Start at the visitor center to get up-to-date tips from the park service on current weather patterns and safety. If you are uncertain try some easy day hikes instead.

Hiking the Angels Landing Trail requires permits. It is on a seasonal lottery basis. Permits to hike will sell out so you need to plan your trip in advance.

We set out on the West Rim Trail at 9:30 am, which follows the Virgin River. The first 1.3 miles weren't too bad! Angels landing starts out easy enough.

Refrigerator Canyon

A relatively flat stretch of trail through a cool and shady canyon. Perfect to enjoy your surroundings after the first semi-steep portion of the trail!

These man made “wiggles” are a series of 21 steep (but thankfully short) switchbacks that go up the back of the mountain leading up to Scout Lookout.

Scout Lookout

Hiking to Scout Lookout is 2.1 miles into the hike. The hike up to Scouts gives you great views of the looming spine of Angels Landing itself ahead.

Let me tell you that it's difficult. And kind of terrifying. You will need excellent non slip hiking shoes. Use Angels Landing chained pathways to push to the top.

Celebrate at the top! The views of Zion Canyon from Angels Landing are spectacular and make this amazing hike epic! On the shuttle back expect to stop at the Grotto trailhead.