Melbourne Nightlife: The Ultimate Guide

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Today’s sponsored post is all about an Australian destination that I’ve heard so many things about: Melbourne.

Melbourne is a vibrant city that bursts with energy after dark. Whether you’re an indie kid or a die-hard electro head, this city is renowned for its sweat-dripping parties and 24-hour clubs. Here’s our guide to Australia’s southern gem:

Bar fly

When I first got to Melbourne, I couldn’t believe how cosmopolitan it was. Coming from Europe, I expected squeaky-clean sea, sand and surf — but instead I found grit and glamour.

Melbourne is teaming with bars to suit all tastes. Check out the bohemian bars of Prahran such as One Six One and the gorgeous Borsch Vodka & Tears. Or quirky inner city haunts like the Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar. Start your night off with a schooner of the local Victoria Bitter or, for a touch of class, order a Kia Royal and mingle with the eclectic crowd. If you’re looking for a way to start meeting people and dating in the city, Melbourne’s bars offer an intimate and exciting way to do it.

Mirror, decor, waitress - Borsch, Vodka and Tears

Photo by avlxyz, on Flickr


Where to start? It depends what you’re into as the choice is wide. For electro lovers, the city has built its nightlife reputation from hosting big international names such as Sven Väth and Sister Bliss. Clubs such as Seven are city institutions. The vibe in Melbourne is definitely “go hard or go home,” a motto by which many clubbers live and eventually sleep by. But despite the hedonism, there is a unique attitude to Melbourne by night. Style exudes from every sweaty corner, and aesthetically you will not be bored.

For a night out Aussie Style, head down to the ever-popular district of St. Kilda. The Prince of Wales has pool tables downstairs and a throbbing club upstairs complete with roof terrace. If you meet someone online dating, Melbourne clubs are the perfect place to spend an energetic night with your date. Afterwards you can always stroll down the beach to watch the sunrise.

So find your own style, down a Bloody Mary, and hit the floor. Just remember the golden rule… What goes on in the club, stays in the club.

st kilda beach 15

Photo by Looking Glass, on Flickr


Melbournites know how to put on a rave. For those looking for an all weekend experience, this is the place to come. Parties are held in various city locations such as at the docks, in the city stadiums and at open-air concert venues. Tickets can be expensive compared to clubs and the (often) free parties of the European scene, but it’s worth the down payment. Weekend raves tend to be more like mini festivals, with a variety of tents, circus performers, food stalls of all kinds, and a no-holds-barred attitude.

Elektra @ Revolver, aka Revolting

Photo by Scootie, on Flickr

After hours

The final word in after-hour destinations in Melbourne style is Revolver. Not for the faint hearted, the peeling-wall-paper interior plays host to the dregs of a hardcore weekend. Relax on a vintage sofa and enter into a deep and meaningful chat with like-minded urbanites. The atmosphere is chilled, but there is an energy running through those veins too.

Drink a cold one and let Sunday wash over you. The party will do the rest.


*This post was written and submitted by a third party.

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