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With only a few exceptions over the years, I generally don't write about travel blogging on this blog. Yes, this IS a travel blog, but I much prefer to share my travel stories with you than the ins-and-outs of social media or my SEO strategies. I'm not writing this blog for other bloggers, after all.

But, after having been at this whole travel blogging thing for more than four years, I've begun to recognize all the skills I've developed and all the knowledge I've gained about building and running a travel blog.

As I began the ridiculously stressful task of figuring out how I could diversify my income stream (while still clinging on to the hope that I can make self-employment work for me), I realized that it was time to stick my neck out and try to think a bit more outside of the box.

Enter offering blogging courses in conjunction with A Dangerous Business!

I'm by no means the first blogger to offer courses on travel blogging. But I hope that my approach and informal way of teaching will add that little something extra.

Travel Blogging 101

Travel Blogging 101 (3)

Geared towards beginner bloggers, Travel Blogging 101 course seeks to introduce bloggers to the ins and outs of travel blogging, from what to post to which social networks are most important to what the heck SEO is. The lessons cover a broad range of topics, but are written to focus on the basics. Popular lessons from a test run of the course included ones on branding, blogging when you aren't traveling, and treating your blog as a business.

Highlights of the course include:

  • 12 lessons delivered weekly to your inbox in newsletter format
  • Optional assignments included to help you think more practically about lessons
  • Created with the traveler in mind — you can follow along at your own pace, whenever YOU have time
  • Access to a closed Facebook group in which you can ask questions, post assignments, and get to know your fellow bloggers
  • 2 opportunities for one-on-one Skype sessions with me (which can include site critiques)

Next course begins: May 7 (sign up by May 5)

Course price: $250 USD

If you are interested in this course and have read this post, however, I'm offering a coupon to get $50 off the course if you register before May 1. The coupon code is 50offtb101.

To learn more about this course (as well as see a detailed course outline and read some reviews), head over to the Travel Blogging 101 course page.


Working With Brands 101

Brands 2

Geared towards more experienced bloggers, Working With Brands 101 is a mini-course designed to help travel bloggers navigate the confusing waters of partnerships, media kits, and selling yourself to brands you'd like to work with.

Highlights of the course include:

  • 4 lessons delivered weekly to your inbox in newsletter format
  • Examples of media kits and pitch letters that have led to successful partnerships
  • Access to a closed Facebook group in which you can ask questions or discuss course material
  • Ability to e-mail me pitches and media kits for critiques

Next course begins: June 4 (sign up by June 2)

Course price: $100 USD

To learn more about this course (as well as see a detailed course outline), head over to the Working With Brands 101 course page.


I've been running this blog for long enough that it's time I actually start sharing what I've learned with others — because I've definitely learned a lot! If you or anyone you know is a travel blogger who might benefit from these courses, please check them out! 

(And feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments!)





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