A Day in Yellow Springs – Ohio’s Hippie Enclave

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The counterculture movement is alive and well in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

This hippie-minded village in Southwest Ohio has always sort of fascinated me, ever since I first visited during my college years. It's colorful — often to the point of garishness — exterior drew me in, and its liberal undertones kept me interested.

What can I say? I think I'm a hippie at heart.

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs was founded in 1825 by about 100 families who were followers of Welsh social reformer Robert Owen. Their goal was to turn Yellow Springs into the sort of utopian community already in place in New Harmony, Indiana. (However, internal conflicts between the families tore any dreams of utopia apart.)

In 1846, the Little Miami Railway was completed, bringing more business, inhabitants and tourism to Yellow Springs. And so the town began to emerge in a different fashion than intended.

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Despite the whole utopian thing not working out, Yellow Springs has always been a bit artsy, and more than a bit open-minded. The town was one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad, and has a long history of racial tolerance. And, in 1979, Yellow Springs was the smallest municipality in the U.S. to pass legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Yellow Springs' free-spirited history is reflected in its many store fronts, eateries and inhabitants. Bright colors adorn most buildings. Many cafes serve only locally-grown food. And don't be surprised to see a barefooted busker or two out on the sidewalks.

Yellow Springs

Some of my favorite things about Yellow Springs?

The sweaters that telephone poles and trees wear year-round:

Yellow Springs, Ohio

All the colorful doors:

Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs,
Yellow Springs, Ohio

The comic shop/used book store where books are organized haphazardly on shelves and the floor with hand-written signs:

Yellow Springs,

Salt water taffy — lots of it:

Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Specialty stores like the tie-dye shop, or the import stores that sell items from far-off places like Tibet and Peru:

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Winds Cafe and Bakery, which only uses fresh, locally-grown ingredients:

The Winds, Yellow Springs

The Winds, Yellow Springs
The Winds, Yellow Springs

The Winds, Yellow Springs

So what exactly is there to DO in Yellow Springs? Well, other than simply wandering around the colorful downtown area and popping in and out of shops and galleries, you can:

  • Visit one of two nearby nature preserves (Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and Glen Helen Nature Preserve) and one state park (John Bryan State Park).
  • Rent a bike and hit the Little Miami Scenic Trail.
  • Check out Young’s Jersey Dairy, which is a working dairy farm but also has lots of family-friendly activities.

Yes, Yellow Springs is a special place. (So special, in fact, that Dave Chappelle even calls it home.) And it's definitely worth visiting if ever you find yourself in Southwest Ohio.

Where to stay in Yellow Springs

There aren't any chain hotels in Yellow Springs, but there are a few B&Bs and inns to choose from. Check out:

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Have you ever been to Yellow Springs, or to any similar hippie-infused town around the world?


"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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106 Comments on “A Day in Yellow Springs – Ohio’s Hippie Enclave

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  1. I love hippie towns! Flagstaff in Arizona was really cute for the same reasons, but had a real old time feel and a little less color.

    Australia is full of them too. Did you make it to Byron Bay while you were here? Or Nimbin or Bellingen? Great hippie towns!

    Kuranda up near Cairns probably takes the cake on the Aussie front though.

    P.S. That lunch looks amazing!

      Ooo, good to know about Flagstaff. I’ll be there soon!

      And no, sadly I only made it to Sydney and Perth when I was in OZ (my uncle lives in Perth, so I went to visit him for about a week). But I hope to go back someday, and maybe visit a few of those towns you listed! They sound awesome.

      P.S. – The food was amazing!

      Can’t believe you left out The Old Trail Tavern, but I guess when you’re looking for “hippies” you might not notice the Tavern. Go back to YSO and have a Stroh’s at the Tavern.

        Yes! The oldest bar in Ohio! So many wonderful memories. Rod Sterling (Twilight Zone) was a waiter there when he went to Antioch.

    Ahhhh, LOVE Yellow Springs. I’m lucky enough to live about 40 minutes east of it. There was no mention of Glen Helen, the park in Yellow Springs which is absolutely GORGEOUS. Plus HaHa Pizza is wonderful. OH. And no mention of the fact that Dave Chappelle lives there?! Still a wonderful article. Yellow Springs is lovely.

