Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba is a constituent country of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean. The island is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and friendly hospitality; it's a popular honeymoon destination.

Aruba is unique in the Caribbean in that it's one of just a few islands that's outside of “Hurricane Alley,” or the hurricane belt.

Aruba quick facts

  • Population: 105,000
  • Language: Dutch and Papiamento
  • Currency: Aruban Florin
  • Capital city: Oranjestad
  • Country size: 69 square miles
  • High season: December through April

Top 10 things to do in Aruba

  1. Visit the cactus-filled Arikok National Park
  2. Take an island “safari” around Aruba
  3. Check out the pristine Baby Beach, a local favorite
  4. Explore Oranjestad, Aruba’s Dutch colonial capital
  5. Take a sunset cruise
  6. See Aruba’s iconic California Lighthouse
  7. Go for a swim at the Natural Pool
  8. Spend an afternoon snorkeling
  9. Hang out with flamingos on Flamingo Beach
  10. Explore the island’s Quadiriki Caves

Getting around

Aruba is small and easy to get around. Renting a car is an option, but it might make more sense financially to rely on fixed-rate taxis and organized tours instead when visiting Aruba. 

Public transportation is also an option. The Arubus is a public bus that runs from Oranjestad to the resort and beach areas around the island.

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