Trip To Egypt

When I was packing for Egypt, I had questions about what to pack. When traveling to North Africa there is a culturally appropriate dress code. Find out more here.

If you're traveling to Egypt during the summer months (which can be extremely hot), you'll still want to cover up – so make sure to pack light, breathable fabrics.

What To Wear In Egypt

Do I Need To Cover My Hair?

As a tourist in Egypt, you aren't expected to wear a hijab but when visiting a mosque, you do need to respect cultural differences & cover your hair with a simple scarf.

Egypt Must-Haves

Add a lightweight camera to your list for Egypt. I also loved having my hidden pocket scarf from Speakeasy Travel Supply & a Pacsafe theft-proof backpack.

Tips For a Female Traveler

Tank tops and strapless tops are generally frowned upon and can attract unwanted attention. I highly recommend just wearing a normal light cotton t-shirt.

I preferred to cover my shoulders. I packed t-shirts and tunic tops, leggings, a lightweight jacket, 2 maxi dresses, and 2 pairs of capri pants. I decided not to wear shorts.

Egypt Packing List

My Bag

I opted for a pickpocket-proof backpack to keep my credit cards and cash in for safety. I could fit everything I'd need for a day inside. I also packed my portable wifi!

Sight Seeing Tips

If you'll be doing a lot of walking you'll want good shoes. I went with a supportive Teva sandal which was great since you can easily rinse the sand off after a day of hiking.

Don't forget sun protection. A good sunscreen is essential for every person. I also highly recommend travel insurance for a more stress-free experience.

Don't Forget Items