Love Travel Photos? Try Trover (And Win Stuff)!

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Do you like sharing and looking at travel photos? Do you like to get ideas for your next trip online or on your smartphone? Do you like social media?

If you've answered yes to the above, then read on — because you will want to know about Trover.


What the hell is Trover?

It's a valid question. Ask Trover itself, and it will tell you that “Trover is a visual guide to the best of everywhere.” And I would have to say that that's an accurate description.

I would also say, however, that Trover is like a cross between Instagram and Pinterest — but JUST for travel. So, essentially, it's my new favorite thing on the Internet.


Trover currently has a collection of thousands of annotated, map-pinned photos that span more than 175 countries around the world. People upload them via the Trover app or directly through the Trover website, leaving a helpful description and pinning each photo on a map. You can therefore not only see the photos of people you follow, but you can also search for photos based on location.

It works like Instagram in that you can follow people, see what they're posting, and like/comment on what they share (only, on Trover you “thank” photos that you like). It works like Pinterest in the sense that you can create different lists (kind of like Pinterest boards) to either categorize your own shares, or to save things other people are posting that you like.

The Trover app on my iPhone

Why use Trover?

I know what you might be thinking — “But I don't have TIME for another social network.” And I totally get it. Between Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and G+ and Pinterest, yet another network to use seems like overkill.

But, if you're like me and LOVE travel photos (sharing them, looking at them, etc.), then you might want to consider checking this one out anyway.

Things I love about Trover:

• The ability to upload only my BEST photos — and forget about those Instagram filters. Because I can use Trover on both my iPhone AND my computer, that means I can select only my best and favorite photos to share — ensuring that they usually get fairly good interaction.

• The ability to search for photos — either near you or from a specific destination. This is something that Instagram lacks and it drives me crazy. If I arrive in a new destination and want to get some visual tips on what to see/do, Instagram isn't super helpful. Pinterest isn't great, either, because while it can yield great photos, you won't always be able to tell exactly where they were taken. On Trover, locations are pinpointed exactly on a map, and you can even see photos of things taken nearby.


• The ability to create unique lists. Just like you can create boards on Pinterest, you can create lists on Trover. Right now, I only have lists for specific countries or regions, but in the future I want to get more creative. Since Trover is all about sharing personal tips, I might do a list about “Hong Kong in 2 Days” or “London on the Cheap.” You can totally think outside the box.

• The ability to share across social media — including to my Facebook fan page. As a travel blogger, I sometimes want to be able to share my photos from the road on social media all at once — but I want to share to my blog's fan page and not my personal profile on Facebook. Instagram only connects to your personal profile, but Trover does both! I've actually been sharing photos to my Facebook page over the past week at the same time as I upload them to Trover! You can also easily share to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr at the same time you post to Trover. After your photo is posted, you can also share it to G+.


• The ability to add clickable links. Maybe excitement over this will only extend to other bloggers, but Trover lets you add clickable links right in your photo descriptions. Instagram doesn't allow live links in posts, and Pinterest only links to posts through the photo you share. This was a nice feature to discover on Trover, since I think it adds some value to my posts.

Enter the #TroveOn contest!

The point of this post isn't just to sell Trover to you. It's also to let you know about an awesome contest Trover hosts every month.

Each month, Trover hosts a photo contest with a new theme. By uploading photos to the platform that follow the theme, you can be entered to win $1500 for your next trip!

How it works:

  • Sign up for Trover (and follow me!).
  • Check out the monthly contest theme.
  • Upload photos (either via the app or the site) using the hashtag for the month.
  • Be entered to win!


Tips for posting photos on Trover

Trover doesn't offer you any editing tools or fancy filters to add to your photos. So here are a few tips to keep in mind as you share your awesome photos (and hopefully win awesome prizes!):

• Make them GREAT. Kind of like on Pinterest, you should only upload your BEST photos to Trover. Make them colorful and eye-catching and as unique as possible, as these are the ones that will get the most interaction among Trover users.


• Add them to lists. Because organization is fun! And, in this case, I can follow someone with a hundred lists and not have to worry about 99 of them being about hairstyles and home accents (no offense, Pinterest, but that's just not my thing…). And, as I mentioned above, you can get really creative with your lists, making them a mixture of your own photos and images shared by others.

• Make them special. Trover loves quirky, off-the-beaten-path finds. They (and I) want to see not only cool photos, but they really encourage you to leave good descriptions, too. Since your photos will be map-tagged, you can give people tips on your favorite viewpoint at Yosemite or share the best secluded beach you know of in Thailand.

Sign up for Trover!

Download the app for iPhone | Download for Android


Sign up on the website


Is Trover an app you think you'll use?



*Note: I AM working with Trover on this campaign, but was actually already using (and loving) the app for weeks before they approached me about promoting it. As always, I would never recommend something to you that I don't fully support.

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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  1. This is really cool! Love the idea, though normally I just use Pinterest for my travel inspiration I might just trial this one out.

      Go for it, Rebecca! It’s really cool, and there are some fantastic photos being posted.

    This sounds great – the bit about posting on the go and to your faccebook page really caught my attention. Too bad there isn’t an app for Windows phone!

    Will definitely look into getting it online though.

      Well you can use the site for now, and they plan to have the Android app out by summer, I believe!

    Thanks for posting about this. It sounds like a an interesting new social network opportunity.

      Definitely! It’s a really cool way to discover some great photos, and to get travel ideas.

    Signed up and got my fingers cross. It’s really addictive once you start!

      Haha I know! It seriously is. And the contest is such a great way to get people involved.

    I love using Trover! And thanks for the follow on Trover Amanda!

    I signed up for Trover the other day and I’m obsessed. Just followed you 🙂

      Awesome! Glad to hear I’m not the only one obsessed.

    I need to sign up right away 🙂
    What an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing

      You bet, Roxy! I hope you enjoy it. And good luck in the contest!

    will go sign up, great tips on how Trover works, Thanks Amanda

    will come back and check out other blogs you do

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