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You know those chain e-mails that you used to get all the time, where you were told you had to pass them on in 7 minutes, otherwise your whole family would die? Well, this “My 7 Links” project by Trip Base is kind of like that. Except it's blog links you're passing on, and your family probably won't die if you don't participate. … Probably.

The while idea behind the “7 Links” chain-blog is to give bloggers a chance to share some of their favorite posts from the past that deserve to see the light of day again. A blogger shares his/her 7 links, then nominates 5 other bloggers to continue on in the chain. And so it grows exponentially — without any family members or pets coming to harm. It's fun!

I was nominated to share My 7 Links with you by Amy and Kieron of Don't Ever Look Back.

And here are My 7 Links (give or take a few):

My most beautiful post

My 5 Favorite Views in New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu

It was really difficult for me to choose just one post to share in this category. I love taking photos when I travel, and I've put up a lot of posts that I've found to be beautiful in different ways. This post, however, has been one of my favorites, visually. As part of my contribution to the Blog4NZ project, this post was meant to show just how beautiful New Zealand is. Does it make you want to book a flight tomorrow?

Runner-up: 10 Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches — Oahu

My most popular post

Is Anybody Out There? Hang in There, Travel Bloggers

NZ Necklace

It's funny, but my most popular post (going by pageviews, comments, and the general ripple it made all those months ago when it was posted), is not about travel at all — it's about travel blogging. I think this post addresses that frustrated feeling we all encounter sometimes as bloggers. And, obviously, a lot of people could relate.

If I had to share my most popular post about travel? Probably The Maori Legend of Lake Wakatipu. Or New Zealand is Calling — Will You Answer?

My most controversial post

Life Behind China's Great Firewall

Great Wall of China

I don't generally write posts that are controversial. Sure, I may whine and complain sometimes, but I try to stay pretty neutral on hot-button topics. I don't like drama. Picking this post, therefore, was difficult. So I went with a post that made me think while I was writing it, and actually got one dissenting comment! Does that count as controversy?

My most helpful post

A Traveler's Guide to Visiting Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial

I've written a handful of posts that I would consider helpful (check out my travel tips and travel guides sections), but I'm happiest with my guide to Pearl Harbor that I wrote after my trip to Hawaii in February. Before that trip, I tried to do some research online about visiting the memorial — and came up pretty empty. So I vowed I would fill that travel guide void with my own tips on visiting Hawaii's top tourist attraction. To date, it's been the post that has gotten the most traffic from Google searches.

A post whose success surprised me

The Tale of the Flying Kangaroo

Nambung National Park

When I wrote this post about hitting a kangaroo while driving in Australia, I had not idea it would get as much attention as it did — retweets, thousands of StumbleUpon hits, lots of comments… apparently people loved what has been one of my shortest posts. When I later wrote a post on Secrets to Running a Travel Blog When You Aren't Traveling, I included the tip to “Tell stories, even if you think they're dumb” because of the success of this post.

A post that didn't get the attention it deserved

A Red Carpet Weekend — ‘Lord of the Rings' Tourism in Wellington

Weta Cave

A lot of my earlier posts could easily fit into this category. There are a lot of posts from way back when that are sad and lonely and have gotten hardly any pageviews or comments. But this post, written after I followed around a “Lord of the Rings” tour group for a weekend in Wellington, is one of my favorite stories I've ever written. Sure, it's nerdy and geeky and not for everybody. But the people in it are fascinating and full of character. Check it out.

The post I am most proud of

Christchurch – A ‘Munted' City


This is the most recent post of mine included on this list. But I really am so proud of how it turned out, and humbled by the reaction it's gotten. I visited Christchurch, New Zealand, 3 months after a strong earthquake devastated the city. Upon coming home, I knew that I had to tell Christchurch's story, no matter how sobering and sad it was. This post was the result.

And now it's time for me to pass this chain-blog on. The bloggers I'm nominating to share their 7 Links are:

And, check out all the other bloggers who have been nominated so far.


