Road Trip Day 16 – Silliness Ensues in Denver

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Maybe it's because we had been on the road for more than two weeks and had already covered more than 5,000 miles. Maybe we had been at a high altitude for one day too long. Or maybe it was just something in the air that day.

Whatever the explanation, there's no arguing that my sister and I had a bit of a strange day in Denver, Colorado.

Blue Bear, Denver, Colorado
This guy peeks into the Convention Center.

The morning started out a but tense, with us leaving Keystone late, and missing a lunch date with a Denver travel blogger whom I had really been looking forward to meeting. All that bad energy, however, was soon put in to having fun in this mile-high city.

We didn't have a long time to spend in Denver. In fact, it was basically just a lunch stop in between the Rocky Mountains and Nebraska. We had wanted to spend a whole day in Colorado's capital, but our schedule was simply already packed too tightly. So we had to make the most of the afternoon that we had.

Denver, Colorado
Why so many flags? I have no idea.

Since we couldn't have lunch at the oldest restaurant in Denver (which sports far too many dead animal heads on its walls), we opted, instead, for the infamous Wazee Supper Club in Lower Downtown (or LoDo, which Melissa got a kick out of repeating over and over). The Wazee Supper Club is a neat little diner with a lot of history and a vintage feel that is marketed as being “retro-urban.”

Well, I don't care what you call it — the place makes some damn good pizza!

Wazee Supper Club, LoDo, Denver, Colorado

We ordered a “Bianca-style” pizza, which was a white pizza with olive oil and spices in the place of tomato sauce. We topped it off with pepperoni and meatball slices (yes, meatball!). It was delicious.

Then it was time to take a stroll around downtown Denver, hoping that the storm clouds would hold off (they did).

Denver, Colorado

Denver seems like a very hip, fun city. It didn't really feel huge, which I liked about it. But I would need to spend more than just a couple of hours there to really form an opinion.

As it was, though, Denver definitely prompted us to tap into our silly side:

Blue Bear, Denver, Colorado
Posing with the big blue bear.
Denver, Colorado
Probably my most attractive photo to date.

After the giant nose, we figured we couldn't possibly top that, and decided to end our Denver adventure on a high note. I definitely need to come back here soon.

Denver, Colorado

And, sorry, but I don't have a video for you for Day 16. There simply wasn't enough time. Plus, you don't really want to watch a video of me picking my nose, do you?

Tomorrow, it's on to Nebraska!

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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24 Comments on “Road Trip Day 16 – Silliness Ensues in Denver

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  1. That bear is amazing, I need to go see it! I wish we had stuff like that over here (UK) everything seems to straight laced at times.

      The bear is VERY cool! One of the main things I wanted to be sure to see in Denver!

    Denver is jumping higher and higher on my “must-visit” list. (Too bad TBEX isn’t being properly held there or else it would jump to the top of my list in a snap!) But who knows, I just might go on a random weekend, TBEX be dammed!

    Your pictures look super fun! And I love silly cities like this!

      I think I may plan to head to Denver a day or two before TBEX next year so I can explore the city properly!

    MMMMMMMM That pizza looks sooooo awesome ! And i am soooo hungry right now (so it looks even more awesome!)
    You know you could Photoshop the “nose” photo so your finger would be actually inside….ehem…

    I had pizza at the Wazee, per Pete’s suggestion (it’s across the street from the AP offices), upon my arrival in Denver! Jon and I were quite pleased with our pie and that it was open late, though that meant there were lots of homeless guys sleeping on benches outside. I didn’t get to see any of the old store fronts that are in your pictures. I want to check out Denver again, too!

      I couldn’t remember if you and Jon had eaten at Wazee or not, but I did remember you saying that Pete had suggested it to you. I’m glad you enjoyed the pizza, too! We were there in the afternoon, so the homeless guys must have been chilling on other benches at the time of day. Lol.

    That pizza looks amazing! Denver looks like a cute, quiet town. I would love to visit one day. 🙂

      I love pizza, and this pie definitely did not disappoint! And Denver did seem like a cool town — one I’m looking forward to revisiting someday!

    That pizza looks delicious, I’m gonna order one later.

    Anyways Denver look like pretty clean and quite city. Very patriotic though, lol.
    Looking forward for the Nebraska blog. I have family there, though I never visited USA.

      The pizza was really tasty! And Denver was a very nice city — at least, the small part of it that we saw!

      Nebraska was…. interesting. Lol. We were not exactly impressed by it at first. But you’ll have to wait for the post to hear all about it!

    The “big nose” photo is a classic! And now you have made me hungry with that pizza photo. YUM!

      Haha, I’ll be honest — I was really excited about that nose photo. I’ve been looking forward to posting it for weeks!!

    Love it that you’re taking a long trip with your sis. Also, great pic with the blue bear.

      It was a fun trip to take together — and we didn’t kill each other! Haha.

    I believe I am the Denver travel blogger you didn’t get to meet up with? ha I completely blame your sister. I was disappointed we didn’t get to meet up but I’m glad you could take my suggestion and have pizza at Wazee.

      You are indeed that blogger! Lol. My sister is not happy to have all the blame placed on her, but I think she’ll get over it. 😉 I’m bummed we didn’t get to meet, but appreciate all the great suggestions you gave us! Hopefully next year we can make that lunch happen.

    sounds like you had a great time! I also stopped in Denver for only 24 hours, but decided to visit the Botanical Gardens. They were gorgeous, I highly recommend going there for your next visit.

      Ooo, I didn’t even realize they had Botanical Gardens downtown! That’s something I definitely would enjoy (at the right time of year, of course!).

    (new email/website but same avid reader!)

    Hey Amanda! Thanks for sharing & showing off Denver! Now I wanna go!

    Funny thing is I’ve only been to Denver by air twice, never saw the city EVER (well the airport is pretty WAY out there away from the main attraction :P)

    Hope you had fun!

      I really want to go back to Denver now! I got a taste, and it has me interested. Hopefully we’ll both get to explore the city soon, as opposed to just passing through!

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