There are a lot of travel blogs and sites offering travel resources out there. And a lot of well-written, useful ones, at that. Below you’ll find a list of some of my favorites.

If you have a blog or site you’d like added to the list, please let me know!

Travel Blogs

My Favorites

Here are the blogs that I check up on diligently (meaning 3-5 times per week). There’s a great variety here, but that’s what I love best about travel blogging.

2 Backpackers — Aracely & Jason travel the world sharing HD adventure travel videos, HD travel pictures and independent budget backpacking travel tips.

Adventurous Kate — Kate is one of my very favorite bloggers. And she lives up to her name, too. Whether partying it up in Vegas, or riding a motorbike around Thailand, Kate is always up to something fun.

Alex in Wanderland — Not only is the name of her site witty, but Alex is a pretty badass traveler and writer.

Ali Adventures — Ali has been traveling most of her life, and reached her goal of visiting all 7 continents before turning 30.

Around the World in 80 Jobs — The premise of Turner’s blog is pretty cool — he travels around the world, taking on the oddest of jobs along the way in order to fund further adventures.

Bacon is Magic — Ayngelina blogs about travel, food, photography and much much more. Her take on South American culture is always refreshing, and her food posts always have my mouth watering.

Bitten By the Travel Bug — I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Nicole quite a bit in real life, and she’s even lovelier in person than on her blog. Her blog is a very well-written snapshot of her adventures, from running with bulls to exploring her native Australia.

Brendan’s Adventures — Brendan is up to some pretty awesome things lately. His photos (of both people and places) are always interesting.

Brooke vs. the World — Brooke refers to herself as “a thrifty traveler and experience collector.” She’s traveled all over the world, and is currently residing in Australia with her partner.

Candice Does the World — Candice has a passion for a lot of things, namely Newfoundland, beer and being hilarious. Okay, maybe I made that last one up. But she is one funny writer, and I love reading her stuff.

Captain and Clark — Tawny and Chris are quickly becoming the travel couple I enjoy following the most. They have a fun sense of humor, which always comes out in their awesome travel videos.

C’est Christine — Christine spent a summer living and working in France, nearly a year living and working Down Under, had some adventures in Asia, and now is “settling down” in New York City. Christine is a fantastic writer and photographer, and her posts almost always leave me feeling inspired.

Chicky Bus — Hop on board and let Lisa take you off the beaten path. I love the posts she does highlighting the locals in the places she travels.

Expert Vagabond — Matthew is a true nomad, having been on the road indefinitely for the past 2 years. His adventure travel blog covers destinations all around the world.

Finding the Universe — Laurence is a great writer, and a great photographer. After completing a working holiday in New Zealand, he’s now living in France.

Flora the Explorer — UK-born Flora just returned to London after more than a year living, working, and traveling in South America. I love Flora’s writing style and how well she tells a story.

Go Backpacking — Dave runs a great travel blog with tips and stories from all over the world. His specialty is South America.

Grounded Traveler — Andrew is currently living abroad as an expat in Germany, and it’s always interesting to read about travel from his perspective.

Hecktic Travels — Pete and Dalene are currently traveling and housesitting their way around the world. I love their photos and the very honest and real way they write their posts. One of my favorite travel blogs!

Jack and Jill Travel the World — Jack and Jill are currently living and working in San Francisco, and running a pretty awesome blog at the same time.

Johnny Vagabond — Wes is on a budget trip around the world, “traveling cheap, taking pics and telling lies,” as he says. He’s also producing some awesome travel content, including humorous stories and stunning photographs from all over the world.

Katie Aune — Katie spent more than a year traveling around the former nations of the Soviet Union, and has now settled back into “real” life in Chicago.

Land Lopers — Matt is out to experience the world on a budget, but not neccessarily as a backpacker. His posts are always well-written, and usually leave me better informed than when I started reading them.

Never Ending Footsteps — Accident- and mishap-prone Lauren is one of my favorite travel bloggers. She’s been on the road for a few years now, and I always look forward to her new posts.

