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Each Saturday from now on, I’ll be sharing a photo with you from my travels around the world.

This week, the photo comes from Flores, Guatemala.

Located on an island in Lake Peten Itza in northern Guatemala, the little town of Flores is often a stopover point for travelers on their way to the Maya ruins of Tikal. It’s meant to be a just-passing-through sort of place more than anything, but its colorful character really charmed me. I could have easily stayed longer than just an afternoon.

Flores, Guatemala

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8 Responses to Photo of the Week: Boats in Flores

  1. Those boats look like they have so much character!
    Matt the Brisbane Photographer recently posted..Trip home with a Brisbane photographer

  2. memographer says:

    I can feel fun and joy these people will have in a few minutes.
    Colorful photo, Amanda!
    memographer recently posted..Lima, Peru – The City of Kings

  3. Ryan says:

    Totally dig this photo, those boats remind me of the ones in Haiti that putt-putt you around the waters. Except those tend to be way more rickety than those in this photo.
    Ryan recently posted..Weekly Photo Mojo: Sprawling views From the Skyline Trail, Cape Breton.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Thanks, Ryan! Can’t really compare these boats to any I’ve seen elsewhere, but I sure did like them!

  4. Jeff Travels says:

    Those colors are awesome! I haven’t been to Central or South America yet, but the boats are similar yet different here in Southeast Asia. I wonder if they were always similar-looking or whether it happened as the cultures started intermixing…

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