      Hey Kensean, thanks for reading!

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t cover everything in this post; I just concentrated on the 2 main streets in town. And I’ve never tried HaHa Pizza, though I’ve heard it’s delicious! Maybe next time. 🙂 The Winds was great, though!

      Maybe I’ll find a way to work Dave Chappelle in… 😉

    I simply adore quaint, hippie towns! This one definitely seems worth a visit, if not for the sweater-clad telephone poles alone.

      I got really excited every time I saw something wearing a “sweater.” Haha. Telephone poles, trees, stop signs… these crocheted wonders were everywhere! I really should try to figure out why they’re there…

      But yes, if you enjoy little hippie towns, you’d love this one!

        Our website yarnbombing page explains why there is all the yarnbombing. The photo you took of the telegraph pole is by jafalass Karen and she calls it Karma Corner 🙂 Just recently several people in Yellow Springs participated in international yarnbombing day july 11th 🙂

          Oh that’s so great! Yarnbombing” – what a perfect name for it! Thanks for sharing the site!

    I didn’t know Ohio and a cute, artsy hippie village! It looks adorable. I have to ask, what is that object on the toast in your food photo? Is it eggs benedict, with all but the yolk cut out of the egg? Or butter? I’m intrigued!

      Yes, Ohio does in fact have a cute, artsy hippie village! And I kind of love it. Lol.

      And that stuff on the toast is actually cheese! It’s called d’Affinois triple cream cheese, and it spread almost like butter on that toasted bread. Mmmm.

    Went to school in Dayton for several years and never made it over here even though I constantly heard about it. So, I finally got to see what it looks like, thanks!

      Bummer that you never made it out there! It’s such a fun place to roam around for an afternoon. I actually could have stayed much longer, but all the shops closed up at 6 p.m., so my friend and I had to cut our adventure short.

    It looks like such a cool place, and I never really thought I would say that about Ohio (but I’ve never been there so how can I know?).

    I love the colors. And, thanks to my Mom, I’m totally a hippie at heart too!

      Haha, yes, Ohio can actually be cool once in a while! 😉

      The colors are so fun there. I was snapping photos every few feet. Hopefully my friend didn’t mind! And, I blame my mother for my hippie tendencies, too…. 😉

    I love Yellow Springs. Many years ago, my family went there for my birthday. We ate at Winds, and then I think we went to Young’s Dairy (pretty sure that’s close by) for some ice cream.

      The Winds was sooooo good. And yes, Youngs Dairy is indeed close by. We had actually talked about going there, but then we decided to get dessert at Winds instead. So tasty!

    My family and I are from Cincinnati and started visiting Yellow Springs about a year ago. Every time we visit we love it more, and have decided we are aiming to call it home. I was astonished to find such a warm welcoming open place in Ohio. I have lived in Cincinnati all of my life and only a little more than an hour away is the dream community I have been trying to find. We visit so often it’s a joke among my friends, and I’m planning my 50th Birthday celebration guess where, Yellow Springs during the October Street Fair. Hopefully we will be able to move there within a year or so. I can’t wait, to be part of this community!

      That’s so great that you’re planning a move there! I think it would be a fun place to call home. And it’s great that it’s so small, yet close to many big cities! Perfect.

      “Astonished to find a warm welcoming place in Ohio“? Ouch!

    My husbands family is from here. We now live in NC, but go visit family yearly. Yellow Springs is so laid back friendly. You just get a good vibe being there. Also there is Glen Helen. Where the natural springs can be found along with trails and waterfalls. Its beautiful.

      I agree that you just get a good vibe from Yellow Springs – it’s so true! It’s such a laid-back, happy town from what I’ve experienced.

      I really need to make it to Glen Helen next time – I’ve heard so many great things, but have never been beyond downtown YS.

    I love Yellow Springs so much that 2 months ago, I packed up my husband and baby and moved from Los Angeles!

      Wow! Yes, you must really love it! That’s awesome though. I hope it’s living up to all your expectations!

    I love the telephone pole sweaters. I have been to New Harmony, Indiana, and I was not a big fan. This town looks much more interesting.

      I just found out the sweaters are part of a movement called “yarnbombing” – how cool is that?? Lol.

