Air New Zealand: The Airline With a Sense of Fun

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I had no intentions of posting about Air New Zealand on my site today. Yes, the airline is my absolute favorite in the entire world. And yes, I would kill to work for their social media department (are you listening @flyairnz?). But I had no plans to write about them until perhaps my next hop over to Aotearoa.

But then I got an e-mail with THIS video in it:

This is the airline's latest safety video that they will show to passengers on all of their flights. No, it's not a joke. And yes, they WILL show it on their planes.

The new Middle-Earth-inspired video goes along with Air New Zealand's promotion as “the airline of Middle Earth” in preparation for the release of the first “Hobbit” movie in just a few short weeks. It captures everything I love about New Zealand, and about Air New Zealand — a sense of pride in what they do, but in a way that shows they have a sense of humor.

This video is just the latest in a line of fun safety videos Air New Zealand has produced, however. Some of my other favorites include:

Mile-high madness

Richard Simmons and fitness in the sky? SO MUCH FUN. This was the video they were showing on all Air NZ flights when I was traveling there last year, and it was always funny to watch the reactions of other passengers to it.



Bare essentials

This video from a few years ago may be my all-time favorite, however. You may need to watch closely to figure out why… (I'll give you a hint: those are NOT clothes they're wearing!)


Can you understand now why I love this airline (and this country) so much?!?




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