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Today officially marks the last day of Summer. Tomorrow, the season will tip over into Fall, and it will be time to break out the boots, pumpkin-flavored coffee, and scarves. I can't wait for scarf weather.

To mark the end of the summer season, I'm going to catch up on all the great blog posts from this summer that I didn't get to highlight. (In case you're new here, I usually do a “Best Blogs of the Month” post at the beginning of each month, but was unable to while I was traveling all summer.)

Here are my favorite reads from Summer 2012:

My Top 5 Picks

One in Three Thousand: Remembering Nicole at Bitten by the Travel Bug

It's always interesting to me to read accounts from non-Americans of their visits to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. In this really great post, Nicole experiences the memorial in a very personal way — by connecting to a victim who shared her name.

The sound of Italy: 14 sounds from Venice, Rimini, Florence & Rome at Travels of Adam

I love posts that really give you a feel for the destination they're about. And this one by Adam does that in a completely different way — through sound. I've never seen/heard a blogger capture a destination in this way before, and this post therefore really stood out.

The Day I Ran With the Bulls in Pamplona at Nomadic Chick

This summer, a small group of female travel bloggers did something that few other women have the guts to do — they ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. In this in-the-moment post, Jeannie describes her experience and thoughts in a way that makes you feel the nervous energy.

Why Traveling Through Central Asia is Like Running a Marathon at Katie Going Global

Katie is a marathon runner. She also has been traveling for some time through former Soviet nations — including all of Central Asia. According to Katie, traveling through this part of the world is just as challenging as running a marathon. I love the comparison.

Americans Abroad — Debunking the Travel Myth at Angie Away

I was drawn to this post because it's about a topic I've often had discussions about — why it seems like Americans don't travel. Angie argues that Americans DO travel; it just may not seem like we do. That, and there are definitely some barriers that often keep us at home.

My Other Favorites

How Travel Saved Our Marriage and Transformed Our Lives at The Planet D

Dave and Deb are such an inspirational couple. But little did I know just HOW MUCH travel has influenced and changed their lives. This very personal post from them is a perfect example of just how powerful travel and finding your passion can be.

So What's it Like to Travel in Iraq? at Aaron's Worldwide Adventures

Come on. You know you're curious. Aaron's answer may not be what you'd expect!

Bullfighting in Spain — Celebration or Condemnation at Four Jandals

Bullfighting in Spain is a time-honored tradition. But it's also quite a controversial practice. In this post, Cole tries to understand both sides of the argument.

Cool Things You Can Do for $100 Around the World at Leave Your Daily Hell

This post about cool things is pretty cool itself. In it, Robert details what sorts of things you can get for $100 in countries all around the world. From a Great Ocean Road daytrip in Australia to 3 nights camping in the Sahara desert, this post is both interesting and informative. It also made me laugh (see the Singapore entry to understand why).

The Introverts Guide to Travel at Twenty-Something Travel

Do you consider yourself an introverted person? Do you think this would prevent you from enjoying travel? Well think again! And then check out Stephanie's post on how to travel as an introverted personality.

Sarajevo: War torn and wonderful at What's Dave Doing?

Sarajevo is a city that has always intrigued me, especially as I've read more and more about it recently. In this great bit of writing by Dave, I actually felt like I was there experiencing the city with him.

On Being Young and Living an Unconventional Life at Traveling 9 to 5

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments in this post. If you are young and want to break out of those expected roles, just DO IT! You'll be happier and live a fuller life.

Dancing with Fairy Chimneys at Hecktic Travels

Check this post out for lots of hot air balloon goodness! I reallllly want to do this someday!

Street Photography Singapore — Red Light District to Orchard Road Lah at Yomadic

I'm always really impressed with photographers who have mastered street scenes. And this black-and-white photo post from Nate convinces me that he definitely has.


Have you read or written a post that you'd like me to consider for next month's round-up? Leave a link in the comments!


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