      And I don’t know much about New Harmony… but it’s good to know that Yellow Springs looks more interesting! You should check it out someday if you ever have the chance.

    Yellow Springs has been in my life ever since I started to drive. Love the Village itself and all of it’s surroundings. Have had many wonderful adventures there. My daughter also attended Antioch College. What an eye opening experience that was!!!!!!!!

      Yes, I’m sure going to Antioch would be really interesting!! It’s great to see so many others sharing their love for Yellow Springs. 🙂

        Antioch is not merely interesting. The college and the village are inextricably linked. Antioch was first in several important contributions to higher education and has indeed an illustrious history centered in authentic progressive and humane values and commitment to preparing compassionate thinking human beings committed not to profit but to our common good. I am glad people enjoy the village – very glad, but don’t miss that that along with Glen Helen, these values are the very heart of Antioch and YSO. Without them, it’s all window dressing. If you go please enter the glen with a spirit of reverence. You are in the home of the beings who live there. Please stay on trails, and I implore you to carry out every, every speck of garbage you might generate and every cigarette butt. When I was a student, we would never have seen garbage of any kind or cigarette butts in the glen. Please enjoy, open yourself to wonder and leave no trace.

    Thanks for featuring our wonderful little village. It’s a fabulous place to visit and even more fabulous place to live! Can’t imagine living anywhere else!

      My pleasure, Johanna! I’ve actually wanted to visit again for a while now so that I could blog about it, and I’m so glad I finally was able to!

    I have never heard of Yellow Springs but now that you’ve introduced us it does look quite nice. Reminds me of San Francisco and a lot of the beach communities in Northern California! If I get back that way I will definitely drop by.

      Yellow Springs may not be close to the ocean, but yes, it does kind of have that vibe. Definitely work it into your plan if ever you’re in this part of Ohio!

    Hope you don’t mind Amanda but I’m just going to jump into your photos…LOVE the look of that place! Looks like a rainbow in a town =)

      Haha, I don’t mind at all, Toni! Wouldn’t it be great if I could go all “Mary Poppins” with these photos so you really could jump into them?

    What a great summary of an awesome-looking town! I had no idea it even existed. Your photography does an amazing job of capturing the feel of the town with vibrance and love. Me thinks I’m about to get lost on your site for a while 🙂


      Thanks, Greg! I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. I had a lot of fun taking them.

      And yes, please get as lost on my site as you’d like! 🙂

    I love a good hippy town or neighborhood. I have never heard of Yellow Springs even though I’m from Illinois. I have been to many hippy friendly towns, Port Townsend, WA, Santa Cruz, CA, Portland, OR, Arcata, CA, etc.
    That yarnbombing is awesome, so cute.

      The yarnbombing I think is one of my favorite things in Yellow Springs! It’s just so fun and random.

      And perhaps you should plan a trip over to Southwest Ohio sometime in the future to visit this town for yourself! Illinois isn’t that far away. 🙂

    Hippie towns always get my vote especially one that has that much salt water taffy. Its a mystery trying to find that where I am now. Love the colors and that slice of cake look delicious!

      For the record, that taffy is DELICIOUS. 15 cents a piece, and SO worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m always fascinated by the response articles about Yellow Springs gets. I’ve yet to read one derogatory remark about my home town. Every time I go home it gets harder to leave (living in NC now). When I lived in Colorado, Manitou Springs would always give me that feeling of home. Hope it hasn’t changed.

      It’s just a great little town. And, clearly, a lot of people think so!

    I grew up outside of YSO and now live just up the road into Clark Co. I love the town because it is eclectic and diverse. You can always find a good meal and drink at Peaches. There are artistic stores in which to find the perfect unique gift. And, there are some wonderful street fairs and weekend events to attend. If you’ve never been there, make a trip. Walk down through Glen Helen. See the Yellow Springs. Bring your bike or blades and hit the bike trail. You won’t be disappointed.

      I love all the little shops in town. You’re right — you can find the perfect unique gift there, no matter what you’re looking for!

    I didn’t know about Yellow Springs, Ohio before this article. It seems like it has an interesting history, perfect for ending up somewhat quirky! I love all of the colors. I bet Yellow Springs even looks bright in winter.