Nomadderwhere — Lindsay was my very first travel inspiration. She’s studied abroad and at sea, and I started following her when she was chosen as an STA World Traveler Intern. Since then, she got hired at ProjectExplorer to help produce video content. She just proves to me that, if you work hard enough, anything is possible.

Nomadic Samuel – Miles away from ordinary, dripping with sarcasm. A travel blog which features both daily travel photos and videos, along with interviews, photography tips and quirky stories.

Oneika the Traveller — Oneika is a Canadian expat currently living and working in London. She’s had some great adventures over the years (from living abroad to running with the bulls in Spain), and I love that, like me, she fits travel into a “normal” lifestyle these days.

Our Oyster — Jade is a Canadian blogger after my own heart, with a love of NZ and travel in general.

Over Yonderlust — Shaun and Erica are childhood sweethearts traveling the world the same way they’ve traveled through life: no regrets, no missed opportunities and no rock unturned. I love their spirit, and their blog.

Suzy Guese — Suzy just finished up living in Italy for a summer, and constantly delights readers with insightful, thoughtful posts on all sorts of travel-related topics. Another of my favorite bloggers.

That Backpacker — Audrey is currently teaching English in South Korea, and always has plenty of funny, sweet, and interesting stories to tell.

The Aussie Nomad — The title of Chris’ blog really says it all — he’s an Australian currently traveling the world, and usually has some good stories to tell.

The Planet D — Dave and Deb are a couple seeking adventure around the world. They put out some great content, and some even better photos.

The Runaway Guide — Leif ran away from home at age 16 without a penny to his name, and has been traveling the world ever since. This guy has some amazing stories to tell.

This American Girl – I was lucky enough to hang out with Camille in Asia — she’s one cool chick. If you love vibrant photos and prose-like writing, check out her site.

travelFREAK — Jeremy is a really great writer, and a cool traveler to boot. He’s been living/working in Australia and New Zealand for the past couple of years.

Traveling Canucks – Their blog name really says it all — Cameron and Nicole are two Canadians traveling the world, writing about their adventures traveling as an adventurous couple.

Traveling Savage – Keith is my kind of traveler — he travels a few weeks at a time here and there. He also has an affinity with Scotland. And he’s a fantastic writer and storyteller.

Travels of Adam — A few years ago, this graphic designer from Boston decided to trade in the traditional American dream for a life of travel. He’s currently living and working in Berlin.

Twenty-Something Travel — I’ve followed Steph for a long time. I watched as she scrimped and saved for months, before embarking upon a RTW trip, which has now turned into a permanent nomadic life. I love her site, her writing style, and her attitude toward travel.

Uncornered Market — When I think of Dan and Audrey, I think about some of the off-the-beaten-path places they’ve ventured to — like Iran. The stories and photos they share from their travels always seem to be able to truly capture the personality of the place, and I love learning about new cultures through their travels.

Wandering Earl — Earl is a really great blogger, and an even better writer. He’s been traveling for the past 10 years, and has some seriously amazing stories to tell.

Wild Junket – Nellie has a ton of travel experience, and runs not only a great blog, but also a fantastic travel magazine!

Where Sidewalks End — Ian writes about off-the-beaten-path destinations all around the world. Having been to all 7 continents, he has plenty of stories to share.

Young Adventuress — Liz is a travel blogger after my own heart – she’s smart and snarky and always up for an adventure, even if it scares her. She’s currently living and traveling in New Zealand.

y Travel Blog — Caz and Craig are swiftly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the travel blogosphere. They’ve made travel the focus of their lives, and are always writing thoughtful, informative and entertaining posts about all corners of the world.

Others I Like

The following blogs are also well worth your time.

