The 3 Best Sandwiches I Have Ever Eaten

There’s really no escaping the fact that food is a huge part of travel.

We may not all consider ourselves culinary tourists, but food is a basic human need — you cannot travel and not eat. And you also cannot truly travel and avoid trying some local specialties. Whether it’s fried bugs, spicy dishes, or tempting sweets, almost every region of the world has some type of food that it’s famous for.

But I’m not always adventurous with my food. I don’t like things that are too spicy. Or too sweet. Or completely unrecognizable as something edible (fermented shark? durian? NO THANK YOU).

So I don’t have a list of “the craziest things I’ve ever eaten” or “the craziest things I would be willing to eat for money” (though maybe that one’s worth writing?). What I do have in my mind are some of the best things I’ve ever eaten that I think the average person can relate to.

And so I bring you the 3 best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

I mean, who doesn’t like sandwiches?

3. Fergburger

If you’ve been to New Zealand, chances are you’ve heard of Fergburger. This burger joint in the resort town of Queenstown is actually anything BUT just a burger joint. It’s more of a legend. Not only are its sandwiches roughly the size of my head (and DELICIOUS), but the brand’s irreverent and cheeky theme is entertaining, too. Begun 10 years ago down a side alley in Queenstown, Ferg’s “history” states that:

“As there was virtually nothing else to eat back in those days, drunk people had begun eating their own clothes and also scraps of firewood left on the road. Ferg saw this and became distressed. He stood on Skyline Mountain and decreed: ‘Let there be burgers for the people to eat when they are drunk to hell.'”

These days, Fergburger has a prominent spot along Shotover Street, and often has lines snaking out the door. They are open 21 hours a day, and offer some of the best sandwiches around. My favorite? The one pictured above — the “Cockadoodle Oink,” which is described as “butterfied and crumbled chicken breast, American streaky bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, and tomato relish.” YUM.

My other favorite sandwich names include: “Sweet Bambi” (Wild Fiordland deer with Thai plum chutney), “The Codfather” (Fresh Blue Cod, beer battered with Ferg’s dill tartare), and “Osama bun Laden” (falafel patties dressed with lemon yoghurt and chipotle chili sauce). They of course also do regular burgers, along with huge bags of chips (fries) with tasty aioli dipping sauce.

I know some people might argue that other burger chains in New Zealand do sandwiches just as well (Burger Fuel, for example), but Fergburger is unique because it’s the one and only.

Average price: $10-$14 NZD, and another $4-$5 NZD for a bag of chips. This might seem steep for a sandwich and fries, but, once you take exchange rates into account, the total is roughly $11-$15 USD, which isn’t bad considering you get enough food for roughly 3 meals.


2. Primanti Brothers

Primanti's sandwich

Photo by sylvar, on Flickr

This sandwich is near and dear to my heart. Along with sports teams and former steel mills, the Primanti sandwich is an icon of the city of Pittsburgh. It’s the “true taste” of Steel City. And its history stretches back almost a century, back to when Joe Primanti opened a sandwich cart in the Strip District in the 1930s. He sold sandwiches to truckers on the go, and came up with the bright idea of putting fries right on top of the sandwich for better portability.

The original Strip District location was sold by Joe’s brothers in 1974, and then expanded into a 24-hour location. Then came the other franchises and branches all over Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania — and even a few in Florida!

Primanti sandwiches are characterized by meat, cheese, tomato, fries, and coleslaw all piled on top of each other between two slices of thick bread. For the best sandwich, add an egg.

At the original location in the Strip District, the sandwiches are served only on wax paper — no fancy plates or anything here, folks. But that’s part of what makes these sandwiches so delicious. Why mess with something that’s worked for more than 75 years? (Though, I will admit that I have only had a “true” Primanti sandwich once — these days I order it sans coleslaw, as blasphemous as that is…)

Average price: $6-$8 USD per sandwhich. And remember that this price is for everything, including the fries!


1. Sedona Memories Bakery Cafe

The best sandwich I have ever eaten is not from a well-known location. In fact, it doesn’t even have a special name or its own website. It’s just a turkey sandwich from a little bakery/cafe in Arizona.