      The colors are great. I think it would be impossible for anyone to visit, walk through town, and leave in a bad mood. Everything just looks so cheery.

    Clifton Gorge was a favorite hiking spot fifty years ago for my wife and me, and a visit to Yellow Springs was always part of the trip. Antioch College also accounts for the local vibe. It experienced some difficulties a few years back. Does it still exist?

      Antioch is still there, but it’s currently closed. I heard they were going to try and reopen it this fall, but I’m not sure if that is actually going to happen or not…

    Yes, Yellow Springs is a feel-good place. I live in Cincinnati, work in Dayton, and have managed to make it over to Yellow Springs to hike in Glen Helen and Clifton Gorge. Young’s Dairy during the fall is fun. The shops tend to lean toward incense, beads, and funky clothing, but it’s a nice diversion.

    I just read today that Antioch College – which recently reopened – is offering free tuition:


    […] just so fun and random.”  DangerousBiz wrote this comment last year in her article about A Day in Yellow Springs and I  this cartoon drawing and comment my Gillian Gabriel from her article about Yellow Springs […]

    We have lived in Yellow Springs for 12 years and it is a wonderful community in which to live and raise your children. It’s more than a hippie and artist enclave; it’s also an enclave for academics. We have faculty here from Wright State, Wilmington College, Wilberforce University, Ohio State University, Wittenberg University, Central State University, University of Cincinnati, University of Louisville, Antioch College, Antioch University, University of Colorado and numerous community colleges. (I’m sure I have missed a few.) With all the artistic and academic people here, it is a creative, well-educated, liberal, open-minded and diverse community. We also love YSO because you can park your car and ride your bike or walk everywhere; we still have a hardware store, grocery, drug store, swimming pool and movie theater, so no need to go out of town or drive everywhere to live your daily life. Local activities such at t-ball, baseball, soccer, swim team, ecocamp add to the benefits of raising children here (not to mention a great public school system). A thousand-acre nature preserve practically downtown provides outdoor recreation (and a yellow spring!) as well. I could not imagine living anywhere else. We are glad that you liked it and happy to see your post and your great photos!

      It’s always great to get comments on this post from locals – it’s plain to see how much pride you have for you town, and I love that!

    I have lived in Yellow Springs for 25 years; I commute to Cincinnati for work because I refuse to leave my little corner of the world. While I appreciate the beauty of the wider world, there is no place I’d rather be. The people, the art, the TREES, the local food, the schools, and the open-mindedness makes this a most special place to live (and visit). Thanks for the positive review, and come back to see us soon!

      I’ve made 2 trips to Yellow Springs in the past few years, and I’ll definitely be making more, for sure!

      Hey, what a coincidence, the officiant at my wedding was named Aaron Maurice Saari too! 😉

    My mother moved us to Yellow Springs in 1985 from Gainesville, FL and lived there until two years ago. In my yearly visits after I moved on in 1990, YS always felt like it hadn’t changed a bit. Moving my mother out, I began to worry–this was really the only home-town I knew: would I never get back?

    Well, not to worry, it turns out. My wife are moving there from NYC in three weeks. Can’t wait to get home.

    As you note, for me the town’s power is in its acceptance of others and its calm atmosphere. There’s not much to see, but one feels compelled to wander around anyway. Once you leave the town behind and enter southern Ohio proper, it feels like you’ve changed continents. Maybe those utopian roots rubbed off after all.

      It certainly is a very special place with a very cool vibe and atmosphere. Good luck with the move!

    […] Yellow Springs was a town about 8 miles from my house. It was notorious for it’s hippy culture, bright colors, liberal Antioch College, and back-to-nature attitude. I felt confident that time travelers would have very little trouble fitting in there.   […]

    I live in Ohio and had no clue this town existed. I was researching/making a list of “hippie” towns in that I would like to visit in the next year and stumbled upon this and so happy I did. It’s about 1 1/2 hrs from me but I’m so excited that I want to get in the car and go now!

      You definitely need to go!!! I would wait until spring or summer when the weather is nicer, but I think you’ll really enjoy it, especially if you were researching “hippie towns”!

        Yes, I love little towns like that. They have so much character and fits me perfectly! I think I will resist the urge and wait until spring as you suggested. Thanks again.