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

A Couple Travelers

Adventures With Dan

All About Abroad

Angela Travels

Art of Backpacking

Aspiring Backpacker

Aussie on the Road

B&B Ireland Blog

Backpacking Addictz

Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Backpacking Matt

Backpacking Spirit

Backpacking Spirit Blog

Backpacking Travel Blog

Backpacking Worldwide

Backpack Me

Bagpack Traveller

Besudesu Abroad

Beyond Disney Travel Tips

Blondie at Worldz End

Bohemian Trails

Borderless Travels

Born 2 Travel

Canucking Abroad

Career Gap Year

Dauntless Jaunter

Discovering Ice

Don’t Stop Living

Don’t Worry Just Travel


Eurotrip Tips


Everything Everywhere

Fevered Mutterings

Food By Foot


Gap Year Escape

Gap Year Extreme

Ginger Nomads

Girl vs. Globe

Go PowerKicK!

Go See Write

Grrrl Traveler

H-Bomb’s Worldwide Karaoke

Indefinite Adventure

I Should Log Off

Jay Daviot (Travel Photography)


Just Chuckin’ It

Just One Way Ticket

L’appel du Vide

Maiden Voyage

Man vs. Clock

Man vs. World

My 30s Travel Blog

My Beautiful Adventures

My Gay Travel Guide

Nomadic American

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

No Place to Be

One Step 4 Ward

Ordinary Traveler

Pam Goes Travelling

Perfect Travellers


Primo Travel

Redcat Travel

Ritchy Feet

Romancing the Planet

RTW Backpackers

See My Travels

Smiling Faces Travel Photos

Someday I’ll Be There

Stop Having a Boring Life

SuitQais Diaries

The Adventures of TK & G-man

The Bohemian Blog

The GlobeTrekker

The Shooting Star

The Travelers Blog

The Traveling Philosopher

The Travelling Editor

The Travelling Squid

The Wellingtonista

The World is Waiting

The Wrong Way Home

Toot’n Towns USA

Tourist 2 Townie

Travel Bytez

Traveled Earth

Travelin’ the Globe


Traveller Path

Travelling Blogger

Travelling Round Europe & Beyond

Travelling With Me


Travel Photography Tips

Travel Rinse Repeat

Travel the Middle East

Travel Trailer Blog

Travel Weekly

Travel With A Mate

Travel With Mates

Travel World Heritage

Trip and Travel Blog

Two Bad Tourists

Two Go RTW

Two Yuppies and a Passport

Unhook Now

Universal Traveller

U Pick A Path

Wandering Trader


Where the Hell is Rory?

Work Break Travel

World Travel for Couples

World Walk About

Young Dumb & Fun

Travel Resources

Greenheart Travel — Work, live or volunteer abroad.

Find the Best — A backpack comparison website.


Do you have a travel blog, website or corner of the Internet you’d like me to check out? Just contact me, and we’ll talk!

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  1. Alan says:

    I was wondering if we could exchange links
    We are a family who left England in November 2008 and set off with round the world tickets to escape a failing business and failing health – We are now living in Malaysia and continue to travel.

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    If you do add us, drop me a line and I promise I will add your site within 24hrs!


    Alan & Sofia

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    Hey Amanda, I just stumbled on your blog recently and I think it’s sweet. You’re a really good writer and seem like a really cool girl. I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links with me? I’m a new comer to the travel blogging scene but I really want to get into it. Also, if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks,
    Safe travels, Leif
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    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks for the nice compliments, Leif! I’d be happy to exchange links with you. And I’ll shoot you an e-mail, too!

  5. Duncan says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I hope all is well over at the DB blog!!

    I wanted to stop by and let you know you receive the honour of being my first blogroll link on my new travel blog i have set up.

    It would be great if you could add me to your blog exchange – i would appreciate the help.

    Many thanks

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  6. So many awesome new bloggers to follow. Where will I find the time. Thanks for your suggestions Amanda!
    Jen Seligmann recently posted..5 reasons why I love Sydney

  7. Caitlin says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Looks like you’re doing some cool things. Great inspiration. Wondering if you would be interested in an exchange of Links.

    Take a look and let me know what you think.


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