The cafe is Sedona Memories Bakery Cafe in the red rocks town of Sedona, Arizona. Down a little sidestreet and up a hill from the main Sedona drag sits a little unassuming cafe/bakery characterized by umbrella-shaded tables with checkered table cloths outside. Only open a few hours a day, this bakery/cafe makes sandwiches, soups, and goodies using only the freshest ingredients (and homemade bread!).

The sandwich I had that rocked my world was a turkey sandwich. But this wasn’t your typical turkey-cheese-and-mustard sandwich. No, this one had thick slices of turkey, provalone cheese, cranberry sauce, avocado, lettuce, cream cheese and sunflower seeds all on thick slices of fresh bread. The sandwich was so large that my sister and I split it (that’s only half of it in the photo!), but it was by far the best sandwich I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Average price: $5-$7 USD. Considering the size of these sandwiches, this is definitely the best value on this list.


What’s YOUR favorite sandwich, and where in the world can you eat it?


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  • ehalvey says:

    Primanti’s is definitely up there on my list. But I had a 1 Lira (that’s like 60 cents!) hunk of bread stuffed with herbs and cheese from a random shop near Eminonu in Istanbul that rocked my socks.

  • Aaron says:

    Great choices! I might make another trip to Primanti Bros soon. Seeing that photo might have cemented it. :) My favorite is the corned beef and cheese.

    Getting the Fergburger was a highlight of my last trip to New Zealand. Had a Double Ferg w/ cheese, enough to last for multiple meals. Frites and aioli too of course. Should try to conquer the “Big Al” next time, yeah right haha!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I make it a point to try to eat Primanti’s every time I’m in Pittsburgh. So good.

      And I think Fergburger is a must for anyone visiting Queenstown!

  • this is literally making me drool at my desk. want primanti brothers RIGHT NOW!

  • Curt says:

    Favorite sandwich: The No. 19 at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant in Los Angeles. Pastrami, Swiss cheese, cole slaw and dressing. It’s not cheap, but it’s big enough to share.

  • A Chicken Salad Sandwich at the Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I’m sure the location definitely made it taste even better! I mean, doesn’t good food always taste better when you’re in a really cool place?

  • Alouise says:

    These sandwiches sounds so yummy. I love that sandwiches are such a basic food, but they can vary so much. I think one of the best sandwiches I had was the cod dog at Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, BC. They take a tempura battered cod (which is already delicious) and they put in on a fresh bun with a delicious tarter sauce and pickled onions. It looks like a hot dog, but it’s a cod dog. I don’t like pickled onions but everything about this sandwich was amazing.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I’m not sure how those pickled onions sound, but the idea of a fish hot dog is interesting! I, too, like that sandwiches are so simple, yet so different all around the world!

  • NLM says:

    Born in Pittsburgh, so Primantis is a staple, but a Pittsburgh hoagie beats it every time. Wish I had one now (although it might be pretty odd with morning coffee).

  • My favorite sandwich is from my hometown of Columbus (so you should road trip sometime). It is called the Mother Mohawk, and you can findit at The Olde Mohawk restaurant in German Village. This may sound gross, but I promise you it is heaven.

    Roast beef and chicken salad. It is also big enough for two meals…. and probably enough calories for four.

  • Rachael Sena says:

    I see a series in the making. Next installment is the best pizza you have eaten! Oh, and the sandwiches look delicious!

  • These sandwiches look great! I love Croque Monsieur – anywhere in Paris, of course. Also had a really good one at Matisse in NYC not too long ago. I also love burgers and one of the best is at The Gage in Chicago. Had one a couple of weeks ago and can’t stop thinking about it.

  • Kieron says:

    Earl of Sandwich in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood) is unbelievable and a great hangover cure – just be prepared for the big lines!

  • Claire says:

    Like ehalvey above,one of the best sandwiches ever is in Istanbul! It’s purchased right on the street, the meat is shaved off a spit, placed into a pita type thing, and then you can ask for whatever condiments and garnishes you want. I put everything but the kitchen sink in mine, and it was over the top delicious. Perfect after a few beers 😉
    Next best sandwich is in Antigua, Guatemala at a place called Traveler’s Menu. Run by a French guy (I think) and I don’t even know if it’s still there. But it was chicken with all types of goodness marinated into it, nice thick bread, some avocado and it was heaven on a plate. It was my big splurge about once a week, because it cost “so much.” About $4, but I was on a drastic budget while living there. Worth every quetzal though.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Yum! Those both sound amazing! Especially that second one. Any sandwich containing chicken AND avocado is A-OK in my book!

