My 2014 Travel Wish List

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I have a question for you, and if you can give me an answer to it, I will be very impressed: WHERE DID 2013 GO?!

Seriously, it feels like I was just putting together my 2013 travel wish list and publishing it on my blog. And yet here I am, a year later, putting together a very similar annual post.

Time sure does fly when you are living your dream.

And I plan to keep living the dream in 2014. While I will eventually be semi-settling down now that I'm finished with my master's degree, that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop traveling. In fact, if my upcoming travel plans are any indication, I may end up traveling even MORE this year!

Here is my travel wish list for the upcoming year:

Southeast Asia

This isn't just on my wish list — it's in my upcoming plans! Thailand was on my 2013 wish list (along with volunteering with elephants there), and I quickly added other destinations in Southeast Asia to the list as the year progressed. I didn't quite make it to SEA at the end of 2013 as I had originally hoped, but I'm headed there in just 2 weeks!! Now my must-see destinations include Vietnam, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, and some Thai Islands — and I'll be visiting them all! Stay tuned for more updates…

Angkor Wat

Photo by archer10 (Dennis), on Flickr

New Zealand

It's become a tradition for me to visit New Zealand once every 3 years — and 2014 marks 3 years since the last time I was in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I therefore am determined to make it back to New Zealand this year. And I'm already hatching some plans with my travel blogging twinsie that may have me heading Down Under for about a month in May. Fingers crossed that it all works out! If it does, I will definitely be re-visiting favorites like Wellington, Queenstown, and Hobbiton, and will hopefully add a few new destinations to the list, as well. I also really want to try a new adventure sport, though I'm not sure what I'll try yet.

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Niagara Falls

My boyfriend and I have been talking about a trip to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake basically since we met nearly a year ago. Hopefully we can make this trip a reality this spring or summer, even if only for a long weekend. It's been roughly 15 years since I've been to Niagara Falls, so I think a return visit is definitely in order.

Niagara Falls

Photo by Artur Staszewski, on Flickr

Somewhere tropical in North America

I'll be ticking the “tropical” box in Asia at the beginning of the year, but I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at another tropical destination on my own continent. Contenders include:

  • Belize (I've been dying to go back for the past year)
  • Hawaii (I've only ever been to Oahu and would love to visit more islands)
  • Mexico (because there are so many great places there I want to see)
  • A cruise (to any of the above or beyond!)
Kawela Beach Park Molokai Hawaii

Photo by PatrickMcNally, on Flickr

A Christmas market river cruise

Speaking of cruises, my ultimate Christmas wish for 2014 would be to hop on a river cruise in Europe and visit as many Christmas markets as possible — not to mention world capitals decked out for the holidays! River cruises are predicted to be hot in 2014, and I've always liked the idea of lazily cruising down the rivers in Europe. What a way to see the continent!


Photo by ReneS, on Flickr

South Africa

Lastly, my long-shot destination of the year is South Africa. It was on my list last year, too, though sadly I didn't get to cross it off. Maybe 2014 will be the year I figure out a way to explore Cape Town, cage dive with great whites, drive the Garden Route, and see penguins on a beach? We shall see.

Cape Town

Photo by dicau58, on Flickr


The above are all destinations that I think might actually be able to make it to this year. If I could add a few over-the-top wishes, though? They would be:

  • Swim with whale sharks somewhere
  • Go back to Churchill, Manitoba during polar bear season
  • Ride a camel in Jordan
  • Cruise through the fjords in Norway
  • Drive the Ring Road in Iceland during the summer months
  • Be a geek at Harry Potter world in Orlando

Though I think I would need more than just 365 days to fit in all of these adventures!


Regardless of what I do or do not cross of this list, I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be another epic travel year!


(And, in case you're curious, I crossed off 2 out of 5 destinations from my travel wish list from last year (Western Europe and Costa Rica) and will be crossing off a third (Thailand) very soon!)


Which destinations are on YOUR travel wish list for this year?




  • kami says:

    definitely try to get to South Africa this year! it’s amazing and I’m sure you’ll love it there big time!!! as for Jordan – I’ll tell you next week πŸ˜‰
    you’ve already seen my wishlist for 2014 πŸ™‚ and just yesterday I booked flights to Kyrgyzstan so it is really happening πŸ˜‰ on top of that today there’s a really good deal to Iran (250$ return!) but I want to get back from Israel before I book anything in that direction
    kami recently posted..5 destinations I’d love to visit in 2014 (but probably I won’t)

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I realllllly want to go to South Africa!! Perhaps this will be the year…

      And it already sounds like your 2014 is full of exciting plans!!

  • Clare says:

    A fab list! It’s always interesting to see how we get on when we end up comparing the wish list with where we actually get to, but it’s all part of the fun! I’m working on my own plans at the moment. So far the list includes Stockholm and a return visit to Paris…

    Look forward to following another year of your travels!
    Clare recently posted..Sunburn on the Moon

    • DangerousBiz says:

      It IS half the fun to compare the list at the beginning of the year to where we actually end up going. There are almost always surprises thrown in!

  • Renuka says:

    Nice! Although I don’t feel like telling my travel wish-list, I enjoy reading what others wish. πŸ™‚ All the best for all your future trips!
    Renuka recently posted..My 5 Travel Resolutions For 2014

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks, Renuka! I like reading lists like this, too. Always cool to see where other people want to go and why.

  • Patti says:

    We are giving thought to the Christmas Markets as well, although I didn’t know about the river cruises, I’ll have to look into that. Happy New Year and safe travels in 2014!
    Patti recently posted..When Harry Met Sally & Auld Lang Syne ~

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Something about river cruising just sounds so romantic to me. And visiting some Christmas markets sounds like fun, too!

