Best Blogs of the Month: March, 2012

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For those of you familiar with my site, you’ll know that I used to do weekly posts featuring my favorite reads from travel blogs, as well as a round-up of world news. Now that I’m back in school, though, I haven’t had the time to do those round-ups each week. However, I kind of miss them! Sure, I can retweet my favorite posts on Twitter or share them on Facebook. But I like highlighting the really good stuff this way, too.

So welcome to Best Blogs of the Month! I’ll be doing these round-ups once a month, summing up my favorite 15-20 reads from the previous few weeks.

Here are my favorite reads from March 2012:

My Top 3

Ice Climbing in Patagonia at Go Backpacking

I thought glacier hiking in New Zealand was cool… but ice climbing in Patagonia?? It might be even cooler. The photos in this post are seriously jaw-droppingly beautiful and amazing. Even if you never plan to climb an ice wall in your life, go look at the pretty photos anyway.

On Homesickness and Long-Term Travel at Legal Nomads

Jodi yet again delivers a brilliantly-written, thought-provoking post, this time about homesickness when you have no fixed home. I can't possibly sum up this post in a few sentences — just go read it.

When travel dreams die… our disappointing trip to The Beach at GlobetrotterGirls

A tale of tourism gone wrong. Or, at least, proof that tourism can harm a place just as much as it can help it. In this post, Dani and Jess visit the beach made famous in the Leo DiCaprio movie “The Beach,” and leave even more disenchanted than they expected to be.

My Other Picks

Cave of hands at Time Travel Turtle

I can't say I've ever heard of the Cave of Hands in Argentina before, but it certainly looks fascinating. This takes cave paintings to a whole new level if you ask me.

Photos of Haiti at Brendan's Adventures

Haiti isn't exactly a destination on most travelers' lists these days. But Brendan wanted to go there to tell the stories of the people that you don't see in the newspaper. These photos mostly focus on children, and I dare you to look through them without smiling.

Things You Didn't Know About Uruguay at Twenty-Something Travel

I didn't know ANYTHING about Uruguay before this post, besides the name of its capital city (Montevideo) and the fact that it's in South America. This post, therefore, was very interesting!

My Graffiti Mistake in Melbourne at GQ Trippin

Even though Gerard writes this post with a heavy heart after accidentally deleting tons of street art photos from his camera before backing them up, the photos Q managed to snap on her point-and-shoot of graffiti in Melbourne are still pretty amazing!

Sevilla: The Most Beautiful City in Spain at Adventurous Kate

I'll admit that Spain has never exactly been at the top of my travel list. But after following Kate's adventures through beautiful, sunny cities recently, I think it's safe to say that Spain (and especially Sevilla) has moved WAY up my list.

Into the Unknown: The Bolivian Amazon at Over Yonderlust

Erica and Shaun certainly know how to have adventures. This particular one includes cruising through the Amazon in what basically looks like a canoe, petting alligators, getting bitten by river dolphins, and more!

Kazakhstan Highlights — Photo Essay at Our Oyster

I don't know much about Central Asia, and even less about Kazakhstan — which is exactly why this post caught my eye. I love learning about new parts the world, and the photos here are great!

Strange Street Foods in Thailand at Technosyncratic

Some of this looks delicious, some disgusting, and some… well I'm not even sure what some of it is! If you like food (or if you're just curious about what there is to eat in Thailand), check out what Christy and Kali tried.

A Witch Hunt in the Philippines at Captain and Clark

Containing one of their always-awesome travel videos, this post takes an interesting look into the healing practices of “witches” on a small island in the Philippines. Read (and watch) to find out if Chris is cured of a shoulder ailment!


Frame of Mind

This is just really, really cool. And the fact that they filmed it in Hawaii makes it travel-related, right?

Preah Vihear Temple – “The Whistle”

This video just has some great storytelling in it.

Swimming with Sharks in the Galapagos from The Planet D

I want to swim with sharks SO badly.


Have you read or written a post that you'd like me to consider for next month's round-up? Leave a link in the comments!


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