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NOTE: Info has been updated for the 2017 Paradise Pack sale!

Ditching the 9-to-5 in order to travel the world is something many cubicle-dwellers dream about. (I should know, because I used to be one of them!)

While I am a firm believer that you don't HAVE to quit your job in order to travel, I know that it's still a goal for a lot of people.

I can't tell you how often I get emails and comments and messages from people telling me they wish they could do what I do. I won't lie: it's taken years and a lot of work (and quite a bit of luck) to get to where I am now — but it's certainly not unachievable for other people.

If you dream of ditching the 9-to-5 in favor of working for yourself and traveling the world, I'm here to tell you that it's not easy, but it's also not impossible.

Blogging office in Africa

You may be wondering where the heck to start, though. Making a huge lifestyle shift takes time, after all, and sometimes requires you to hone/learn new skills. This can be incredibly daunting – but doesn't have to be if you know where to start.

The Paradise Pack

Enter the Paradise Pack.

Paradise Pack

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may have heard me talk about the Paradise Pack before. This resource bundle goes on sale for one week each year, and one week only. The items included in the Paradise Pack are different each year, but two things always remain the same: it's always a great deal, and the resources are always top-notch.

Valued at $2,600 this year, this bundle of ebooks and online courses is designed to help you travel more and become location independent – a perfect stepping stone on your way to that dream lifestyle!

And the best part? It's all available for just $197.

The resources included are in the Paradise Pack all written/developed by people who have been there, done that, and become very successful – meaning they're excellent people to learn from.

Some of the resources included in this year's Paradise Pack include:

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Starting a Lifestyle Business by Sean Ogle (normally $47)

“Sean’s a true pro who has had success with multiple types of lifestyle businesses. In this guide, he shares everything you need to create a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what you want!”

Travel Writing for Bloggers from Travel Blog Success (normally $97)

“Writing about travel in a way that transports, inspires, entertains, and teaches is easier said than done. Discover and develop your style of storytelling! In addition, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback on writing assignments, and connect with others taking the course.”

The Social Media Rockstar Academy by Ka Sundance (normally $299)

“This course is your ultimate ticket to fame! Learn how to build a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and Ka’s strategy for building a Facebook page with over half a million fans. Learn how to draw your audience in, generate traffic, make incredible videos, build a social presence, and bring your business to life!”

Frequent Flyer Masterclass by Travis Sherry (normally $147)

“Lack of money shouldn’t stop you from traveling the world. With the Frequent Flyer Masterclass, learn how to travel anywhere in the world for less than a hundred bucks using frequent flyer miles. Learn the inside secret to earning AND using miles that the airlines don’t want you to redeem!”

21 Days To Finding Your Passion by Chelsea Dinsmore (normally $97)

“Feeling uninspired? Have no clue what you’re passionate about? Break through with Passion Discovery Actions to help you build your mindset, create congruence, define your change, and set up rituals for success. Build massive momentum toward doing work you love in 21 Days!”

Office in Barcelona, Spain

The 30 Day Money Cleanse by Caz and Craig from yTravelblog (normally $97)

“This 6-week online program will help you improve your relationship with money (and create more of it!). Move from limitation and lack of money to confidence, comfort and security about where it’s coming from, how to value and treat it, and where to spend it (i.e. on things you love!)”

Virtual Assistant Foundation Course by Danielle Greason (normally $197)

“Get skilled up in 4 core digital marketing support services to get started as a virtual assistant or freelancer right away. Learn Danielle’s in-depth client workflow processes. Then discover where to go, what to say and how to say it, to land your very first paying client! Learn more.”

House Sitting Summit by Nat and Jodie (normally $97)

“Get all the inspiration, advice & actionable steps you need to start house sitting & traveling the world quickly & effectively. Learn from those already doing it–over 60 world-class house sitters! Super actionable strategies you can quickly & easily implement today!”

Easy Language Hacking Guides by Benny Lewis (normally $269)

“Discover the fast and easy way to learn 6 popular languages with these Easy Language Hacking Guides. You’ll learn tricks that show you where to focus your efforts for quick results in language learning. Plus, Benny is throwing in a live Q&A so you can ask all your language questions!”

You'll also find:

  • Branding Masterclass by Tommo & Megsy
  • Rock Your Systems by Natalie Sisson
  • Zero to Your First $10K by Brian Lofrumento
  • Teach ESL Online by Rose Breuer
  • Cruise Ship Jobs 101 by Amanda Hathorn-Geary
  • Family Freedom: A Guide to Becoming a Location Independent Family by Paul and Becky Kortman
  • and more!

See the full list of resources included here.

Paradise Pack

Is it really worth it?

All told, this pack is worth more than $2400. But, like I said, you can get EVERYTHING for just $197. That's a ridiculously good deal – which is why I'm sharing it with you.

And, after promoting this annual pack for the last three years, I really do feel like this year's Paradise Pack is one of the most diverse and valuable ones I've seen so far. The resources are solid and the authors/instructors are legit.

Buying this resource pack won't automatically mean you can quit your job to travel, but it should definitely inspire you and get those creative juices flowing.

Get your Paradise Pack

The sale ONLY runs through the end of the day on June 5, 2017, so you'll need to act fast if you want to take advantage (and, believe me, you do!).

AND, to sweeten the deal, 10% of sales will go to two different charities: Pencils of Promise, which helps builds schools for children in developing countries, and Travel Access Project, which promotes travel as education. Feels great to give back, right?

Get your Paradise Pack now.

Paradise Pack



"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. I have always wanted to travel and the world and explore all these beautiful places that I see on TV and in movies. I have however forever been bound by my 9 to 5 job and fending for my family; your article has greatly enlightened me and I am now looking forward to a life full of travel! Thanks!

      Good Luck, Some people can immediately switch to whatever they want like you. But, for me I need time to quit all commitments to start my travel journey.

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