Harry Potter Sites In Edinburgh

If you're a Harry Potter fan in Scotland, here are the top Harry Potter sites in Edinburgh that you won't want to miss!

Pop into a magic Harry Potter-themed shop like Museum Context or The Great Wizard, to explore! These shops are filled with everything from Harry Potter wands to wizard-y artwork.

Victoria Street

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Wander an eerie graveyard & see Thomas Riddell's & William McGonagall's graves. Next door, George Heriot’s School looks like it could have been the inspiration for Hogwarts!

Elephant House

Enjoy a walk on the George IV Bridge to the Elephant House for tea & cake. The cafe where JK Rowling spent time writing + it has beautiful views of Edinburgh Castle.

Balmoral Hotel

JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows here. Room 552 is the JK Rowling Suite. Enjoy a cocktail while admiring the aesthetic if you can't book it overnight.

Try a fun Harry Potter bus tour! Note the tour is not offered all year. Be transported on a red converted double-decker bus with special treats like chocolate frogs!

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Magic Potions Tavern

In the Department of Magic, this spot is known for Harry Potter-themed escape rooms, but you can also try a magical cocktail – which you “brew” yourself!

Ghost Tour

Edinburgh has a spooky & witchy past (the city is almost 1000 years old, after all, and used to routinely burn witches), so signing up for a ghost tour is basically mandatory.

Recreate the wizarding world by staying at a Harry Potter-Themed Airbnb with hidden doorways, or a fun hotel stay like The Witchery by the Castle - which is like a luxurious Hogwarts.

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