  • Tanya says:

    Awesome list!! I hope you get to go to them all or at leat most of them.
    Tanya recently posted..Online HR Software – December 2013 Update

  • Rebecca says:

    WHV….WHV….WHV…time is a tickin’!!!

    After a personal permanent move and lack of perm job for most of the year, I had my most uneventful year of travel ever. I only took one flight (and it wasn’t even round trip, as I drove the return portion, so if I hear of one more person complain of packing issues, I am going to reach through twitter and strangle them). That being said, I have lots of fun plans for 2014! Galapagos or China before July, and then South Africa in December/January!!
    Rebecca recently posted..Alaska – The Last Day-ish

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Hahaha, I know, I know on the WHV. I still have a few years, though! It’s definitely still on my bucket list. I have to see where the boy and I end up in the next year though before planning for something as huge as that!

      Soooo jealous that you’re going to the Galapagos! That should be awesome.

  • Angela says:

    Best of luck with your travels! I just love New Zealand and want to return someday. However, with only so many vacation days, I am focusing on new destinations! I can’t wait to read about your SE Asia travels!
    Angela recently posted..2013 Travel Round Up

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I totally get that, Angela. But there are some destinations (like NZ and London and Scotland) that I just can’t seem to get out of my system!

  • Nanette says:

    I love following your adventures through your blog. Will you be visiting Indonesia on your SEA trip? For myself, I would like to visit at least one new (US) state each year, and start visiting national parks.
    Nanette recently posted..Tips for planning a trip to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Sadly Indonesia is not in the cards for this trip. I have a limited amount of time in SEA (2 months, tops) and I didn’t want to try to pack too much in!

      I love your goal of one new U.S. state per year! That’s a great idea. And I’m with you on the national parks – I need to visit more of them, too.

  • Gaelyn says:

    Looks like a great list for 2014. When you do get to South Africa it will be on your return to list as well. I leave in less than two weeks for a three month stay.
    Gaelyn recently posted..Elephant in Kruger National Park South Africa

  • Bridget says:

    Great list! South Africa and a Christmas Market cruise are high on my list as well, but not sure either will happen this year – who knows! They both look fantastic – I hope you make it to both! Iceland in the summer is one that is happening and the one I am the most excited about! Happy travels in 2014!
    Bridget recently posted..In Photos: Venice

  • Fabulous list! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!!
    Oneika the Traveller recently posted..Year in review and my top 5 travel moments of 2013

  • Valerie says:

    What a great list! I am hoping to visit Vermont for some winter activities and maple season, Turks and Caicos and either Costa Rica or Vietnam. My Dad turns 69 this year, he was stationed in Veitnam in 1969…I’d like to take him back there and have him tell me about his experiences then and now!

  • How about we go on that Christmas market river cruise together? This has been on my list for quite some time now, it looks like a fantastic trip!

  • Laura says:

    I love reading these lists! I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to travel in 2014 and came up with some similar ideas. I’m dying to visit South Africa and also hoping to get Thailand in! And somewhere tropical in Central America is definitely on my list as well. So exciting that you’ll be visiting SE Asia, and good luck with the rest of your list in 2014!
    Laura recently posted..Where I Want to Travel in 2014

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks, Laura! Good luck with yours, as well!

      And, as for somewhere tropical in Central America, I can vouch for both Belize and Costa Rica, and Nicaragua is also supposed to be awesome!

  • Georgia says:

    Looking forward to seeing where you make it in 2014! It’s impossible not to love Southeast Asia, can’t wait to see what you make of it.

    Very jealous of NZ, it’s one of my ultimate bucket list destinations but I really need to save up the pennies to get over there… and I’m slightly worried I won’t come back if I do go!
    Georgia recently posted..Travel in 2013: The good, the bad and the sad

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Haha, NZ is definitely a dangerous destination for that reason! I’m lucky to have been there quite a few times so far, but I’m always dying to go back as soon as I leave.

  • Elisa says:

    Christmas markets should be interesting! Viking River Cruises does a few of those in Nov.–Dec.

    I’ve been to Hong Kong 4 times (before when it was still a British colony and after it was returned to China) and stayed with my mom’s family. So I saw quite a bit of local life!

    It may be best to visit the Harry Potter park during an off peak time (with the school year in session) so it’s less crowded.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Yes, going on a cruise with Viking would be great! And I agree on visiting the Harry Potter park during the off-season – definitely would help avoid the crowds!

  • Cherishka says:

    If you ever come to Budapest (my current residence) during the river cruise. free feel to let me know! Christmas markets are awesome in this city and it’s the best way to pre-game for the weekend πŸ™‚ And if you need any local tips in Hong Kong, I’d be more than happy to provide them. As it is my hometown and I hope people get to see the real Hong Kong other than smog and crowd! Good luck and have a great travel year!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I have been to Budapest before and loved it. I would definitely want to go back there on any river cruise I might take!

  • Jessica Wray says:

    Amazing plans! I’m excited to follow along! And yes, time does fly when you are living your dream! πŸ˜‰
    Jessica Wray recently posted..A British Christmas

  • I would love to take a long exposure shot of Niagra Falls. Looks beautiful but I didn’t go last time I was in Canada.
    Matt – Lightroom Presets recently posted..Lightroom presets sample (Sale now on!)

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I’ve actually been there once before, but I was about 13… so I think a re-visit is definitely in order!

  • NZ Muse says:

    That’s a LOT of times to visit NZ! You must really love it here. Drop me a line if you’re passing through Auckland!
    NZ Muse recently posted..A mantra for 2014 (and beyond)

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