Are there any posts of mine not mentioned here that you would have liked to see on the list?


  • Leslie says:

    I’m not surprised your best read post was about travel blogging and not traveling. Bloggers are always on the lookout for useful tips!
    Leslie recently posted..My 7 links: The top stories in Downtown Traveler’s first 8 months

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Yup, they sure are! And I know everybody always says you shouldn’t write for other travel bloggers. But, every once in a while, I do it anyway. I think we all like the chance to vent and get in on that feeling of solidarity that posts like that one bring.

  • Ryan says:


    I especially loved your most beautiful and most popular posts… The New Zealand photos were literally some of the best I’ve seen and your encouragement to travel bloggers (if I remember correctly) inspired me to comment here for the first time… Awesome job!

    By the way, that pic of you with Smeagol reminds me that I can do a pretty good impression of that character’s voice. Next time I see you I’ll have to divulge… my preciousssss.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks so much, Ryan. Some of my NZ photos feel like my children by now — I love them so much. Lol. (And I have even MORE of them now, after this most recent trip!) And I’m glad my travel blogging encouragement resonated with you enough to turn you into a commenter!

      Also, I love me a good Gollum impression… Too bad I didn’t know this at TBEX!

  • The My 7 Links project introduced me to your blog. Glad to have participated in it. Some really interesting and diverse posts.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Well if this project has gained me one new follower, then I’d call it a success! Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you liked my “7 links” post!

  • Great list here Amanda, and it just proves that I don’t stop by nearly often enough! I was actually feeling a bit down about my own blogs last night 🙂 So it was nice to read your post again. Not so much in comments and reactions but more in terms of hitting it big time!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks so much, Todd. 🙂 I read that post every once in a while when I’m feeling a bit down about blogging, too. Lol. Usually helps remind me to take some of my own advice!

  • Loved your post. Beautiful photos. Glad that we have connected on GBN.

  • Michael says:

    It’s amazing what can turn out to be a successful post. But yours is rather heart stopping. Hope that kangaroo survived the impact.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Yes, it’s often impossible to predict what posts will be really successful, and which will turn out to be duds. Sometimes, I can predict them. But most of the time I can’t.

      And I hope the kangaroo survived, too!

  • Annie says:

    I love your blog Amanda so I think each of these posts definitely deserves to be seen again! Your photos are always fantastic so I can imagine that it was difficult for you to choose your most beautiful!

    Although I’m sure I read it, I’m going to go back and re-read the flying kangaroo post because I don’t think I remember it!
    Annie recently posted..Celebrating 100 posts on Wayward Traveller!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks so much, Annie! And yes, it was tough to choose my most beautiful post… I do a lot of photo-heavy posts, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some really stunningly pretty places!

      Oh, the flying kangaroo post. It still cracks me up that it’s been one of my most popular! But I guess people like random travel stories like that.

  • Enjoyed catching up on your list! The most popular most is very helpful and the comments are full of great advice. It is heartening knowing we’re not alone.
    Debbie Beardsley recently posted..Viva La France-Back to Burgundy!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Good to hear you enjoyed my “7 links” post, Debbie! And yes, all the comments on my most popular post are great for realizing that we are definitely not alone! We all get frustrated sometimes.

  • Love your choices for 7 Links, Amanda. I especially remember relating to “Is Anybody Out There? Hang in There, Travel Bloggers” when you published it. It was perfect timing for me.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thank you, Cathy! It seems like a lot of people were really able to relate to that travel blogging post — and still are, in fact! Which makes me feel really good about having written it in the first place.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll get on that ASAP! Some great links in here, BTW 🙂
    Jeremy recently posted..Guest Post: Bitten by the Travel Bug

    • DangerousBiz says:

      You’re welcome! I thought this would be something fun for you to have a go at, so I look forward to reading your 7 links post soon!

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