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Every Thursday, A Dangerous Business will be shining the spotlight on a world nomad, travel blogger, armchair adventurer, or just someone really cool in the travel world. This week, the traveler is Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere. Gary has been traveling and photographing the world nonstop since he sold his house and hit the road in March 2007. With all 7 continents and more than 100 countries under his belt, Gary is well-know in the travel and travel blogging world, and his site was named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 25 Blogs in the World in 2010.

1. How do you define the word “traveler,” and why would you consider yourself one?

Like the Supreme Court's definition of pornography, I don't know what a traveler is, but I know one when I see one. Am I a traveler? Considering I don't have a home and I've been to over 100 countries in 5 years, I'd say that I am a traveler. Also, just to preempt any discussion, I also consider myself a tourist.

2. What has been your favorite travel experience thus far?

It has very hard for me to pin down one single experience. I've been fortunate to do some very cool things in the last 5 years including: bungee jumping in New Zealand, riding in a Formula 1 car at 180mph (300kph) in Spain, and swimming with great white sharks in South Africa. Certainly one of the coolest things was swimming with jellyfish in Palau.

3. How about your proudest travel moment?

I'd have to say it was my recent trip to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Few people get to any of those places, let alone all three.

4. Have you had any travel mishaps or bad experiences? If so, have these influenced how you view the place where they happened? Would you go back?

Sure. I don't think anyone who has traveled for any extended period of time has not had mishaps.

Probably my biggest travel mishap was getting my passport wet which resulted in my getting denied entry into the nation of Kiribati because the ink from the visa stamp bled off the page.

There is no place I've visited that I'd refuse to go back to.

5. Name one thing you can’t travel without.

My Scottevest Fleece 5.0 jacket. I wear it every time I go to an airport. Having all the extra pockets makes it easy to get through security and if the airline is hard about your carry-on weight, you can just stuff your pockets.

6. Name one thing you wish you COULD travel without.

My passport. It would be nice if I could just go from country to country without all the bureaucracy.

7. What do you think has been the biggest thing you’ve learned while traveling (about yourself, a destination, a culture, travel itself)?

People everywhere are proud of where they are from. If more people understood this, it would solve a lot of problems in the world.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I don't know if I'd be content living in just one place. After a few months I'd get antsy and want to move again. My three criteria are that it should be warm, cheap and have good bandwidth. Finding all 3 is very hard to do.

9. Name one place you’d like to see or one experience you’d like to have before you die.

I'm not going to say much other than it involves a room full of Cirque du Soleil contortionists….

10. If there was one thing you wish somebody would have told you before you started traveling, what would it be?

Being able to adapt and adjust is more important than being able to plan. Like many people, I did a lot of reading and planning before I started traveling, and once you hit the road that all goes out the window.

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