Christmas Memories From Around the World

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For the past 24 years, I have spent every Christmas in northeast Ohio.

Every Christmas brings with it a gathering of family and friends, a large live Christmas tree plucked from our own backyard, and Grandma's homemade spaghetti and meatballs for Christmas dinner. Though kids have grown up and grandparents have grown older, the routine has varied little over the years, and I can't really picture December 25 being any other way.

But not everyone stays home for the holidays.

In fact, many people spend Christmas away from home. Travel bloggers in particular are some of the most likely to be found in some far-off place when the holidays roll around.

Since I've never spent a Christmas away from Ohio, I asked some fellow bloggers to share photos from Christmases past that were taken on the road.

So here are some Christmas memories from around the world:

Ali of Ali's Adventures

This is a picture of the Christmas market in the main square in Prague from a few weeks ago.

Caz of y Travel Blog

Here is a Christmas photo from 2003 at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. I am stuffed over a huge four course meal and bottle of wine that cost us only $15 at a beautiful resort with the falls in the background just over the jungle shrub. Bliss.

Alison of Travelin' the Globe

Alison spent Christmas 2008 in Romania.

A Romanian Christmas tradition is to sing carols on Dec. 24. There are groups that go door to door, and families also sing. My roommate and her sister chose “Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer” so that I could sing with them. And after the song, the listeners are expected to pay the singers.

Laurence of Finding the Universe

Here's a shot of me on Christmas Day, 2009, in the South Australian outback, cracking open the champagne that my parents had requested I buy with the money they sent me. I drank it and thought of them thankfully.

Dan of Dan in Australia

This is from a few years ago in Wales, when myself and a good friend went for a walk on Christmas day… it started to snow heavily and so this picture was born! It's one of my favourites!

Lorna of The Roamantics

Here's a photo from last Christmas in Mar de Ajo, Argentina. Our brother-in-law's family owns a farm on the beach there. If you can't tell, we're riding the horse!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

My ex-Aussie-boyfriend and I rented a Wicked campervan and drove around the Outback for 2 weeks. Our goal was to celebrate Christmas at Ayer's Rock/Uluru, and that is exactly what we did. This picture was taken on Christmas Day as the sun began to set. Meanwhile, we shared a bottle of champagne and opened Christmas crackers.


Christmas sure looks different in other parts of the world! The Australian Outback, for example, is a far cry from my snowy Ohio backyard.

But, wherever you happen to be this year, I hope your Christmas is full of joy and love and all those other fuzzy feelings that the holidays bring.

I'll leave you with my favorite holiday photo to date:

Ugly sweater/white elephant Christmas party with coworkers. This is my new favorite picture.

Merry Christmas!


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