place was quite fascinating, they pretty much came out of the dark ages about a decade ago!
    Interesting facts – Kolonats! Albania’s version of McDonalds
    and all the bomb shelters scattered throughout the country!

      Sounds like a neat tour! Albania definitely is fascinating.