Senja is Norway's second-largest island with picturesque fishing villages. It lies above the Arctic Circle, so it experiences the Midnight Sun and Polar Night.

The Senja Tourist Route traverses the island's outer coastline, connecting the towns of Botnhamn in the north & Gryllefjord in the south via Highway 862 offering epic views.

Along the Scenic Route, the must-see viewpoints include the Tungeneset and the Bergsbotn viewing platform. Offering up views of jagged mountains and views of the town Bergsbotn.

Hiking on Senja

The most popular hike on Senja is Segla. It's not a long hike but is strenuous. Ånderdalen National Park offers beautiful hiking trails through coastal pine forests.

The most popular beach in Senja is probably Ersfjord Beach, a white sand beach in the town of Ersfjord, which is right off the Senja National Tourist Route.

This small island sits in the middle of the Øyfjord and is home to Senja’s most active fishing community. The drive alone offers fantastic views.


From Gryllefjord you can catch a car ferry to Andenes but the amazing views make it worth visiting even if you're not catching a ferry. Take in the vibrant cottages.

If you're looking for a good base from which to explore Senja, I highly recommend Hamn i Senja. What used to be a fishing village, is now a holiday resort on the water.

If visiting in the winter try a thrilling dogsledding Senja Husky Adventure or hit the open sea on a bucket list Midnight Sun or Northern Lights cruise!