Stuff You Should Know About: November 2016

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It's not currently a safe or responsible time to be traveling the world. Any travel content you find here is only meant for inspiration and research right now! Also, some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). Read the full disclosure policy here.

Welcome to “Stuff You Should Know About” – a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don’t really fit in anywhere else but that I still really want to share with you.

Random travel news

Airline of the year

Airline Ratings recently named their top airlines for 2017. At the top of the list is one of my favorite airlines, Air New Zealand! Etihad took the top spot for best premium flying experience, and Virgin America was named the best budget carrier.

Cool travel thing of the month

I get a lot of emails every week — sometimes every day — about new travel apps, websites, courses, products, and more. I don’t write reviews very often about apps, websites, or courses (only the ones I really, really love), but some of them are still worth mentioning!

This month, check out:

Women in Travel Summit


I'm really excited to announce that I'll be speaking on a panel at the Women in Travel Summit in April 2017. The summit is designed to inspire and empower female travel influencers, creators, and brand representatives. The 2-day conference is taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (yay, new state for me!), and is going to be jam-packed with some really cool sessions.

I'm going to be speaking on a panel about social media during Blogger 101 Day, which is taking place the day before the summit officially starts. I'm really excited, and would love to see some of my readers there!

Check it out, and get your ticket here!

TBS Black Friday sale

Travel Blog Success - Black Friday Weekend Sale 2016

Also, if you’ve ever thought of starting a travel blog (or feel like you’ll make a New Year’s resolution to really ramp up the blog you already have), then you want to check out Travel Blog Success in the next 36 hours. TBS has recently changed to a membership model, and base membership gets you three separate courses – one on the basics (The Fundamentals of Travel Blogging), one for more intermediate bloggers (Advanced Travel Blogging: Monetization and Beyond), and one on travel writing. You also get access to a secret Facebook group, and perks that include discounts on resources and conferences.

TBS also sells separate add-on courses on partnerships, freelance writing, Facebook marketing, and videography.

AND, Travel Blog Success membership (as well as all the add-on courses) is currently 50% off during a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale from that ends tomorrow (Nov. 28), so this is a great time to sign up!

Top Instagram shots from the last month

Instagram is one of my favorite social networks. I mean, who doesn’t love pretty photos?? If you aren’t following already, follow me on Instagram @dangerousbiz!

Here are some of my most-liked photos from the last month or so:

There's a reason why Oak Alley Plantation is one of the most-photographed and most-visited historic plantations in Louisiana (and in fact in the whole southern United States). It's mostly due to this avenue lined with 28 oak trees – it's definitely striking, even when it's made hazy by nearby fields of burning sugarcane. But there's another reason to visit a plantation like Oak Alley, too: to learn more about the people who made places like this possible. And yes, I'm talking about the slaves. If you want to learn more about slavery in the South, then you definitely need to do a plantation tour (or two or three). Oak Alley has an exhibit that spans eight replicas of former slave cabins, and other nearby plantations like Laura and Whitney also do a good job handling the subject.

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Featured bloggers of the month

Check out this month’s Featured Blogs:


My name is Leah and I was raised in Ohio’s Amish Country. As a high school exchange student to Australia, I earned $15 a week writing for the local newspaper and telling them about my journeys. It was this experience that sparked in me a vivacious love for travel… and a knack for writing. After college, I spent a few years as a travel agent helping others make their dreams a reality, but now that our family has grown to 3 children, I’m a full-time wife and mother. I hope you’ll join me at Yoder Toter as I talk about our desire to live purposefully and frugally, while still traveling a lot (with and without our kiddos).