  • Thanks again for the tip-off on Google+ about National Sandwich Day. And me being a Brit, I should’ve known that anyway! 😉

    Errrm well, I think out of those 3, the Primanti Brothers have won hands down! You can’t beat a good sandwich when you’re hungry.


    • DangerousBiz says:

      I had no idea about National Sandwich Day, either! But I posted this, and then found out the next morning. Talk about perfect timing!

      And it seems the Primanti sandwich is a favorite, both for people who have had it, and those who haven’t! Perhaps they should consider expanding more beyond Pennsylvania! Lol.

  • Alison says:

    That Primanti sandwiche is huge! I like sandwiches in baguettes – the ones I had in Paris were really nice, mainly because the bread is so good. In England, my favourite ‘sarnie’ is a simple tuna crunch from Greg’s bakery. Tuna, red onion, lettuce and mayo on granary bread.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      For me, the bread really makes the sandwich. I often say I could survive on good bread alone. Out of these sandwiches, the Sedona one definitely had the best bread. But, size-wise, the Primanti sandwich I think was definitely the tallest!

  • Louise says:

    OHhh! What a delicious looking sandwiches.. Love to try them all!

  • gracia19 says:

    I shouldn’t have check this site! Now I’m craving for a sandwich! Great pictures! It’s almost like the real thing! Thanks for sharing and for making me crave! Have a great weekend!

  • I would fly to Pittsburg just to try that Primanti Brothers sandwich (absolutely not kidding).

    We recently shared some of our favorite sandwiches in the following post.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Haha, well, if you ever decide to book that ticket to Pittsburgh, let me know and I’ll come share a Primanti sandwich with you!!

      I’ll have to go check out your sandwich post right now!

  • That second sandwich is unreal! How do you even fit it into your mouth to take a bite?

    • DangerousBiz says:

      You have to kind of squish it down! Or remove some of the fries. They are delicious though. So worth the work it takes to eat them.

  • Ashley says:

    My absolute favorite sandwich place is Little Lucca’s in South San Francisco. There are lots of sandwich joints in the city, but this place is well worth the trip down the peninsula – there’s always a line out the door (even in the rain!). My usual is dry coppa and prosciutto.

  • Taylor says:

    Pretty epic sandwich list. The #2 looks like something I would want to bathe in.

    • DangerousBiz says:

      I’d definitely consider all of these sandwiches pretty epic. And it seems like everyone thinks the Primanti sandwich looks amazing! I guarantee that it is!

  • Candice says:

    Hahaha, love that you wrote this post for National Sandwich Day! It was also National Port Day… coincidence?

    • DangerousBiz says:

      The funniest thing? I totally DIDN’T write this for National Sandwich Day! I posted it the day before, not even knowing National Sandwich Day existed! Imagine my surprise the next morning when I found out how perfect my timing was! It must have been fate…

  • Rachel says:

    Mmm, what a tasty post. Fergburger is great! Have you tried Velvet Burger in Dunedin? I’m a big fan of them too. And Primanti’s… yummy! Due to the quality of your list I obviously MUST try your number one!

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Nope, never had the pleasure of trying Velvet Burger. I’ll have to keep that one in mind for my next NZ visit, though!

      And yes, if you ever find yourself in Sedona you MUST give my No. 1 sandwich a try! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it, and it’s only 8 a.m.! Lol.

  • Dominique says:

    Ah…Primanti Brothers sandwich and a Yuengling beer at the ball park proved the perfect accompaniments when I went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game.
    I’m still looking for the perfect pulled pork sandwich, though :)

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Is it even legal to go to a Pirates game and have anything else? Lol. 😉

      And yum, pulled pork! Also one of my favorite types of sandwiches…

  • Chris says:

    You’re killing me! Sooooo hungry and now I miss Fergburger all the more.

  • I think the food part would be my favorite part in traveling. I just love to try new local stuff, especially fast food.
    From this three, the Fergburger look and appeals to me…

  • Margret says:

    A very delicious post!I’m craving for primanti sandwich and turkey sandwich..It’s tempting and indulging.Thank you for sharing your yummy article..

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