    I had the chance to meet someone who had lived in Yellow Springs for 10 years while working on an organic farm in Connecticut! She was such a cool person and Yellow Springs sounds like such an inspiring place. Can’t wait to visit myself one day! Thanks for the article

      It’s such a unique little town. Reminds me that I really should go back for another visit this year!

    I’m from Belgium, which is (as you may know) in Europe. Far away from Yellow Springs and America in general, but as i’m seeing these pictures and reading about the atmosphere in that nice little town… i’m just aching to go there and spending a day or more… In my dreams right now, i’m just living there for the rest of my life and only getting back to Belgium to see my family and friends.

    I think i just got a hippie-heart too, and here in my country it just feels too, … well, crowded and small, too much traffic, people just rushing and doing their jobs, no nature parks where you can just be at peace… And the atmosphere here is just so old-fashioned, conservative and not at all openminded. And people in general don’t care much for arts, music (and i mean GOOD real music), … It sounds like i just want to escape, and yeah sometimes i really do.

    Some day i’ll visit Yellow Springs and hope to see some nice people and feel the good vibes there. Thanks for posting this article, ‘cuz i never heard of this town before either 🙂 see ya!

    I traveled with friends of mine to a festival there in 1969. They were one of the performing bands. I still have the flyer from that day. It’s true. Yellow Springs is a special place.

      How cool! Yes, it’s definitely a special place. I really need to visit it again!

    I live in Ohio and have briefly heard about YSO. My Aunt gave me a gift card to Youngs Dairy and I am so so Sooo excited to head that way in a couple weeks!!! I most likely will not be coming home 🙂

    I live here in Yellow Springs! I live out in the country, but it takes a few minutes to get in to town. It is a very interesting place. I am always driving around looking for garage sales because you never know what you’ll find! Take a hike at Glen Helen, go to Ha Ha Pizza, eat at Peaches, and stop and get ice cream at Youngs….or just walk around and people watch!

      Good tips! I really need to make another trip there soon…

    We lived in Y.S.O. for about 2 yrs following the Xenia tornado of 1974. Loved every minute of it and still return often. HAHA pizza now has a Xenia location. Delicious!

    Very nice place, but the local pizza/sandwich shop stopped making my favorite sandwich (the most delicious chicken salad sandwich ever) so I now have a hard time visiting YS. Sure would be nice to get my favorite sandwich back.

    I love Yellow Springs, I go there everytime I go home to CATAWBA. Can’t wait to go back.

    I grew up in YSO, in fact my family came here in 1862 as part of the Conway Escaped Slaves. It’s a very interesting story; there is a Historical Marker on the bike path in town with the story on it. Antioch College is alive and well. You should investigate some of the college’s alumni, you may be surprised at who you’ll see. It also boast the reputation for graduating the most students that have the ability to cause change. An aside note, Dave’s father was a prof. at Antioch. By the by I received my BA from there. A unique aspect about YSO is the number of published and award winning authors that either live here or have once lived here. All of the above plus more is the recipe for YSO.

    I grew up in the area, I used to go to Youngs Jersey Dairy and pick strawberries as a kid. Summer camps at Glen Hellen. We used to go and watch the hippie’s too. Neat little town that never quite discovered it isn’t the 1960’s anymore. Still love to visit there once in a while.

    Ahhh the Springs my old home away from home. So many lovely memories of the town, the art and the Glen. The Winds serves amazing food but I so miss the old Carols Kitchen- it truly was the coolest eatery on earth.YellowSprings will always be my happy place.

    I love this! I grew up in a small hippie town very much like YellowSprings (although I haven’t seen any yarnbombing around there yet!) If you are up in Canada again you should check out Nelson B.C.

    While going to school at Wittenberg in 1969 we would go to Yellow Springs on the weekends. Perfect for a bunch of dope smoking conscientious objectors to pick up their tie-die, ZigZags and herbage!!

    Enjoyed reading this, I went there for music festivals on the weekends while in grad school at Ohio State in Columbus. Ended up dropping out of that and travelling the world for 6 years. A similar town is Takaka, New Zealand – pure magic and great coffee 🙂

    Visiting Yellow Springs this summer for vacation. After reading your posts and the comments I am super excited.
    I always look for out of the ordinary vacations. Hubs and I aren’t city people. Also I crochet so seeing the yarnbomed things makes me happy. Thanks for ideas on things to see. Can’t wait till August gets here.

