I Want to Go With Oh to London! (Complete with London Rap Video)

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This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I've never actually “done Europe.” Yes, I spent this summer traveling around Europe — but I only hit up Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the UK. I've never been to Paris. Or Berlin. Or Barcelona. I haven't seen Prague. Or Amsterdam. Or Vienna.

In fact, I haven't even properly “done” London. Yes, I've been to this amazing city twice in the past year. But the first time was for the Olympics and the second was for a conference — meaning I've never had the chance to just be a tourist in London at all. I haven't taken a Big Bus tour or ridden The Eye. I haven't seen a West End show, or even been inside St. Paul's. I haven't even been to Oxford Street!

London, I'm sorry. We've “met,” but haven't been truly introduced yet. Let's change that next year?

Because I want to Go With Oh to London!



Earlier this year, apartment rental company Go With Oh hosted a blogger contest, with the winner getting an amazing opportunity to travel around Europe for a month this fall. I've been turning varying shades of green for weeks as I've watched winner Leah (along with fellow travel blogger Lola) having some of the amazing European experiences I myself have always wanted to have.

So when I found out there was going to be another contest for spring/summer 2013, I knew I had to enter!

But what to say? What could I possibly write that could wow the Go With Oh judges and convince them to choose me and send me to Europe next year?

I could tell them that I'd want to visit some of London's best museums, cruise the Thames at night, see the Changing of the Guard, catch a show on the West End, visit St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey, and finally ride the London Eye.

I could tell them that I want to eat curry on Brick Lane, see what weird things I can find at the Camden Market, straddle the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, and make some faces at Buckingham Palace guards (complete with photos, of course!).

I could could offer to go geek and search for as many Harry Potter locations/references as I can find, ride as many double-decker buses as possible, and learn some of the best British slang there is.

But simply “telling” won't really cut it, I don't think. I could go on and on in this post about how I would blog the bejeezus out of this trip and do all sorts of amazing (and perhaps crazy) things all across Europe. But I don't think you'll really take me seriously.

So instead of just writing about my ideal trip to London, I'm going to rap about it.


I said rap.

Check it out:


Now, if this doesn't scream dedication to this contest and to Go With Oh (and London, for that matter!), I don't know what does! (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for full lyrics.)

The winner of this competition will get to spend one week in 4 different European cities in spring/summer 2013 — that's a whole glorious month in Europe. And I want that month, so badly! For me, this would be the perfect opportunity to finally explore Western Europe and visit some of the major cities I've always wanted to — all so I can write about them for you, of course!

So, if you liked my rap (or at least found it amusing), please share this post and tell @GoWithOh that you think I should be their spring/summer 2013 blogger!


Seriously. I get creativity points for that rap, right?


And, for YOUR chance to win some cool stuff from Go With Oh (like iPads, iPhones, apartment vouchers and more), check out their Facebook competition!

And now for the lyrics:

I want to explore London with Go With Oh
It’s the capital of England, don’t you know?
I'll ride the Tube, I'll mind the gap,
I'll even go so far as to write this rap!

I'll cross the Tower Bridge over the River Thames;
take a speedy water taxi all the way to Big Ben.

Watch some football in a pub; a West End show,
Buskers on the South Bank, Shakespeare at the Globe.

I’ll take the Piccadilly line down to Leicester Square;
to Westminster, to Paddington (just like the bear).

I'll ride a double-decker bus to Abbey Road,
Gotta get my Beatles shot before I go home.

Go to Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square,
Make faces at the guards as they stand and stare.

I'll head to Brick Lane to have a nice curry,
Take a walk through Hyde Park, I won't be in a hurry.

I'll keep an eye out for the Queen, and for Wills and Kate,
I'll ride the London Eye, look at art at the Tate.

And then, at the end, when I run out of good rhymes,
I'll just throw in a mention bout Greenwich Mean Time!

I want to explore London with Go With Oh
It’s the capital of England, don’t you know?
I'll ride the Tube, I'll mind the gap,
I'll even go so far as to write this rap!



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