My name is Tracy from Tracy’s Travels in Time and I have been traveling for 30+ years – solo in my 20’s, as a single Mum in my 30’s, and with my husband in my 40’s! I have lived in 6 countries across 3 continents, and am moving next year to Australia. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, and also love history (I am a qualified history teacher), train travel and maps! I enjoy trying new foods, too, and will always find the best milkshakes wherever I go. Traveling for me is a lifelong obsession and each decade brings new opportunities and adventures.
I am Dan Hagen and travel is my life. I’m a guy from Chicago who travels and writes as often as my time and money allow. I have always loved to travel, but my wanderlust wasn’t fully understood until I saw the open country of Alaska for the first time in 2012. I am on a lifelong quest to see the world by train, foot, bicycle, and raft. I like open country roads, urban nightlife, good cuisine, local beer, alpine mountains, wild rivers, and lots of other badass shit. And I will write about it as often as I can at Chicago Backpacker.
My name is Angie Silver and my blog SilverSpoon London is a lifestyle, food and luxury travel blog following my adventures in my hometown of London and around the world. I aim to give the low-down on London’s hottest new restaurants as well as cool and inspiring destinations globally.

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You should pack this

Each month, I’ll feature one or two of my packing must-haves. This section usually contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase through my link(s), I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!).

This month, I’m recommending:

Speakeasy hidden pocket travel scarves


These useful scarves have definitely been the hit of my 2016 travel gift guide – which is not surprising!

I never go anywhere without a scarf (seriously – one is ALWAYS in my bag, no matter where I’m going), and if you’re a big fan of both form AND function, then Speakeasy’s hidden pocket travel scarves are for you. These infinity scarves not only come in soft fabrics and cute patterns, but also come complete with a hidden zippered pocket that’s the perfect size for a passport, credit card(s), and some cash. These are perfect for travel days – just put everything important in your scarf, wear it like normal, and skip the part where you worry about your essentials getting stolen in-transit.

Speakeasy has some great holiday deals, too. For example, you can save $20 when you order 4 scarves!

>> Get one now!


What I’m planning right now

Because my blog runs a little bit behind of what I’m currently doing, I figured I would use this monthly update to let you know what I’m up to, and what adventures are coming up next! (You can also find more detailed info in my monthly newsletter.)

  • Early December – Orlando: Next weekend, Elliot and I are headed down to Orlando for a long weekend. We're staying near Universal Orlando, where we'll be geeking out at Harry Potter world and showing you all the holiday celebrations. If we have time, we may pop over to Epcot for a day, too!
  • March 2017 – New Zealand: The only other trip that is *for sure* happening is the trip Elliot and I are planning for March: I'm finally taking him to New Zealand, my most favorite country in the world! We're hoping to do a campervan trip around both islands, but exact plans (and dates) are still being worked out.

Are you on Snapchat? If so, make sure to follow me (dangerousbiz) to follow along on my travels in real-time!

That’s it for this month’s edition of “Stuff You Should Know About!” Which section was your favorite this month?



*Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you buy something after clicking, I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you, of course!). 

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. So cool that you’re speaking at the Women in Travel Summit! I was thinking of attending. It sounds like a good way to learn, especially Blogger 101 day.

    Enjoy Orlando! You know, even though I live in Florida, I’ve still never made it to Harry Potter World. I’ll be excited to read a post about that! And hey, if you’d like a shopping suggestion, Disney Springs is worth checking out. I’m sure they have it decked out for the holidays!

    Love this series! So jealous of your upcoming trip to New Zealand. It sounds amazing!

      I can’t WAIT to finally show Elliot around! And this will be my first campervan trip, too, which I’m excited about.

    My neighbor just went to New Zealand and Australia and had the best time of her life. She said the scenery in New Zealand is awe inspiring, I am so jealous she went and now your going as well!

      This will actually be my fifth trip to New Zealand! (Which probably tells you how much I love it… I can’t stop going back!)

    Those scarves are a great idea. I have a belt with a hidden pocket (more discreet than a scarf in the tropics).

      The belt sounds like a good idea, too!

    Love these monthly posts. Definitely going to get one of the scarves.

      I have fun writing them each month! And yes, definitely get one of those scarves! They’re great.

    When I clicked on the link for Tracy’s Travels in Time my computer became infected with a virus. Either Chrome doesn’t like the website or there’s something wrong.

    Other than that, I really love that picture of Edinburgh! I stayed in the hostel near there and that’s what sold me to live in the city for three years.

      Oh no! I’ve just double-checked the links, and they are working fine for me (and I’m using Chrome as well – and Google is notorious for warning you if you’re trying to visit a site that may have been compromised).

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