    A friend introduced me to Yellow Springs when I was a student at Central State University in Wilberforce in the early 90s. That place really left an impression on me, and I think in the back of my mind I’ve been looking for a place like it to call home ever since. Now, as a middle aged single parent to two young kids, I dream of returning soon to raise them there!

    I’m from Dayton and have visited Yellow Springs since my college years at Central State University in the mid 80’s. I plan on moving there the summer of 2018.

    My granddaughter happened to see a peace rally in Yellow Springs with “hippies” carrying signs that said :”Make Love Not War”, when we went there to get an ice cream cone. Now, all she talks about is how she wants to be a hippie, shave her head or get dreadlocks! The problem is that she doesn’t live in Yellow Springs and I’m afraid that she’ll be discrimated against or kicked out if she tries this at her Chistian school. Yellow Springs is not her school district. I fear that if she gets dreadlocks people will assume that she is into drugs and offer her them. I need advice on how to handle this! Help.

      I’m afraid I’m no expert on parenting tips since I don’t have kids. I would tell her to check with her school’s dress code, which might not allow dreadlocks! I do think that the image of “hippies” isn’t quite the same as it used to be – I have several friends with dreadlocks who don’t do drugs. 🙂

    I just wanted to say I have been through Yellow Springs many time. I have never spent the day there. Some day I hope to. This seems to be a neat Little place. I would love to live here. I wasn’t finding any apartments a this time. Some Day maybe

    You never mentioned about the Amerian Indians. There is history that they were sent here. So i guess there are no longer signs of anything showing that part of history.

      There is Native American history in just about every part of Ohio! I don’t know that there’s a whole lot to be found in the town of Yellow Springs itself these days, but if it’s something you’re interested in, there are several sites nearby that you could visit.

    I am wanting to take my 16 year old daughter to visit Yellow Springs for a day.

    My daughter and I just made a trip to Yellow Springs today because she is interested in Antioch College. We were careful, in this time of pandemic, and stayed in the car the whole time — but are anxious to make a return trip when we can experience everything we longingly viewed from behind glass! From our outside vantage point, YS could easily be labeled “Friendliest Town in America.” Almost every home and business displayed signs and banners with social justice themes like “save a life by wearing a mask,” “Black lives matter” and “love can change the world.” My daughter has already been accepted to a college, paid her deposit and scheduled her classes, but then she learned about Antioch and wanted to explore it as a potentially better option. What I’ve read in these posts has made me feel better about her interest in the school, but I’d love to hear more about the college itself, with its recent reopening, and the town-college relationship. Can alums, faculty and YS residents help me out?

    Thank you, Amanda❣️ A fun and informative article ? I’m in CT now, looking to move to Yellow Springs. Might you know what the rental situation is there? Ohio is certainly cheaper to live than Fairfield County CT, but wondering about prices and availability.

      Sorry, I only write about traveling and visiting places; I don’t know anything about real estate or rentals in Yellow Springs.

        Thank you. I figured, but maybe somebody who can help me will comment. Never know. Thanks again❣️

          Nan, I was just in Yellow Springs yesterday (Oct. 25) to visit my daughter who’s a student at Antioch College. We noticed several listings posted outside the ReMax Realty office there. There’s also a realty office called Dunphy Realty. Perhaps that would be of help to you. I hope so! I’m slightly green with envy that you’re moving to Yellow Springs — it’s such a sweet place! Best wishes to you!


            Thank you so much❣️ I’ll check out those two agencies. ? Nan

      Hello, Nan!
      I’m in thecsame boat. Very interested in moving to YS & was wondering the same regarding renting, etc.
      I wish you an easy transition ✌

    I moved to Xenia, OH 3 years ago. I forget that Yellow Springs is there. We have gone through it a couple of time just this week and I really need to just enjoy all that Yellow Springs has to offer

      Even 900 square foot houses sell for about 234,000 on average here in YS. The housing market is completely borked here…but for good reason. The place is magical.

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