Photo Essay: A Colorful Kapiti Sunset

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Last week, I wrote a post about my day spent on Kapiti Island, a nature preserve and bird sanctuary located just a few miles off the coast of New Zealand's North Island.

After an afternoon full of hiking and birdwatching, I returned to the mainland for a bit of a rest before dinner. I decided to take a walk along the nearly-deserted Paraparaumu Beach, and ended up witnessing one of the most striking sunsets I have ever seen.

Here are some of my favorite photos from that evening:

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

Walking out to Paraparaumu Beach, with Kapiti Island in the distance.

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

On the beach.

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

That land mass in the distance is the tip of the South Island. You can see it from here on clear days.

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

For a while, it was just me and the birds on the beach.

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

Some others came out to take in the colorful sunset, too, eventually.

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

The sun eventually slipped behind Kapiti Island, with one last burst of orange.

And to think — people were trying to dissuade me from visiting the Kapiti Coast! I would come back for the sunsets alone.


What do you think? Was this a worthwhile sunset?


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