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The more time I dedicate to this blog of mine, the more things I end up wanting to do with it. It really is a vicious, never-ending cycle of coming up with new ideas, making changes and updates, and then thinking up MORE things I want to do. On top of traveling, editing photos, and writing posts, of course.

After getting home from Asia in early March, I decided that there was one major thing I wanted to do this spring (well, maybe more than one, if you count redesigning my Destinations page, launching a blogging course, and putting more effort into various social media channels like G+ and Trover…). I knew I also wanted to re-launch my YouTube channel and focus on producing video content more frequently.

I won't be making videos every day, or even every week, for that matter. But I DO want to try to do more with YouTube, simply because it's such a great way to capture travel moments. A photo may say a thousand words, but a video can show so much more.

I'm therefore using this post to invite you to subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

Here's a little channel preview I put together recently:


If you enjoyed this and would like to see more, please do me a little favor and click the subscribe button!


In the coming weeks, I'll be posting videos focusing on my travels in Vietnam, eating bugs in Cambodia, volunteering with elephants, and maybe even more! If you're subscribed, not only will I be a happy blogger, but you'll also be able to see said videos more easily and quickly.

Thanks, and happy travels!




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