The Site

A Dangerous Business is a rapidly growing travel blog geared toward budget-minded, adventurous travelers of all ages and backgrounds that began in its current form in July 2010.

The site features a variety of travel-related content, including travel stories and tips, destination guides, travel photos and videos, interviews, and reviews. Content is updated frequently, and always focuses on quality.

Readers at A Dangerous Business come to read about:

  • Traveling while still living a “normal” life
  • Solo female travel
  • Global and domestic travel
  • Unique/odd travel experiences
  • Adventure activities
  • Storytelling
  • Budget travel
  • Traveling closer to home
  • Travel planning and packing
  • Roadtripping around the U.S.
  • Living and traveling in New Zealand
  • Interviews with other travelers

The majority of visitors to A Dangerous Business hail from the United States, with the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia also strongly represented.

The Stats

Current stats as of April 4, 2014:

Average monthly visitors: 35,000+
Average monthly page views: 61,000+
Alexa traffic rank: 100,134
Twitter followers: 11,600+
Facebook fans: 3,310+
Instagram followers: 1,050+
Newsletter subscribers: 665+
Google PageRank: 3
Klout score: 67

A Dangerous Business has also been featured on the list TravMonkey’s Top Travel Sites on Google, the list of Top 100 Independent Travel Websites, and the list of 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers.

Why advertise on A Dangerous Business?

Advertisers on A Dangerous Business can reach a wide audience of travel-minded readers, who are interested in engaging stories and useful information about travel as a whole. That audience is expanding daily.

A Dangerous Business works closely with other travel bloggers to promote useful content, including sharing links, Tweets, Stumbles, etc., in order to make sure quality content does not go unnoticed. In return, A Dangerous Business has quickly forged relationships with top travel blogs across the Web.

Advertising Options

A Dangerous Business is willing to discuss a variety of advertising options on this site. A few examples of available advertising options are:

  • Reviews — of products, services, attractions, tours, hotels, books, and more.
  • Content — for example, posts or links within a post.
  • Ads – banner ads or text.

Rates are competitive, but negotiable. Please contact A Dangerous Business for more information, or to discuss rates.

The Fine Print

Any reviews written by A Dangerous Business about a product, service, attraction, etc., will be written fairly and honestly. No guarantees can be given of a positive rating or conclusion.

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in line with FTC guidelines.

A Dangerous Business reserves the right to decline to review a product or run a sponsored post if it is not in line with the content/direction of this site.

15 Responses to Advertise

  1. [...] more from advertising. More advertising sold means more money that I can put toward travel. Which means a very happy me. [...]

  2. feilim says:

    Hi I would like to be able to have links from your site to mine. Can i write articles on a topic for you or do we have to pay for links?

  3. Homer says:

    My name is Homer and I’m writing from Travel News ( a real time travel community of travel bloggers, travelers and people who like traveling in general. It’s a free and open community for anyone to participate, think of it as digg but dedicated to traveling.

    We would really like your opinion on it and we would love if you could join the community. It is completely free and you can submit as many links as you want there is no limit and they show up in real time.

    Some more info on Travel News; We started travel news as an application for our friends to share interesting links about traveling but became apparent that a lot of people liked the idea and started to share their links. After requests from users we have added lots of functionality like voting/commenting/mark as favorite/read later, many more will follow. Since August 2012 TN has done a great progress, grew 400% since when it started and we expect that growth to continue, more than 200.000 unique visitors every month with 550.000 page views.

    Already a lot of bloggers are submitting their great articles to Travel News, more than 9000 travel articles covering nearly 25.000 destinations.

    All in all we hope to make it a point of reference of finding the most relevant information about destinations and the experiences travelers have in those destination (removing all the noise).

    I hope you join us.


    Homer from Travel News Team

  4. Hi

    We would like to offer travelers who travel on a budget the opportunity to do shark cage diving at an amazing discount.

    What opportunities is there and can we work on a PPC method?

    Kind regards
    Wessel Muller

  5. April says:

    Great Blog! Would love to offer some of your readers an opportunity to enjoy the Beauty of Fall in some not so dangerous places… the United States- I lead small Phototrips-
    Sent you a short email- looking forward to helpping support your page !!

  6. Hi!

    My name is Cherise and I am a freelance writer for my blog Four Seasons of Travel. This year I moved to Italy, to pursue my dream of becoming a travel writer and reviewer, also learning Italian along the way!

    I would love to be considered to write a guest post for Dangerous Business. I am currently living in Florence, Italy, so I am in a hub of travel and tourism opportunities and believe that I can provide a point of interest for your writers, speaking about travelling through Italy with allergies and dietary requirements – as I currently am.

    ‘An estimated 1 in 133 Americans, or about 1% of the population, has celiac disease’ (Celiac Central, 2014). While in Australia the rate has increased to 1 in 70 people (AAP, 2014). I believe that I can provide a new point of view for many people having to deal with these sometimes limiting factors, when travelling.

    I look forward to collaborating with you, and would love to hear your point of view on any other opportunities to work together.
    Kind regards,

  7. Micah Binns says:


    My name is Micah Binns, college student and entrepreneur. I randomly found your page and enjoyed your work. I was wondering if you advertised or worked with businesses that didn’t have anything to do with travel? I’m asking for future references as I’m saving up for Binns Innovation LLC


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Micah! I’m afraid that I don’t really accept advertising unless it’s at least mildly travel-related. Anything else just doesn’t really fit in with my site!

  8. Hi,

    I am a fan of your site as it has given me inspiration during my 2-year traveling.

    I am now settled in Indonesia and have started a surf school with my friend who is from Java.
    I would be interested to share some of my knowledge and write an article to your site about traveling around in Indonesia. I am currently based in Bali but have traveled around Indonesia while my friend is from Java and has been living in Bali for the last 11 years. I am open to your guidelines concerning the article.

    Would love to hear back from you.

    Thank you,

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